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Page 15 and 16 of the Head Coaches manual found at IFCA website 


Off Season Rules The IHSAA has implemented limited contact rules for the off season in all sports. There are two such periods that football coaches are allowed to work with their players on specific football fundamentals. The first window for football starts Dec. 3, 2018 and runs through February 2nd. The second period runs from April 1 to May 11. Limited Contact Rules: You can practice for up to 2 hours 2 days a week with footballs and other practice equipment involved. You CANNOT split this time and bring linemen in for two hours two times a week and skill players in on two different days. The time and day allotment is for your entire program. Football and practice equipment may be used. No protective equipment may be used. The specific wording for the By-Law is below. Limited Contact Program: During the School Year Out-of-Season, a program of School sponsored athletic activities in which a student, who participates in Team Sports, may have contact with a coach, provided it occurs in a School’s gymnasium, playing field or other School facility, open for athletic participation, on a voluntary basis, to (i) all students who attend the School, and (ii) all students who attend a Feeder School of the School sponsoring the program. 15-2.5 Limited Contact Program During the School Year Out-of-Season a student who participates in Team Sports may participate in a Limited Contact Program; a Limited Contact Program is a program in which the use of the School’s gymnasium, playing field or other school facilities is open only to students who attends the School, or a Feeder School of the School sponsoring the program, is open to all such students and participation is on a voluntary basis. Rule 15 - Participation 56 a. Limited Contact Program sessions for Team Sports may be conducted a maximum of Two (2) times per week for a maximum of Two (2) hours per session. b. At a Limited Contact Program session, a School Team Sports coach may supervise the programs, communicate with students, offer instruction and work directly with all out-ofseason athletes, may use all equipment related to the sports, i.e. balls, goals, nets, etc., provided that: (1.) the program must be open to all students of the member School; (2.) attendance and participation must be voluntary and not required by the member School coach for membership on a particular sports team, and (3.) participation in a Limited Contact Program session by a student in Team Sports is limited to the following periods of time; Limited Contact Program Start Date End Date Fall Season Monday of Week 9 Saturday of Week 15 Winter Season Monday of Week 23 Saturday of Week 31 Spring Season Monday of Week 40 Saturday of Week 45 c. Exception: Students in Team Sports who participate in a Limited Contact Program which immediately precedes that Team Sports’ season may continue to participate in the Limited Contact Program until that Team Sports’ first official practice date, i.e. a girls basketball player participating in the Fall Season Limited Contact Program may continue participation in the Limited Contact Program until the first official practice day for girls basketball.


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