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Game night score updates

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Bloomington South 21 Southport 0 (half)

South's defense has dominated Southport so far. The Cardinals did not pass midfield during the first half. South had 200 yards total offense in the half, while Southport had 96 yards. South's Che Hogue has 105 yards rushing at the half. South will get the ball when the 2nd half starts. 

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Bloomington North 55 New Albany 31 (5:31, 3rd)

The lack of defense by both teams continue into the 2nd half. At the rate they are going, both teams will have a combined offense of over well over 1,000 yards by the end of the game. North's Cody Mikulich is just about at 300 yards rushing and receiving by himself. 

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Roncalli 21

Brebeuf  3

4:16 in 4th.  Brebeuf has only had the ball for less  than 1:30 seconds in the ENTIRE 2nd half so far....that's INSANE.

Brebeuf has played well but Roncalli's O-line simply took over in the 2nd half. 

Many bumps and bruises in this game. 

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