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It's week 3 in southeastern Indiana and chatter has died down from the EIAC crowd. I'll get the ball rolling in hopes of STC and others joining in. 

Rushville @ FC: This game could get ugly in a hurry. FC put up 74 last week against Connersville. Rushville's QB didn't play last week and he might be out again. He's about all they have over there in Stewart Town. I'll take the cats in this one. (Wildcats 58-7)

Batesville @ South Dearborn: This could be a very interesting game over in SD. Batesville likes to pass the ball around the yard and run let their QB be a playmaker. Somehow Coach Boom lost to the Madison Cubs last week in a upset imo. The knights need a bounce bad win here bad or their season might start falling apart already in week 3. I don't think they stop the dawgs offense. (Bulldogs 34-20)

Scottsburg @ Connersville: Connersville was supposed to play Greensburg but they are shut down two weeks due to COVID. Connersville picks up the Warriors who are 2-0 on the year. After getting a first hand view of the Spartans last Friday night I don't see them winning a game all year. (Warriors 41-20)

Lawrenceburg @ Milan: Lawrenceburg got the bounce back win last week. The score was a little closer than I was expecting but a win is a win I suppose. Milan just doesn't have the dudes to compete in this matchup. Lawrenceburg stays on track this week. (Tigers 48-14)

Moeller @ EC: Out of state Cincinnati Moeller comes to St. Leon to face the Trojans. I hear the trojans have some injuries in key positions including their young RB? It didn't seem to bother them last week when they rolled Harrison which I was suspired in that score. I don't really know anything Moeller this year but EC picked up the dub last year so I'll take the EIAC favorite Friday night. (Trojans 28-10)



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Disappointing lack of chatter here. Where is @StinkTownClown?   Questions, lots of questions?

FC bests Rushville

Bulldogs defeat Knights @ Boomtown

Connersville will LOSE again!

Tigers scalp the Indians

EC gets it done against legendary Moeller to secure a win for the Hoosier State in a Cincinnati tri-state battle

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