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Dear Bears Fans….


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1 hour ago, Boilernation said:

Biggest ruse in the history of Wisconsin! 😀

No monetary value, non transferable, and I heard you even have to pay a processing fee for them! 

But! I have bragging rights. 

It’s mostly just the equivalent to having a signed NFL jersey…except it’s a piece of paper. It will be on the man cave wall though all the same 

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On 11/16/2021 at 1:16 PM, Boilernation said:

Haha. Food sucks unless you're roaming Clark Street and wasted at night. The billboards and attitudes of their staff are funny though.


I lived right across the street from that establishment for man years.  Food does suck, even if you're wasted!

The staff is what made it fun, though.

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16 hours ago, Gipper said:

On a more somber note, I heard Khalil Mack is out for the year.  Stick a for in them, they're done...

Who are the defensive OMG! Athletes available in the next draft?

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