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44 minutes ago, tango said:

Wondering how this works with old-school venues like Reitz Bowl and Enlow Field.  

Will have to be able to separate "areas", with designated entrances and restrooms. Will be difficult at some without the use of porta potties. How many entrances could Reitz Bowl have, maybe four? Or could they split those entrances, for example at field level have two ticket areas with a divider. One entrance goes to the bowl side and one goes to the visitor side?

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19 hours ago, Coach Nowlin said:

I know smaller school perspective here, but many of these folks you refer to are volunteers, for smaller events like Volleyall or basketball, different sports teams and their coaches are in charge of hosting the concession stand on various nights.   

I know our ticket takers at RCHS will get a "season pass" to all the sports events if they work X amount of games for the year.   


Yep at HH band parents run concessions at varsity football games and boys basketball.

Middle school football parents of players run concessions normally 7th parents during 8th game and vice-versa. 

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6 hours ago, Titan32 said:

I thought the IHSAA published RECOMMENDATION for attendance.  The actual policy will be between the AD and the county health department.  I could be wrong.

That is EXACTLY what they did. The actual decisions are being made by the local schools/districts. 

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The IHSAA guidelines (from state stage 4.5) are  full of more questions than answers. What is a set of bleachers - one row, one section that may be 20+ rows deep? For example how many sets of bleachers are at Reitz bowl. If you can achieve 6 feet of spacing and are wearing masks, why is there a 250 person limit for a field that could safely hold thousands? 

Restrooms seem to be big. I have been to many, many different stadiums and I can't remember ever seeing more that 250 people in a line for a single restroom. 

I certainly hope the local schools use common sense and do not try to copy the Ft. Wayne example. If  they follow that example, you can start making a list of the other sports that will need to be eliminated since football and basketball revenue supports all the others.

Covid will likely never be extinct as evidenced by most other viral illnesses. We have got to learn to deal with it rationally rather than with panic responses.  

Let's make this as great of a football season as we can. Good luck to all teams this challenging year. 

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