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Coaching Openings for the 2022 Season

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As the season comes to an end soon, it is time to start posting openings.

This topic is for posting of CONFIRMED head coaching openings, as well as assistant coach openings. Discussions about specific opening CAN be a separate topic. I say CAN be with emphasis. One of the unique features of this site is that fans can interact with coaches from various programs across the State. We want that to continue. What makes coaches hesitate to participate? Rumors as much as anything; but trashing coaches is another factor. the creator of this site, TA as he is known to many of us set those standards, and we continue to abide by those standards. Feel free to speculate on a coach you would like to see. But completely avoid "I heard......". hearsay is unacceptable, no matter how close to the source it is. 

So, what does confirmed mean then? Any social media post by the coach himself (facebook, twitter, instagram, Myspace 🙂), news outlets, school or program social media pages, and the DOE site or other sites that post job openings to apply to. 


Let's keep some things in mind; all coaches have other full time jobs. Coaching takes up a LOT of time; and in most cases, they pay is minimal. These are not college or pro coaches with enormous contracts that are open to public criticism. These coaches have families too; so please keep that in mind. Rumors can be very harmful; so don't spread them.....that includes guessing or speculating why a coach is no longer with a program. 

We have had coaches in the past that have explored opportunities outside the current one they are in. Often times, they wait to tell their building or even district administration until they are beyond initial interest in an opening. There have been a few occasions over the years where someone had posted a rumor about a coach interviewing. An administrator saw the post on here, or heard from someone who saw it. When confronted, the coaches were in tough spots. They were either asked to withdraw their name or resign their current position immediately. That is the reasoning behind TA saying no rumors allowed. 

If you are unsure if you should post; you are more than welcome to send a message and ask first. 


Thank you all for understanding,

The GID Team

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