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Inside the Bubble - Week 4

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1.   Dwenger - Luers fans wont like this, but there seems to be something special about this Saints team. We'll find out this Friday against Homestead whether or not Dwenger's hype is legit. 

2.   Luers - Just ran the table on a couple of good 6A programs in Homestead and Carroll. We all knew Luers would be good, but this good? The Knights left unfinished business on the field last year and are on a mission. They better not get ahead of themselves though, or they'll finish the regular season 0-2.

3.   Homestead - How good are the Spartans? Their high octane offense will be tested this Friday. Dwenger will be hungry after letting two SAC titles slip away from them at the hands of Homestead the past two seasons. If Homestead pulls this one off, then I'm a believer. 

4.   Carroll - Their romp over North Side was an eye opener. The attitude of this team looks a bit different than it did in Week 1 against Luers. They are starting to look like the team everyone thought they would be in the preseason. 

5.   Snider - Probably the best team the SAC has ever seen sitting in the #5 position. That speaks volumes for the quality of football being played in Fort Wayne this year. Still potential for this team, but lot's of work to be done to be considered a 5A north favorite along side Dwenger and Valpo.

6.   North Side - Still need to go with the Legends in this spot. Starting the season against Snider, Dwenger, and Carroll is no easy task. Especially when some key players were out for two of those games. Hopefully North Side gets better as the season progresses unlike last year when they got worse. 

7.   Concordia - Another team with a tough start to the season playing the likes of Snider and Homestead. They show promise, and in my opinion, is probably the best of the rest.

8.   South Side - This position only makes sense since they beat Northrop by two scores.

9.   Northrop - Northrop isn't a bad team, they just reside in the SAC. I can't say they are a very good 6A team though.

10. Wayne- Again, not a bad team. I don't think I've ever seen the SAC this strong from top to bottom. There are no bad teams in the SAC. Each team is in the top half of their respective class.    


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1) Luers- knocking off two 6a programs gets them the #1.. although undersized..all they do is win ...that upswing in talent is upon us n coach k has the keys to a new car..

2) Dwenger- treating opponents "O" like a defenseless boxer..the hits just keep on coming from the saints..the offense may only score just enough..typical cyo clinic 

3) Carroll- dinan has their full attention and now so does the rest of the sac..this could be the year they make it out of sectionals..they have playmakers everywhere..even in the stands..                                                                                                    4) Snider- taking it on the chin to a former coach could be what they needed..offense seems to restrain itself..so many weapons yet no permit..

5) Homestead- I'm sure they will figure it out soon..the 2nd half of the game with the knights had new wrinkles that will pay dividends..until they figure it..they may take a few more L's.

6) Northside- starting the season with a few tough matchups can hurt their legend ego..victories are on the horizon and come tourney time they will be ready..

7) Concordia-see above..

8 South side- they can win games n proved that last year in sectionals..if a team had them checked as a w at the beginning of the year they will be in for a rude awakening...if the archers stick together. 

9) Wayne- trust goes a long way with a resurgence n time will tell if haydock can get community buy in..a couple victories never hurt n I don't see the generals going winless..

10) Northrop- someone has to be last..no shame in being competitive..I wouldn't put an upset past them n will probably choose them in a few matchups this year..


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