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Lets try this again. 


I noticed that Howe had not been in the digest in a few months, i also know he hasn't been on John harrells message board either. 

One of my close friends on JH used to pm him decent amount and they never traded names or any outside contact but Howe had said he had been going through health issues. Does anyone actually personally know him? I know he and I have our disagreements but I don't wish anything bad on him and with me losing my mom just this winter, i hope hes ok. 


Coach Nowlin. 

Next time just ask for my reason behind the post instead of assuming things. 

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after 8 months of you going at him and others about the election....  I am supposed to just think you are not trying to do the victory lap on him too, same victory lap you have been doing on others in this forum.... 

sure...... got it. 

And to boot, you know he is never on the main forum.....




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Myself and @Irishman have deleted I think 4 maybe now 5 threads started by @TheStatGuy   We warned him to stop as we feel like it is not necesarry to find out any personal well being of any member, whether in good faith or in bad faith. 

@TheStatGuy seems to be not understanding that our choice in the matter has nothing to do with politics, but has everything to do with not being a someone who demands to know how someone is outside of these message boards. 

Some folks choose to make their identitiy known, others do not,  some folks discuss where they work, and other personal stuff in their lives, hobbies, intrestes, etc.    

By a Simple search of HOWE, you can see his profile and he was last on here on Dec 2nd I believe.   

Not sure why a full thread on any person in this communiity is needed, let alone 5 of them asking the same thing, and to the point where @Irishman put him in the timeout corner.   

I would assume that is why I got a random Tweet with me being tagged in it......   and then a series of 7 tweets clearly showing disgust for me as a teacher/coach and bragging how he "threatened" to call my employer... don't worry I saved those receipts too.    SMH..... best part, I didn't even know that @Irishman put him on a hiatus until after the fact.....   

All he had to do is simply not continue to try to get into personal life of one of our members.   Not sure why that was so hard.   

His displanced anger towards me ( the one guy who consistently green lit him to come back on GID over and over again mind you)  is really something to behold.   

Now I cannot believe i have taken 10 minutes out of my life ... but here I am......... 

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