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Hoosier Highschool Football / Class 2A South Semi State Preview/ Evansville Mater Dei (11-2) at Indianapolis Scecina (10-3) / Q&A with Scecina Head Coach Ott Hurrle

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Class 2A South Semi State Preview
Evansville Mater Dei (11-2) at Indianapolis Scecina (10-3)
Q&A with Scecina Head Coach Ott Hurrle
Question 1
Congratulations on reaching the final four Coach to you, staff and team. Coming off your regional win last week, how is your team handling its success at this late point in the season and what is their collective mindset as you begin game prep for Friday's semistate contest?
The players have stayed focused on this week’s opponent
Question 2
Looking at game film of your opponent this week, what are their primary areas of strength and who are some of the playmakers that your defense will need to neutralize in order stay in the game and put your team in position to win?
We must contain their passing game—the qb is very dangerous
Question 3
How does your base offensive package match up with the personnel they will be countering with on the defensive side of the football?
Size is definitely in their favor. Our o-line has their work cut out for them
Question 4
At this point in the season, teams are generally very evenly matched relative to speed, size and skill level. What are some of the intangible elements that need to break your way in order to pave the path for a trip to Lucas Oil Stadium on Thanksgiving weekend?
We will have to play our best game up to this point
People reached


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27 minutes ago, Irishman said:

3 of my 4 older brothers played at Scecina when Ott was an assistant coach back in the 70's and early 80's. His dedication to teaching and coaching for such a long time is something to be admired. As good of a coach as he is, he is even a better man. 

He is a man of very few words.  

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Coach is also amazing to trade film with! Some guys especially the "Old School" ones can try to be sticklers (Which I don't get because with hudl and YouTube you can almost find any game from any team in the state 🙄

But Coach is always willing to help out a conference school and trades film back and forth willingly and easily made me gain a ton of respect for him and his program this year competing against him in the ICC 

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