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2022 Duneland Athletic Conference Thread (DAC)

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14 hours ago, MC Dad said:

Coach Mason is 4 and 3 vs Merrillville while at Andrean . 3 and 2 vs Merrillville while at Michigan City,

I think in 2018 We had a running clock in the second half,


3-3 at Michigan city. The Covid cancel went down as a forfeit. And there was no shit for you guys that year anyway. Y’all and Valpo tan the Covid year. Which is why we picked up chatard 

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21 hours ago, Bobref said:

So, if I referred to you as”the southern end of a northbound horse,” could I later say I did not call you a horse’s a$$ because I didn’t use those exact words? 

A lot of the antagonism seen on the GID would disappear if the anonymity of usernames was ended.

I don't know what the original purpose of remaining anonymous was, but in my  opinion, anyone who needs to remain anonymous on this Forum today is up to no good or trying to be someone they're not.

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12 minutes ago, Donnie Baker said:

I don’t care if he’s on here but would someone teach him the difference between there, their and they’re? I gotta go 

People on here don't like it when someone does that. I swear to god they don't.

So in my case, the answer is no, I'm not going to teach him. 

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On 7/15/2022 at 2:24 PM, DT said:

Give this guy a break.  He has every right to be here just as much as you do.  Back off.  

You don't say. A simple 30 second content search for "DT" and "leave" produced the screenshot below. You're allowed to have this opinion, but some of us who prefer not to see threads hijacked by easily refutable drivel can't share the same opinion? Sounds like rules for thee don't apply to DT.


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