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Canceled/newly scheduled games this season due to Covid outbreak/quarantine 

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7 minutes ago, NLCTigerFan07 said:

Is this still accurate? Were they scheduled to play Anderson?

Maybe Logansport could play against Ft Wayne Concordia

I am not sure. I posted the day after because of issues with the site. The IFCA has a page on the SportsYou app. It was posted there on the 11th. I have not seen any follow up posts from there. 

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44 minutes ago, JustRules said:

The crew was notified the game was cancelled but Logansport is trying to find an opponent. I agree Concordia may be a good option.

I think that Concordia and Logansport both want to host and not travel due to Sr. Night activities. Not sure if this will happen. 

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1 hour ago, Major said:

Logansport will not have a game this Friday night for week 9.

That's their second one this season if I recall correctly.  They missed out playing Harrison earlier this season when Logansport had to cancel.  At least they got a decent draw for the tourney and got the top bracket of Sectional 18, so they should get at least a couple tourney games and a decent shot of playing for a sectional title.

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