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Gibson Southern vs Lawrenceburg Regional

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MAN - WHAT A GAME! Very happy that I choose to attend this in person. 

First of all- hats off the Lawrenceburg Tigers. Having seen them the past 2 years, I knew that they had a hungry bunch of seniors and that their QB was a gamer - but I honestly just didn't think they had what it took to run with this Titan squad...and honestly, at 28-7 in the 3rd, I was thinking this was going to be another GS cakewalk (and if I'm being honest, I wonder if the Titans themselves didn't breathe a little sigh themselves)

But, ol "Mr. Mo" is a funny thing, and as the Tiger comeback started to roll, you could feel the energy in the stadium start to shift. It made for a very entertaining last 12 minutes or so. 

What a job #63 and #70 did blocking that beast from Lawrenceburg...not sure he had a sack the entire game (although he did affect numerous plays)...#43 from GS was EVERYWHERE on defense, and even caught a TD pass and did some H-back blocking, and then #13 in the backfield for the Titans sure seemed to rip off some runs right when GS could feel it slipping. 

Kuddos to the Titans - sure is an exciting time for you all and I hope you win the whole thing. 

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