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Passing of a Former Grid Digest Member

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Hey all!  I realize I've been lame and absent for quite abit. Life summons I guess, but football season is upon us...so I plan to be active as I can! 

Anyway... I was made away of the passing of Tom Dawson.   The name prolly doesn't shake any thoughts, but he was very active as well as a moderator at some point as "ItIsWhatItIs" and before that as "USNAVRET".    You might have been aware that he had been fighting cancer for a long time.  He wasn't able to go to games last year because of the Covid scare.  I feel badly that I hadn't kept in touch with him.  But this medium was our main place to meet and talk.   Granted, he could be a little over the top in his posts, and certainly was a hardcore Linton Miner advocate... he was a great guy in person, and I know I will miss his it is what it is ness.....  My thoughts are with his son... a former Linton player.. and of course his family.   He also was a veteran who served his country well.   Godspeed Tom.  We'll carry the torch! 

Miner Pride 

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I met Tom a few years back at a game and we communicated quite a few times via private messaging.  He was definitely a Linton "homer", but he had a true passion for small town, small school football and what it meant to a community.

He reminded me of the fan who is always standing at the fence every Friday to second guess, cheer on his boys and talk to anyone who wanted to talk football.

My thoughts and prayers to his family.  I am very sorry to hear of his passing.  RIH my friend.

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Sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family and friends as well as other's he had an impact on. 

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