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Governor: Transgender athletes will 'destroy women's sports'

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Biologically a man, born Robert John Ludwig, who after 2 failed marriages, had a son, this ex-Navy soldier declared himself a woman in his 40 s. At 50 years old, measuring two meters tall (6 feet and 8 inches), weighing 220 pounds and covered in naval tattoos, Gabrielle Ludwig caused a huge feeling when she made her college basketball debut for Santa Clara, California community college: but not playing in the men's league, but in the women's league.

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May be an image of 5 people and people standing

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We have only scratched the surface of this issue. There is little understanding by the public at large about what drives transgender issues. The idea that someone, especially a child, would go through

That’s what the Crusaders said. And during the Inquisition. There’s never any shortage of those willing to wrap intolerance in the cloak of religion.

When God made man and woman, he made them different and he did not say if you don't like who you are you can choose which sex you wish to be.  This entire transgender issue is not only immoral it is s

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