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HHF/GID Interview with Fishers Head Coach Curt Funk.

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Guest DT
HHF Interview with Fishers Head Coach Curt Funk.
Coach Funk starts his second season at Fishers after a stellar run at Mississinewa , and the Tigers look to rebound from a tough year in 2020
Hello Coach Funk and thanks for joining us at Hoosier High School Football.
Question 1
You had a great run at Mississinewa over 10 years and finished up with 4 straight double digit winning seasons and some very solid post season playoff runs. What are some of the things you miss the most about leaving that environment and jumping into the meat grinder that is Central Indiana 6A high school football?
I miss the people, we built lifelong relationships over our time at Mississinewa and we will always cherish our Mississinewa family. We had a small town feel at Mississinewa and everyone came out and supported the Indians. Our game environment was something special.
Question 2
Last year was not typical for Fishers football, nor for yourself given your great success at Ole Miss. Given it was your first year at Fishers, dealing with the jump to a mega school and all the issues that came along with the pandemic, how did you and your family get thru that transition in terms of settling in to the Indianapolis area and getting acclimated to a new school and a new culture and everything that comes along with it?
Last year was hard for a variety of reasons. Everything from moving, starting a new job, making connections with players, and adjusting routines during the pandemic. My wife was fortunate to find a new job with IU Health and my 13-year-old son has adjusted well making new friends. We have been blessed with how the Fishers community has welcomed us.
Question 3
With the bulk of summer drills and team competitions now behind you, what were your primary areas of concentration for your team these past few months, where did you find your greatest areas of strength, and what do you need to work on and correct before the start of the regular season?
Our team chemistry has been good this offseason and our players keep improving. We are all moving in the same direction and that is a start. I have been able to build relationships with our players and coaches this offseason, something that was hard to do last year. We must continue to get stronger in the weight room. We are not where we need to be but will continue to emphasize team strength.
Question 4
The HCC is widely regarded as one of the strongest football leagues in the state, just a shade behind The MIC. Having made your first tour thru league play last year, what is your assessment of the conference in terms of roster depth, size and physicality, team speed, and overall skill level?
I have so much respect for the HCC football programs and the competitiveness of the league. Every week you are going to face elite coaching staffs, top level talent and speed. We need to continue to improve our roster depth at the OL/DL positions in the league.
Question 5
Both Fishers and HSE continue to grow faster than most school districts in the state. FHS will likely break the 4000 student barrier sooner than most observers think. HSE is right behind you. Do you ever get the feeling that the two schools are competing for the same limited supply of resources, which might create a situation where one school has success at the expense of the other?
I don’t think that will be the case. Both schools will continue to work on building on the foundations laid and work on promoting their culture.
Question 6
As you enter your second year at Fishers, where are you taking the program in terms of creating its core identity? What are your primary offensive and defensive schemes and philosophies?
Our core philosophy “Close the gap” is very fitting for our second year. We just need to keep improving every lift, practice, film session, and game. Build for November and work for improvement. Offensively we are a multiple offense and on defense we are a 3/4.
Question 7
The HCC continues to churn out high level D1 players and Fishers has been no exception. Who are your top returning starters for this season, and who are some of the younger players who will be breaking thru and making contributions this fall on Friday nights?
We have senior Jeffrey Simmons at TE. Jeffrey has committed to play at Miami of Ohio and we are excited for his senior season. Junior RB, Carson Dunn was Midwest Combine RB MVP and we expect him to get some D1 recruiting interest this year.
Question 8
We've discussed at length with many coaches in our interview series the critical importance of year round strength and speed training. Many schools in Central Indiana have weight room facilities that look like they belong on college campuses. How would you describe your strength program at Fishers, do you have the dedicated administrative support to keep up with your conference opponents in terms of coaching and equipment, and how would you assess the overall physical condition of this 2021 Fishers Tiger football roster?
We are blessed to have Josh Jones as our strength coach at Fishers High School and he is making strides with the players. We had a setback with our progress with virtual instruction last year but have been making gains since getting back to a normal routine. We are not where we need to be but have identified it as our number one priority in program growth.
Question 9
There really are no breaks in your schedule, as you open with MIC opponents North Central and Pike and then move on directly to HCC play. What is your general philosophy on non conference scheduling, and do you intend to suggest any changes to your AD for future seasons?
I like our schedule and I feel we need to play top notch competition in North Central and Pike with our nonconference schedule. If we want to have post season success, we need to play MIC opponents.
Question 10
Fishers won a state championship under Coach Wimmer in 2010 after just 5 years of varsity football . The Tigers have not advanced past the regional since then, and clearly the advent of 6A and the domination of the MIC powers has changed the landscape. Westfield played for a state title in 6A last year and fell to a supremely talented Center Grove team. Same with Zionsville, falling to Cathedral in the 5A championship game. Do you feel the time is coming soon when either Fishers, or another HCC team will break thru in 6A and bring that elusive big school state title back to the conference?
I do believe an HCC school will knock the door down on a 6A title. The MIC coaches have set the standard high and have dominated 6A with great coaching and talent. This dominance of the MIC will keep pushing the HCC programs to improve and close the gap.
Thanks Coach, and best of luck this season.





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Coach Funk is such a genuine guy, full of energy and fortunate to call him a friend.  Miss having team camp with him with Ole Miss, but still enjoy locking horns with current Indians each summer at Manchester.   

Always be rooting for those Tigers of Fishers!! 

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Having had a son that played for Coach Funk at Mississinewa, I can tell you that Fishers got a top notch coach.  His first year at Mississinewa he only won 1 or 2 games.  The every season after never saw a losing record and advanced almost every year to the second round of Sectionals and finally winning one in 2017.  Prior to winning the Sectional, Mississinewa was in the same sectional that produced 3A and 4A State Finalists/Champions often.  He will have Fishers knocking on the door for Conference title and more very soon.

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