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I am curious to know just how many Bellichick assistants have flopped as head coaches. some that come to mind right away are Charlie Weiss at multiple stops, even though none have been in the NFL; Matt Patricia at Detroit. Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crenel, Jim Schwartz, Eric Mangini to name a few others....Kind of odd to see so many flops. Typically looking at other coaching trees, there seems to be more success. 

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I’m not sure what a “gotcha” question is. But from context, I’m guessing it’s a question which, if answered, will reveal the illogic of the type of thinking you are exhibiting here.

I'm not okay with the All Lives Matter "movement" because it's not an actual movement. It was a knee jerk reaction to the BLM movement. Part of it was a misunderstanding, part of it was intentional to

At least they didn’t subject live people to watching that game. 

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