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CIC Week 5

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Friday, Sep. 17
Blackford at Madison-Grant ©, 7 pm

Will probably be a close game, Blackford able to put up 28 on Alex and M-G looking to get their first conference win this season.   I'll take Blackford in a shoot out and breaking the 8 game losing streak.

Eastbrook at Frankton ©, 7 pm

"Battle" for first place in the conference! Frankton still getting their bearings with the new coach, Eastbrook battling to keep the tradition of a running clock this season... Clock will be running early again this week.  Eastbrook by a lot.

Elwood at Alexandria ©, 7 pm

Alex riding high after a close game with Blackford, Elwood still trying to fond some offense.  Alex Big.

Mississinewa at Oak Hill ©, 7 pm

Ole Miss finally getting in the win column and Oak Hill reeling from getting shut down last week should make this a good game. Think this will come down to a turn over battle.  Oak Hill will be trying to prove they should be the 2nd place team in the CIC and get their offense back on the rails will pull this out in dramatic fashion.


As always be safe and stay heathy!

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Blackford over MG by a couple scores. Blackford's big running back looked good against Alex. Blackford holds the penalties down they are 5th best team.

Eastbrook over Frankton with a running clock in the 2nd! Eastbrook has been impressive so far. Eastbrook was and is a well oiled machine. Frankton continues to improve and have bought in.

Alexandria over Elwood Alexandria by a bunch. Alex can score alot just cannot stop anyone. Blackford penalties won this for Alex.

Oak Hill over Ole miss this game will be close. Mistakes will determine the fate of this game.

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Blackford -Mg : Blackford with a big win. They look to be improving every week but penalties kill. 

Alex - Elwood: Alex wins big but elwood could make it close as Alex is defense optional team. 

oakhill- mississinewa: Oakhill if they run the ball well and eat clock can pull this one off. Mississinewa looks to still be finding groove with new qb. Oakhill by a score.

Eastbrook - Frankton: never thought I would be saying this so early "battle of the top teams". I k ow Frankton hasn't really played anyone in the CIC yet, but still great for the young guys on the program for a nice confidence boost and keep them working hard. Eastbrook running clock after half. 


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Blackford vs. Madison Grant: 

Blackford over madison grant by 3 scores. To many DUMB penalties for it not to be a bigger lead. 

Oakhill vs. Ol Miss:

Ol Miss. Just because the look to be a little more athletic. OH  could make it interesting if the manage 3yrds and a cloud of turf. Ole miss. By 2scores

Alex vs. Elwood:

Alex by 1 score because elwood plays pass defense and Alex thinks Mike leach is coming if they throw the ball enough. 

Eastbrook vs. Frankton

When was the last time these two met when both were #1 in the CIC? 98 when they both joined? Eastbrook might be short staffed this week and playing more Jv players than normal. But they were going to be playing by mid second quarter anyhow. Eastbrook 56-0.       (Good thing starters will be back come tournament time. That sectional is ours for the taking) 

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31 minutes ago, Giantbeareagle80 said:

This has the makings of the 2016 game. The pass goes off the finger tip of the Frankton receiver in the end zone,  as the horn sounds.  Eastbrook won 24-20

Don't see that happening, but, that's why they play the game.   Still a running clock to finish this game out.

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Well after seeing scores and watching a specific game here is what I see:

1. Eastbrook- no question 

2. Ole Miss- definitely 2nd showed that tonight.

3. Oak hill- 2 big losses now can they recover?

4. Frankton- definitely believing in the system. 

5- Madison Grant- showed tonight they can play with 3-5..

6. Alexandria- poor showing tonight against Elwood drops them down.

7. Blackford- not enough bodies and to many 2way players.

8. Elwood- put a scare in Alex tonight! 


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