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On 8/20/2019 at 11:39 PM, AllStateN08 said:

Blackford @ Monroe Central:  Sehy stuns MC with an offense they've never seen. Also Blackford's Safety, #7, might be the best player in the conference.

Eastbrook @ Marion:  it's hard to pick against Jeff Adamson regardless of how much talent Marion has.

Lapel @ Elwood

Madison-Grant @ Tipton: Hard fought, close game that is decided in the trenches.

 Ole Miss @ Pendleton

Oak Hill @ Eastern

Tri-Central @ Frankton: 

 Wes-Del @ Alexandria: Alexandria's QB is tough, will he have enough time to throw the ball?  If he does Alex wins, if he doesn't...long season for the Tigers.

I too used to pick the argylls with my heart. Based on your user name you are to young to have a kid on the team therefor your a coach or the father of a coach. Either way I hope you are right but a bad offensive scheme (wing T) and players still in not their best for the team positions. Also lost a ton of tackles to graduating senior(s). However I genuinely hope I am wrong and The new coach make a turn around for the team and town. If there is an upside Rob Vetor is possibly the most underrated football coach ever to coach out there. Arguably top three to coach there and so far only 1 of my top 3 has been a head coach. However to soon to rate coach turner. Rob has a great offensive and defensive mind and sees the little things to make in game adjustments. Now it’s a matter of how much he will be listened to or if ego will not let him be heard. In conclusion I wish MG the best and I love coach Turners concept of “All In” because it takes everyone from the coaches and players the A.D. school administrators and the community to make a successful team. 


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Time to dust the ole cowbell off and get ready for some 12th man action tomorrow night! I’m anxious to get this season started to see what the Panthers bring to the gridiron following their State appearance. 

Blackford @ Monroe Central - Not knowing much about MC, I know Blackford has been on the uprise and I’ll give them the CIC nod this week. 

Eastbrook @ Marion - Finally! After years of anticipation, this match-up has come to fruition! This is going to be tough and I know Marion will bring it. Panther starters will be playing four quarters of ball and ultimately overtake the Giants. 

Lapel @ Elwood - Dawgs take down the Cats in this fight.  

MG @ Tipton - Glad to hear MG has better numbers this year, but that won’t be enough to overcome the Blue Devils. 

Ole Miss @ Pendleton - I think this is going to be a great game and I’ll give the edge to our fellow CICers of Ole Miss. 

OH @ Eastern - Again, not knowing much about Eastern this year, I have faith in Bud and his boys in this match up. 

Tri-Central @ Frankton - Don’t know much here, I’ll go CIC with the Eagles. (Congrats to the Eagles on your Final 4 State Basketball Tournament appearance!) 

Wes-Del @ Alex - Again, not knowing much here, I’ll tip my hat toward the CIC in this match up. (Congrats to the Tigers on your State Baseball Championship title!)  

Good luck to all - stay hydrated, stay healthy, stay humble.  

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  1. Blackford over Monroe Central
  2. Marion over Eastbrook
  3. Lapel over Elwood
  4. Tipton over Madison Grant
  5. peneton over Mississnewa
  6. Oak Hill over Eastern
  7. Franton over Tri-Central
  8. Alexandria over Wes-Del

Good Luck to all CIC Teams



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I made a mistake was not sure how to Edit. I've posted in both CIC and Club Section it should have said Missinewa over Penelton Heights in both places. Sorry I put picks in both places, but I wasn't sure which place to use. Thanks for posting contest. It looks like CIC interest is picking up again.

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13 hours ago, halfbackpass said:


Blackford @ Monroe Central - Bruins are back af, baby!

Eastbrook Marion - James Blackmon and Zach Randolph dunk all over the visiting Panthers

Lapel @ Elwood - Burgeoning community adjacent to I69 > town where my 30 year old peers still loiter in the Dairy Queen parking lot

Madison-Grant Tipton - I've seen at least one person predict MG to beat Tipton at Tipton. I'm just gonna tell you, if that happens (it won't), I will personally drive the tractor hauling all 13 of the Argyll's fans Westbound down hwy 28 to paint that dumb rock black and gold. 

 Ole Miss @ Pendleton - Completely guessing here. Is the Pancol kid still at Pendleton? Do CIC teams still play pass defense like an elderly woman wearing a VR headset?  If so, RIP Indians. 

Oak Hill @ Eastern - Idk jack about either squad.  Eastern is always bouncing between legitimacy and incompetence. Are this years Comets "Superbad" Jonah Hill or are they "21 Jump Street" Jonah Hill? Either way, Bud and the boys are left eating lunch by themselves like Steven Glansberg after this one. 

Tri-Central Frankton - I would just like to exclaim how proud I am of the Eagles for finally ditching a lowly athletic program with a small enrollment like APA in Week 1 in exchange for ... *checks notes*...Tri-Central? Since 2012 the Eagles have outscored their Week 1 opponent 336-40. NICE

 Wes-Del @ Alexandria - Another game I know nothing about. Alex has a solid Pizza King and the only thing I remember about Gaston is that they sold us overpriced kegs of beer when I was at Ball State. Advantage: Tigers


Sad to say the tradition of T-Way lives on through my 20 year old peers 

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Blackford @ Monroe Central - Close game all the way to the end but I think Blackford will take it late. 

Eastbrook @ Marion  -  Excited to see this matchup finally happen! This is going to be a great game and I think Eastbrook will be prepared but I think Marion will win a close one! 

Lapel @ Elwood - Lapel wins big 

MG @ Tipton - Glad to hear MG is improving! They have a promising coach and I think he is taking them in the right direction. Lot closer game then some may think but Tipton will pull ahead late! 

Ole Miss @ Pendleton - Another good game! Ole Miss is going to be tough again this year and I think they win a close one tonight. 

Tri Central @ Frankton - Coin toss game for me also. I’ll take Frankton!

OH @ Eastern - Eastern by 7 

Wes Del @ Alex - Think Alex will be good this year with a standout QB and WR! They win easily tonight. 

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