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Winter Football Begins in 2 weeks for NAIA Programs!!!

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If any of you are needing a football fix in the near future, the State's NAIA programs begin their season in a couple of weeks.  Look for St. Francis, Marian, Taylor and IWU on the Grid Iron soon. It'

It's good quality football for sure. I remember one year, St. Francis waxed Indiana State. Beat them by a wider margin than Texas Tech did the prior week. It was 2005 I believe...............42-10. 

I would bet you, that Marian and St. Francis in most years would beat UIndy and Butler and compete with ISU.  SO Yes in your thinking of their classification, you are right, but in terms of talent....

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4 hours ago, Coach P said:

You are alone on that my friend........ February football in Indiana is gonna be brutal.  I know Ft. Wayne right now is covered in snow and its brutally cold all over.  Not exactly condusive to prime practice situations.   As a fan, I am prepared for the elements, but i'm guessing attendance will be lower and I'll miss the atmosphere of a beautiful fall day.


 I know for a fact St. Francis has practiced outside in the elements quite a bit.  I think through this brutal cold stretch they are practicing in a dome somewhere in Ft. Wayne. 

I made trips to St. Francis for years, and it was miserable EVERY time I was there. 

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