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Current Standings after selection W3


RStandish 11/2

Coach_Newton 10/3

CoachDurham 10/3

FarmerFran 8/5

LilUrb 8/5

Ultimate Warrior 6/2

79RP56 5/8

RedwoodCowTippers 4/1

From_the_sidelines 007 4/4

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NN vs KV will be an interesting game in my opinion. 

NN has found its QB in #2, gives them a greater passing threat to some real nice athletes.  #11 Taylor is very fast and #81 has some nice size as well.    Speed scale defineatly favors the Spartans who could be playing their 1st game on Turf in their careers??  

NN has 2 LB who are very active, especially #44 (4 year starter) Wagner.   He is also the feature back for NN offense.  

KV counters NN speed with a RUGGED RB, Swafford who is a bull in china shop type runner.   They run POWER very well and like to grind out yards.   QB Carden very capable passer and has a big TE Williams to throw to.   

If I had to pick, I would give KV  a slight edge, because of the OL/DL depth vs NN OL/DL Depth. but I think it could be a pretty close affair.  Turnovers and Special teams always a factor.  Would not be shocked if NN won, or if KV won.  Fun matchup.  

Have a great week in prep my Jasper and Newton county friends.    


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Clinton Central


North Newton

Tri County



Whats this talk of the MWC tryin to go for 8 man football?

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