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Blue Bloods Spreadsheet

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I have completed my 1st step of the "Blue Bloods Spreadsheet".  It's currently 8 pages and has a lot of data in it so I'll try to cover what it does and does not do.

Each class has a page tab at the bottom, with the current class assignments sorted alphabetically. (Thanks to the IHSAA for reclassifying after I started working on this). 😒

On each page it lists all the success factor points each team accumulated per year using the current success factor formula since the all in tournament started in the fall of 1985. It then totals all the points and gives you a yearly average. You will see yearly averages and points earned for the following time frames - ALL YEARS, 1st 28 years 85-2012, past 25 years, past 20 years, past 15 years, past 10 years, past 9 years- the addition of the 6th class, and past 5 years. It does not care what class points were earned in, you carry all earned points to your current class.

Unfortunately I don't think the data is sortable in it's current form without copying it into a new spreadsheet, which is what I did for the 6A leaders page. This is due to how many changes and merges of the cells so I apologize for that, but I plan to eventually do a leaders page for each class.

Finally I'm sure there are mistakes, errors or omissions. I've probably fat fingered  some info into cells it does not belong, or screwed up a formula somewhere. If you see something questionable, let me know and I'll research it and get it corrected. Also some schools have  not played in every tournament or new schools have opened since 1985 and I'll have to make adjustments for them in some of the formulas. I've done some, but not all.


So here you go.......SUCCESS FACTOR BLUE BLOODSxlsx.xlsx



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