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  1. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 9

    Knox wins easily this week. Build momentum for the ole NSC reunion in week one of the tournament LaVille-BIG. Thinking like a 35-7 type of score Pioneer-Bad few weeks for Judson. Triton-By 2 scores.....Something in my gut tells me round 2 will come down to last possession in sectionals. Stay healthy everyone. Next week everyone is 0-0!
  2. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 8

    Culver at Pioneer-Pioneer Big Knox at Triton-Battle of contrasting styles. With game at Triton. I'm going Triton at home. As Fine Print said....the air attack will ultimately win out in Bourbon this Friday Night. Judson at LaVille- Ground and pound physical old school game (I love it). With that being said....I think LaVille has turned the corner and going with the Lancers by double digits. Something says Lancers loss at Knox was the wake up call they needed. Winamac at Caston-Winamac. Enough Said.
  3. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 7

    Great week of games on tap! Caston vs. Culver-Just one of those years for Caston. Culver by double digits. Caston just putting in the building blocks for next year Glenn vs. LaVille-Neighbors Rival. Glenn will have the confidence playing a tough/athletic schedule thus far. LaVille finally getting another home game. Will be a great Atmosphere. I like LaVille at home. Defense wins this one. LV will get some of those offensive issues worked out this week. LV sour taste from a loss at Glenn last year as well Pioneer vs. Knox-Big win for Knox last Friday. Hard to come back and play back to back like that with a good Pioneer team on tap. Pioneer wins big, but Knox fights til the final horn. Knox coaches have done a great job getting that program back! Judson vs. Triton- How does Triton respond is biggest question mark? To me this is a pickem....whoever gets a defensive or special teams TD wins! Winamac vs. West Central-Winamac gets back in the win column
  4. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 6

    Pioneer folks wrote the book on football.....just ask them! Wouldn't say I'm up to speed on Royal Center nor would I want to be quite honestly BUT makes this fun is whenever someone disagrees with the big dog (for now) Pioneer....a dad/coach takes it personal. Not one person has said one negative thing about your son and/or type of football player he is. We can all agree with that. Difference in philosophies is all. Enjoy gentlemen!
  5. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Yes scheduling in football is tough! Nobody says it isn't as compared to all other HS sports. I'm not saying anything negative towards Pioneer and their schedule.....all I'm asking is you know North White isn't very good. Doesn't help them playing Pioneer and doesn't North White either. Both would benefit playing someone else. 2-3 years ago knowing a contract is coming up look to play someone else like a Culver Academy who doesn't play in a conference, etc. I'm only curious if that was looked at and couldn't find a more suitable opponent for the talent level.
  6. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Pioneer folks- Question......knowing you were going to be really good with Kiser was there any talk of looking to drop non conference games to pick up better competition? Just curious
  7. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 6

    Lancers-Getting better each week offensively under a new system. Will be solid on defense as usual. North Miami-Don’t know much about them Pioneer-Big Culver-Tough place to play 😁 and Winamac gauntlet of games has them worn out Judson-Big
  8. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Not sure who this Kreigh dude is you are talking about. As much as I enjoy you taking it out on Winamac....not fair to their kids and community. I have zero affiliation to Winamac. As stated I’m a fan of the HNAC conference. Pioneer folks don’t like if your opinions don’t match theirs. Given Pioneer their props and hope they win another state title so confused on why you guys are on attack mode? But it’s cool!
  9. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Rice Field-Turf (Nice try) maybe I should preface I follow NIC, NLC and HNAC. Had to pick a school, live in Elkhart so put EC. Could have put Elkhart High in 2 years. Guess HNAC thread has some thin skin. Opinions are welcome UNLESS don’t follow suit with others? I enjoy it! Good Luck to all teams tmrw!
  10. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Just in experiences teams haven’t played well there for one reason or another. Plus they had some Really good teams during Andy Thomas tenure there as well.
  11. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Kiser-Spl error whoops
  12. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Elkhart Central extremely athletic and fast. Toughest part of schedule coming up with St Joe, Mishawaka, Penn, New Prairie. Wouldn’t be surprised if they ended season 1-4 going into tournament. But enough talent to win those as well. I think once Kizer graduates will be able to tell more about Pioneer and the HNAC. Congrats on 26-0 so far and more than likely ending Kizer career undefeated in conference. Was it last year or year before Pioneer toughest conference game was at culver? Fairly close at halftime? Pioneer of course blowout in second half. Yes Pitt tough to play now. Will in be in 2-3 years? What’s 7th-JV teams like? Will the HNAC dominance continue or will a LaVille take over the conference. Also heard Culver has a really good 9th grade class.
  13. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Anytime! Picks for the Week Lancers Triton (Culver if they were at home-toughest place to play in HNAC) Glenn-Schedule will help them in this one Pioneer Judson-In a battle Last rather warm night of football tmrw night.
  14. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Must have hit a nerve with the Pioneer folks here..... Doubt it would have traveled "All the way to the endzone" as I witnessed the kick and hit the front row player in the chest. Have only given my personal opinion which Pioneer folks have taken extremely hard. Given Pioneer their props as well as the entire HNAC conference. Nothing personal as I take non of your comments personal either. Have actually coached HS football for 10+ years at and for some pretty good HS coaches that have won a lot of games. Merely stating what I have seen in person and on tape. Agree to Disagree is fine with me But serious question: Does kicking game worry Pioneer fans at all down the road? Know they won't see much until Semi-State/State As for Mr. Football-Didn't say it wasn't possible. Just odds not great for NORTH guys as they have only won it 3 times in the last 20+ years. Remember Wodicka (spl)....STUD!
  15. OleBallCoach

    HNAC Week 5

    Definitely think some padding stats are happening and don’t disagree with it to some extent. In order to have a chance to get Mr. Football out of Indy he will need even better stats so to answer your question yes. Whether it’s stated or not. So to answer your question I believe there has to be and I think it would be great for the North and HNAC to have Mr. Football. For example: Who took the last snap of the game against LV up 66-13? I’m more familiar with HNAC than most would suspect. Not knocking Kizer or Pioneer. GREAT player. Great Tradition. Just stating personal visual. Want an HNAC team to make long tourney runs every year! D1 football player in 1A in any sport is a difference maker and means long tourney runs.