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Action in the NIC Week # 4

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On 9/9/2021 at 7:59 AM, TurfToe said:


Bremen- Ole Marshall county said Bremen should be full strength but what does that truly mean. Seems they are still lacking fire power. I’m going to go with the Lions by 14.

Glenn- From what I hear they’ll have their entire Oline back. People are thinking last year was a fluke but I’m picking the Falcons. Glenn gets back on track and stays undefeated in the South.

New Prairie- Noah breaks 1000 yards for the year on Marian. Recruiting can’t win this one this year. NP by 21

Riley- two god awful teams. I give Clay credit they keep fighting. But who will be taking the snaps this week? Riley has an identity crisis. What happened to the solid offensive scheme Jarvis left behind. I can’t tell if they are running a watered down version of a beginner pop Warner Flex/Navy offense. Riley by 14

Adams- if Adams can bring pressure and minimize St Joe’s run game. The Eagles will take this one by 13

St X- Penn will need to bring out the quick Crete and try to patch up the holes in their defense. This one gets out of hand 48-6


men at Triton, 7 pm
Glenn at Jimtown ©, 7 pm
Marian at New Prairie ©, 7:30 pm
Riley at Clay ©, 7 pm
St. Joseph at Adams ©, 7 pm
St. Xavier at Penn, 7 pm

Maybe New Prairie needs to recruit better.

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