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Female football players

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2 minutes ago, BDGiant93 said:

I believe historically that Ben Davis has had two on the freshman level but has never had a female varsity player yet.

LCC had one, Kim Cahoon, that played varsity.  Linton's Dyllanne Deischer kicked for Linton and racked up 200+ points in her career and was named to the All-Wabash Valley team as its first female player.

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2 hours ago, Irish Line Momma said:

Ughhh, not a fan, girls have their sports. It's a nightmare to arrange separate locker rooms for smaller schools. 

Love our managers, trainer's and videographers, that are female. Love gals that love the game! Just leave it to the boys when your on the field. 

My opinion, leave your hate at the door. 

Momma, more than great to see you back.  I’m assuming as an Irish Momma you must have just briefly dropped in from Cannes on the way to your condo in the Maldives.

Nonetheless, I disagree.  I have no issue with girls playing “boys” sports….especially if they don’t have any alternative.  I do have an issue with the opposite, btw…..which, somewhat insanely and beyond all common sense, seems to put me opposed to the NCAA, the IOC and some others who, apparently, run things these days.

I admit that am a well-known troglodyte (from proud truck driving redneck stock) but I kind of get a “kick” out of female kickers.  See what I did there?  Yeah….pretty sad on my part.  

Point being, if females can do the job and take the lumps, I’m totally down with it - “Just win!”.

Regardless, awfully good to see you hanging out with we “growing older by the day” reprobates again….at least momentarily.  

Hope the kids are doing great as well, btw.  

Bless you and yours.

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Greensburg has a young lady who played center for their JV team last year and is super strong and also went to state in both shotput and discus last year.  Her weight room numbers are out of this world.  It helps her dad is absolute beast and he does not let her slack on anything. 

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