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Records so far...really bored

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ok here it goes:  here are wins and losses this year so for for 305 teams I counted

0 wins-29 teams

1 win-34 team

2 win-53 teams

3 win-46 teams

4 win-47 teams

5 win-46 teams

6 win-34 teams

7  win-16 teams

out of the 29 0 win teams there are 4 games were 0wins vs 0wins play...so, at least 4 will have a win next week   

there are 19 undefeated teams...16 that are 7-0, 2 that are 6-0, and 1 that is 5-0...

Like I said...I was really bored and thought there was a lot teams with no wins...so, i just started counting...everyone have a great week...cant wait until sectional draw.                  

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26 minutes ago, NorthKnox94 said:

Last year the regular season ended with 12 undefeated teams...how many this year?  over/under last years 12...there is 19 now...lol

Good work....thanks for that. I did something similar many years ago when the discussion of a multiplier was used as a way to level the playing field. My point was that may be a goal, but will never happen. Back then, about half the schools in a given class had a losing record. While the names of those teams may differ from year to year, the number was pretty consistent. My guess is if you did the same thing over multiple years, you would get very similar results. 

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