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Statewide Podcast - Would you tune in and what would you like to hear?

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My partners and I are mulling the possibility of a statewide high school football weekly podcast.

A general outline of content would include the following :

* Statewide "Big Game Friday Night Recap"

* Regional Analysis (Northwest Indiana/Northeast Indiana / Central Indiana/Southern Indiana

* Top Individual Performances

* Conference Race Update

* IFCA Rankings Update

* Coach Interviews

* Media Interviews (Greg Rakestraw/Lance Scheib/Paul Condry/etc)

* Open Topical Discussion (Classifications/SF/PPs/Seeding/etc)

What else would you tune in to hear about?

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I was a big fan of Bob Lovell’s radio program on Friday nights. I’m not sure if it is still carried in the Evansville/ SW Indiana markets or if he still broadcasts.  

But I would be willing to listen to a weekly podcast about IN HS football. The ability to listen at my convenience  would be great. For those of us on Central time it was tough to hear about some of the EST games that would be well over before my drive home.

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