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4A East Central at Memorial

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1 hour ago, tango said:

No predictions for me either. I think both teams are very similar - hard-nosed, disciplined, and athletic - and if a kid who had to be carted off a week ago is considering trying to play, then its pretty obvious your kids love their school and team as much as ours do. Here's hoping for a great game.  Safe travels to all the EC fans.  Regardless of the outcome, I think the EC fans will enjoy Enlow Field. It is one of a kind.  

I saw a game a year ago where they lost really good RB (Fike?) and they brought him in for the first play at WR the next game. He stood split away from the play and walked off the field the next play.  

9 minutes ago, TigerFan20 said:

No idea what they said 

Two went with EC by a point and the others Memorial by a close margin.  

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2 minutes ago, Olympian06 said:

Who woulda thought? You mean they actually showed up to the game? LOL. I kid. 

Nah, I didn’t see any updates of them arriving, making sure they didn’t get delayed or something 

3 minutes ago, TheDoctor22 said:

Sorry if I missed this, but is this being streamed anywhere? Would love to watch these two top programs battle it out.

Good luck to both teams! 

Unfortunately no

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