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Found 20 results

  1. DK_Barons

    Becoming an official?

    How does one get started if they want to become an official? Is there still time to get involve for the upcoming season?
  2. Shenandoah Scouting Report: Here are some observations from their game with Hagerstown. OFFENSE: For all intents and purposes the raiders run basically the same WING-T offense (they even have the winged helmets) as Pioneer. Shenandoah will vary their formations a bit more and they do use wide receivers more often. The offense did a great job mixing hard and quick counts throughout the game. Base Formations and Tendencies: 1: Wing back on each side of the formation. A single back lined up behind the qb, with a tight end on one side and a wide out on the other. Typically the wing back opposite of the tight end will motion to the tight end side of the formation, which either sets up a jet sweep, dive, option, or counter. Normally the play is destined to go to the motion side but to keep the defense honest they will run a counter and play action/boot passes away from the motion side of the formation. 2. At times they split out their wing backs and tight end out wide. 3. They will line up 2 backs in the backfield as well. In addition the offense will go into a no huddle/hurry up mode to keep the defense off balanced. It appears the raiders simply call 2 to 3 plays in the huddle at one time to accomplish this. Quarterback: It appeared the SHS coaches used the first half as a quarterback competition and clearly #7 Brennen Dowden at least in this first game won out. He does a great job throwing for accuracy on shorter flat routes off play/boot action. He also excels at running the option. Throwing/moving to his right is strength of his. He was pretty effective on qb keeps on the option. His option pitch looked good as well. He was also using the hard count as he drew an offsides penalty multiple times on the tiger defense. He did complete a long pass for a score although the ball hung in the air and it took a great play from the receiver to keep the ball from being intercepted by the tiger corner. When Shenandoah faces 3rd and long situations (which wasn't a problem in this game) it will be interesting to see how good the passing game can be. #11 Cody Beck played in the 2nd quarter and made a few plays including a nice completion on slant route on a two point conversion.. Right now the difference between him and Dowden is that Dowden appears to have the stronger arm and ran the option plays at a higher level. Dowden also has a stronger frame as well. Beck is a senior and regardless of whether he starts or not I wouldn't be surprised to see him get spot duty to keep him from getting rusty. Offensive Line: Veteran cohesive group with 4 senior starters. Run blocking especially by the right guard and tackle and center was great for most of the night. This is a very efficient line that allows the coaching staff to run the counter play on both sides of the formation. Really dominated in goal line situations and when Shenandoah had to pass the protection for both qbs was outstanding. Running Back and Wingbacks: #1 Bobby Pierce: Tough hard nosed runner who acts as the lone running back in their base formation. # 6 Resler and #28 Hatcher are the primary wingbacks. Both have good speed, are effective pass catchers, and they showed a willingness to block for one another. Defense: Shenandoah's defense is a 4-3. Defensive Backs: Very aggressive ball hawking group. They played off the wide receivers to better defend the cross action Hagerstown employs in their spread passing attack at the line of scrimmage. This made them susceptible to screen passes and "smoke" routes (as Rick Venturi calls them) a few times. The coverage itself was mostly tight and gave the Hagerstown's qb very small windows to throw into for 3 quarters of the game. Their aggressiveness got them in trouble a few times but overall their performance was very impressive. Linebackers: #1 Pierce and #6 Resler: were the outside linebackers who effectively shut down Hagerstown's outside running plays numerous times. The middle linebackers blitzed (sometimes the blitzes were delayed) by looping to the outside of the offensive tackles while the outside linebackers helped out the defensive backs in coverage. The middle backers (#44 Conner and #51 Rudy) were also very aggressive in attacking any attempt the offense made to run in the A and B gaps. The coverage help from the linebackers allowed SHS to defend most of the screen passes at a high rate and provided a blanket of coverage in the flat and middle of the field. Defensive Line: As a group they contained the inside running game and took up blockers freeing up the linebackers to make tackles. The d-line slanted from time to time. The only issue I noticed is that they weren't able to create a pass rush and I didn’t see them knock down any passes either despite the numerous pass attempts by the offense or that one of the defensive tackles was 6”7. Special Teams: The special teams were at times a mess for Shenandoah. The coverage on kicks and punts was average at best. To their credit they tried onside and squib kicks to improve this situation. It was a rough night for the field goal kicking team. None of the extra point attempts were converted and at least one or two were blocked as the field goal kicker was slow to get the kick off and frankly in a closer game this could've been a major issue for Shenandoah. The punter who is decent fumbled a snap which gave Hagerstown prime field position in plus territory. Overall: The raiders should finish their regular season either with a 7-2 or 6-3 record. Their sectional is one of the toughest to forecast as it includes Tri Central, Adams Central, Southern Wells, and Monroe Central. In order for them to make a long post season run they must shore up their special teams especially in the kicking game and the pass rush from the defensive line will need to get better. I feel the SHS coaches made the right call with their quarterback situation. It will be interesting to see how much the staff is willing to open up the passing game as the season progresses. Hagerstown Scouting Report Offense: The tigers run a no huddle spread offense. The play call comes from the sideline and the players simply look at their wrist bands to know what the play is (similar to the way North Vermillion has operated their offense in recent years). Base Formations and Tendencies: 1. 2 receivers on each side of the formation (2x2) with one back in the backfield. The qb was in shotgun on every play. 2. Hagerstown will go to an empty set with Trips to one side and 2 receivers on the other side. (3x2 or 2x3). By the mid-point of the 2nd quarter Hagerstown was behind 26-0 and so for obvious reasons were pass heavy in this contest. They cross their pass catchers at the LOS, run a wheel route for the back, a variety of screen passes mostly to their wide outs, utilize a variety of shallow, intermediate, and deep routes, and a nice looking qb draw lead play. Their running game was mostly ineffective unless it was on a qb scramble or qb designed run or a jet sweep for a receiver. They got very little production from the running back position. Quarterback: #7 Golliher: Exciting dual threat quarterback who made a fair amount of plays with his legs and arm. He threw for 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. His decision making skills were pretty good considering he is only a sophomore. He is right handed and his passes went to the right quadrant of the field quite a bit. He has a strong arm on deep routes, and was pretty accurate on his shorter throws. He showed positive pocket courage and escapability. He is expected to do a lot on offense and defense so gaining some weight might help him during his high school career. Like most right handed qb's in high school throwing and moving to the left will be something he will need to continue to work on. Offensive Line: From a pass pro perspective they were terrific most of the game as they gave Golliher time to survey the field, but from a run blocking standpoint they created very few avenues for the backs. On the screen passes the o-line did a decent job getting out to the second level to make blocks. In run situations they were simply out muscled by their defensive line counterparts. Shenandoah was the more physical team in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Wide Receivers: It was a mixed night for the receiving corp. There were times when they weren't able to create any space between them and the defensive back. They got out fought for the ball too many times and didn't always do a good job working back to the qb when the pocket broke down. But.. They also made some chunk plays too.. #5 Templin took a short screen pass and turned it into a 45 yard touchdown. He caught 2 of the 3 scoring strikes and displayed good hands and speed. #18 Burns had the other touchdown grab and #9 Hicks also displayed some play making skill as well. This group has the potential to be dangerous. Defense: The Tigers use a 4-3 defense but typically used their corners as extra linebackers with a single safety. Defensive Line and Linebackers: With the exception of the first drive of the game the SHS line, tight end and backs had their way with the defensive front. The d-line at times was just too slow coming out of their stances. This unit got pushed around on the majority of the run plays. They were able to contain the running plays going to the A and B gaps during segments of the game but once Shenandoah got the perimeter running game (on jet sweeps or qb keep on the option) going the flood gates opened up. The linebackers had an equally hard time getting off blocks and finishing plays. When the raiders went to the hurry up that seemed to take a lot out of the defense in the 1st half. Defensive Backs: In terms of defending the pass they were so focused on stopping the ground attack that most of the time they were in the trail position or recovering to the receiver in order to make the tackle. Most of their night was spent making tackles on the running plays (which was a common occurrence). They made more than a few touchdown saving tackles. Special Teams: All in all the special teams of Hagerstown were much better than Shenandoah’s. The tigers have a number of guys who are a threat as a kick or punt returner. I was very impressed with how quickly they formed their wall on kickoff returns especially. The punter and kicker aren't spectacular but they get the job done and the coverage units with the exception of one punt were very good. Both the punter and kicker were able to kick it away from the Shenandoah return man for the better part of the game including getting one touch back on a kickoff that was angled nicely. Overall: Hagerstown will most likely finish 6-3 or 5-4 in the regular season. I look for them to finish 2nd or 3rd in the TEC as Winchester has one of the best running backs in the state. Knightstown (their next opponent) and Indy Lutheran are in their sectional. Its too early to know how good K-Town will be in their return to class A. How well Lutheran's young guys develop may play a role in their sectional fate too. Look for Hagerstown to put up a lot of points on the scoreboard as they have some intriguing talent at the skill positions. They must improve the run defense and they have to get more production from the running back spot with regards to the ground game.
  3. I know its early, but I wanted to get the date out for this year's Twin Lakes Shootout for 2015. The date this year will be Saturday, July 25th, 2015. We are located in Monticello, IN. We have space for 16 - 7on7 teams with it being $65 entry fee for each team (limit 15 players per team). We will play 3 round robin games, have lunch, then have a single elimination tournament. Everyone will play at least 4 games (30 min. running clock). Lunch will be provided. We try to group teams with teams that do not play during the season and with similar enrollment size for the round robin section. Competition has been good the last few years. We have space for up to 20 linemen teams, limit to 5 players per team. A school can enter more than one linemen team. $25 per lineman team. This will consist of 10 events. If interested, contact Twin Lakes Head Football Coach Justin Gardiner - jgardiner@twinlakes.k12.in.us
  4. Donations target: $2,500. Donations received: $1,330. (as of Nov. 22) Donations needed: $1,270. - While we still have lots of active members, it is critical that we get some more donations before the season ends. - Half of the payments means we are good until about January, then DK's credit card will start to get dinged. - 1,172 registered members were active during peak hour of the sectional championship night. - 2,577 members are registered on the Gridiron Digest Donate with this link via credit/debit card or check. - We can also arrange donations at the state finals (PM me for more details). I will also consider personally matching any Bitcoin donations, if anyone has BTC (again, PM me). A $20 donation will put you in the booster class, which completely eliminates any ads, turns your name "Booster Red," allows you to have an avatar and a signature even without the post requirement and allows you to see who is voting posts up or down. There may be some other features, of which I am not aware. Any donation amount is OK. Just think about what this site offers without ads and promotions being shoved down your throat. Also, none of the site staff is here to make money or play the recruiting game. We love Indiana high school football and love having a place to come discuss it. TA always liked to have fun and his curiosity with gifs was something we miss. So I dug this out of TA's personal archive. It's timely, don't you say? Let's get this done! ~ Chris Johannes
  5. Not exactly unexpected, or unavoidable. Elkhart Central, Elkhart Memorial and Penn may end up looking out-of-state for games. Still plenty of time, but the rest of the new NIC schedule is locked and pretty much loaded for 2015. Elkhart Truth story: http://ow.ly/BwPeV Bill B.
  6. If you tweet scores for a team or will be covering a game, please post it on this thread. Heritage Hills is @HHqbClub and @HHpatriots. Jasper is @JasperWildcats. Also, The Gridiron Digest's official Twitter account, @gridirondigest, shares scores from across the state automatically when you tag your scores with #TGD. Even if you don't have a Twitter account, you can click on the above link to see scores/updates rolling in, in real-time. Did you know that even without a "Smartphone" or internet access, you can receive tweets on your cell phone (so long as you have text messaging a.k.a. "SMS").
  7. Boonville ran over Washington 50 - 13 in their opener. Vincennes rolled over Sullivan 27 - 0. I don't think Washington is really much competition this year. Sullivan was supposed to be pretty good and we will see when they play Linton next. Any predicitons on this game.
  8. At the Elkhart Central-Elkhart Memorial game, I saw 21 accepted penalties. Goshen had 16 flags in its game with Carroll. NorthWood-Jimtown? 17 combined flags, which actually isn't horrid. Anyone else see unusual amounts of yellow flags flying on opening night? Curious whether this was just my game or other games. Bill B.
  9. All of the ACAC teams play out of conference foes. Friday, Aug. 22 Bellmont at Adams Central, 7 pm New Haven at Heritage, 7 pm Delta at Jay County, 7 pm Northfield at Bluffton, 7 pm Norwell at Leo, 7 pm South Adams at Winchester, 7 pm Woodlan at Eastside, 7 pm PREDICTIONS?
  10. After compiling data since 2004, we have come up with the 20 best high school football programs in Indiana. It has been 10 years now that MaxPreps has put out football computer rankings, presented by the Army National Guard. That's plenty of time to come up with a solid list of which programs have been the most dominant during the MaxPreps era. For the purpose of the rankings, each team will be awarded points based off where it finished in the computer rankings after each season. For example, if a team finished No. 1 overall it receives 25 points. If the team finished No. 25 overall, it would get one point. A team also receives 30 points for winning a state title and 15 for being the runner-up. Take the conversation to Twitter: Follow @MaxPreps View Indiana rankings for the past 10 years Most dominant Indiana football programs in the MaxPreps era 1. Indianapolis Cathedral - 416 points Overall record: 110-32 With seven state titles and nine finishes in the Top 10, the Fighting Irish have cemented themselves as Indiana's best team in the last 10 years. 2. Warren Central (Indianapolis) - 377 Overall record: 108-24 Warren Central won three consecutive state championships from 2004-06. It has added two more to the trophy case since then, also finishing as the No. 1-ranked team four times since 2004. 3. Carmel - 324 Overall record: 108-28 Participating in six state championship games over the past 10 seasons has helped the Greyhounds land in the Top 10 eight times. They were the victors in two of those games, and both years they finished as the No. 1-ranked team. 4. Indianapolis Bishop Chatard - 280 Overall record: 118-26 The Trojans have only missed the Top 25 once since 2004, compiling five 3A state titles along the way. 5. Fort Wayne Bishop Luers - 190 Overall record: 87-47 The Knights have only cracked the Top 25 three times, but have proved their dominance by winning five state titles since 2007. 6. Center Grove (Greenwood) - 179 Overall record: 89-34 Despite having eight Top 20 finishes over the past 10 years, the Trojans have just one state championship, coming in 2007 along with a No. 1 ranking. 7. Lawrence Central (Indianapolis) - 160 Overall record: 77-42 An undefeated season in 2012 gave Lawrence Central its first state title since 2004. The program has four Top 10 finishes over the past 10 seasons. 8. Ben Davis (Indianapolis) - 154 Overall record: 79-37 Ben Davis hasn't missed the Top 25 in the past 10 years, but is still searching for its first state title since 2004 although it has five Top 5 finishes. 9. Hamilton Southeastern (Fishers) - 147 Overall record: 93-25 The Royals have eight Top 25 finishes since 2004, five of which have been Top 10 finishes. 10. Lafayette Central Catholic - 140 Overall record: 114-15 Three perfect seasons and four straight class A state championship victories since 2009 are accolades that the Knights can claim despite only finishing in the Top 25 three times. 11. Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger - 129 Overall record: 106-27 Despite not having a state title victory in the past 10 years, Bishop Dwenger has three Top 10 finishes among its six Top 25 finishes. 12. Columbus East - 125 Overall record: 117-13 Columbus East's best season came in 2013 when it finished the season with a perfect record and earned its lone state championship since 2004. 13. Lowell - 124 Overall record: 88-37 Although Lowell has only cracked the Top 25 four times in the past 10 seasons, three of those finishes have been Top 10. 14. Sheridan - 120 Overall record: 101-32 Sheridan played in four straight state championship bouts from 2005-08, winning three and finishing as the runner-up in another. 15. Pike (Indianapolis) - 118 Overall record: 72-43-1 The Red Devils haven't missed the Top 25 since cracking the rankings in 2007. Their best finish came in 2007 when they reached the No. 2 rank. 15. Fort Wayne Snider - 118 Overall record: 108-24 Snider has two runner-up finishes since 2004. 17. Roncalli (Indianapolis) - 113 Overall record: 75-43 Roncalli landed the No. 4 rank after finishing as the runner-up in 2005. 18. Fishers - 109 Overall record: 63-31 A 5A state championship in 2010 assisted the Tigers in claiming the No. 1 ranking. 19. Avon - 102 Overall record: 81-37 The Orioles are still searching for their first state title since 2004 despite having eight Top 25 finishes. 20. Evansville Reitz - 100 Overall record: 102-26 Reitz has two perfect seasons since 2004, one resulting in a 4A state championship. http://www.maxpreps.com/m/article.aspx?articleid=1e7cd6d8-94c3-45cb-a22a-c8731befc6dc Right on Cathedral IRISH! Keep going strong fellas! Love IRISH Football
  11. Charlestown high school now has an opening for a head football coach. Those interested should contact athletic director Chad Gilbert at cgilbert@gcs.k12.in.us by email or 812-256-3328 by phone.
  12. MarshallCounty

    The New NIC

    When the proposed expansion of the NIC happens, how do you see the landscape of athletics in Northern Indiana looking? This will be a big school/small school divison conference, but what does that mean? What are peoples reactions to this?
  13. 2014 Triton Central Kickoff Clinic Date: January 11, 2014 Time: FCA 8:15 – 8:45 a.m., Registration 8:00 – 9:00 a.m., Clinic 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Location: Triton Central High School, 4774 W 600 N, Fairland, IN 46126 Congratulations to all football coaches for your efforts in 2013. It is hard to believe but it is time to start your 2014 season by attending the great clinic at an affordable price for your whole staff. Bring your youth, middle school and high school coaches! It will again feature 21 speakers (5 sessions at a time) with a free breakfast and lunch. Some of the schools already represented by presenters include; Warren Central Columbus N Fishers Hamilton Southeastern Noblesville Hamilton Heights Bloomington South Whiteland New Palestine COST - $25 First HS Coach, $20 Second HS Coach, $15 for each additional coach $15 (Youth and Middle School Coaches $10). You can gain PGP points by attending the Triton Central Clinic! It will be included in your clinic manual and we will have copies available at registration. A paid pre-registration is not required but we do ask that you let us know how many coaches will be attending to help us plan the event. If you wish to speak or attend the 2014 Triton Central Kickoff Clinic contact Tim Able @317-372-1324 or table@nwshelbyschools.org Make your checks out to Triton Central Football. You can pay at the clinic just make sure you email us to give us a head count in advance. Vendors are welcome to attend free just email or call Coach Able if you plan to set up a booth.
  14. If the Rocks can hold on and gain a victory over Lafayette Jeff on Friday, It will be the first time in School history that they have won or shared a title in the HCC. With a Victory and a Fishers loss, they will have sole possession. IF both win, there will be a tie. The Shamrock Frosh can also gain a share of the Conference Title with a victory over Jeff next week. The Frosh are tied for the Conference lead with HSE and Fishers at 7-2. Coach Gilbert has done a tremendous job from bottom to top. The 5th-6th grade travel Rocks, also have an 8-1 record and just won the first sectional game of the IEFA playoffs. The future looks bright in Westfield. NOW if we can just get a new field!
  15. Friday, Oct. 4 Gibson Southern at Pike Central‡, 6:30 pm North Posey at Tell City‡, 7 pm South Spencer at Forest Park‡, 7 pm Southridge at Heritage Hills‡, 6:30 pm
  16. A sophomore RB for Edinburgh HS was severely injured Friday night. He suffered a ruptured spleen,lacerated kidney and a punctured lung when he was tackled during the game at Manual. Thinking it was just damaged ribs, he returned from the locker room to the bench but eventually collapsed. His parents were driving him back to a Columbus hospital to be checked out when they decided to detour to St Francis on the south side of Indy. He was bleeding internally quite badly. He was stabilized and ten flown by Lifeline to Riley hospital where he had surgery including a temporary shunt in his kidney. He is no longer in danger, but will remain hospitalized for a week or more. The linked article says he will make a full recovery but I'm sure he could use whatever good vibes and prayers the online football fan community can send his way. Reply
  17. Currently there are two Varsity/JV Assistant Coaching Openings at Tri-County for 2013 season. Responsibilities will include both Varsity and JV. Please contact me, Jared Urban, at 317 410 8133 or urbanj@trico.k12.in.us for more information.
  18. Wabash High School is hosting a 7-on-7 and Lineman Challenge Saturday June 29th. We have had one team back out, and are need of one team. When: Saturday June 29 Where: Wabash High School Alumni Field Cost: $75 (covers both 7-on-7 and lineman Team) If you are interested in attending, you may contact me, Floyd McWhirt at the following email: mcwhirtf@apaches.k12.in.us I will then be able to send you the participating teams and the rules for each contest.