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  1. BCHSGrad96

    State game schedule

    Awesome! Thank you! The 3A game should fit nicely into the schedule. I think whatever teams get there will provide a great side if football after a few plates of turkey!
  2. Trying to plan a trip back home. Which classes play on which days and times for the State Finals Weekend?
  3. BCHSGrad96

    Week 5 Scores

    Chatard vs Southport score?
  4. Will this have be available online, either video and audio stream?
  5. I have moved away from Indianapolis, and now have a son just a few short years away from football days at the local HS. As a result, I don't tend to focus much on Indiana HS football, but Chatard is still close to my heart. All that said, I have noticed on this page the last few years there has been a drop in chatter from both Chatard and Cathedral fans. That is unfortunate. I fear this rivalry has become one sided. I see many reasons for this, but I am but I am not one for excuses. This year seeing what Chatard was able to pull off against LC, along with solid wins against Brebef and Roncalli, makes me think the KofC trophy (still a thing, right?) might move West a few miles.
  6. So, schools still make their own schedules, right? That right there is the issue. If all that goes into making the playoffs is record, like it is here in Illinois, why would a team go out and pick up a challenging game? Back when I was at Chatard (before the State title runs) Howe closed, leaving an open date in the schedule. Chatard couldn't find an in state team that was willing to play. The smaller schools were afraid to get pounded by a more physical school, while the bigger schools saw no advantage of playing a smaller school that had to potential to beat them and make them look bad. In a system where record decides who is in and who is out, it would make it even harder for a team like that to get a game. It would reward teams that played easy competition, and possibly leave the schools that did take chances out. Record only likely would have Chatard and Catherdal sitting at home right now.
  7. BCHSGrad96

    Cathedral vs Roncalli

    This should be great game! I have relocated out of state, any chance this game will be online somewhere? Thanks in advance!
  8. BCHSGrad96

    Chatard and Roncalli

    Chatard normally does not leave starters in during a blow out, but a few things to point out: 1) Few would call 24-8 a blow out. Roncalli Chatard games have been crazy enough to not rule out a come back. 2 scores is the difference. 2) Rivalary game. A little payback for last year? 3) Cathedral watching! Maybe a little message to the Irish about what they can do? Maybe showing them only what they have to (starters).
  9. BCHSGrad96

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    The Roncalli and Cathedral games are one of the biggest things I miss about living in Indy! My son hears my stories about these rivalary games but not the sme as really being there!
  10. BCHSGrad96

    Chatard and Roncalli

    Sounds like next week will be something special when the Trojans face the Irish! Thanks for the run down!
  11. BCHSGrad96

    Chatard and Roncalli

    I did get an update from the game. Trojans up 14-0 with 6:25 left in first!
  12. BCHSGrad96

    Chatard and Roncalli

    Wasn't this game moved to tonight at 6pm? Any updates?
  13. Steve Winkler is listed on the 72 HH roster. Is this the same guy that coached (maybe still coaching) at Southridge? He was my basketball coach at St. Meinrad College!
  14. Good list post 2000, but a few more that might be worthy. Jamel Coleman '94 Kenny Harden '96 Dorian Moore (before my time, and only know what I heard during my time at the 'Yard) Big time player, but left Chatard before the end of his senior hear. Rob Turner, early 80s, maybe 84? Cap Boso same as Turner? Any Bill Lynch?
  15. BCHSGrad96

    Week 3 scores.

    Did I hear right that Chatard is up 20-0 on Roncalli late in the 4th?