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10-year old receiving official scholarships from D-1 programs. Is this the future?

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When Los Angeles-based trainer Mike Evans talks about Maxwell "Bunchie" Young, it can seem like he's describing any number of top college football recruits. He praises his speed, his work ethic and personality.

"Bunchie is a kid that comes around once every 10 years," Evans said.

In this case, that's quite literally true. Bunchie is only 10 years old.

Despite his age, Bunchie already has scholarship offers from Illinois and one mystery Pac-12 team, according to Evans, who trains more than 150 youth athletes at his LacedFacts Training center in Norwalk, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. It's only a matter of time, he says, before college coaches all over the country know who Young is, along with discovering several of the other kids he works with at his facility.

Kids like Havon Finney Jr., who, at 9 years old, has an offer from Nevada and an Instagram following of nearly 22,000. Kaleb Herndon, 6, doesn't have any scholarship offers, but Evans insists he has schools looking at him already because "he looks like a 9-year-old" and his parents are 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-7.

The buy-in isn't widespread -- why would a coach spend time recruiting a kid who can't sign a letter of intent for another decade? -- but Evans said that's changing.

"A lot of these schools are not hip to it yet because you still have a lot of old-school coaches at programs," he said. "It's the new wave that's going to change things. It's people who came from the computer era and the social media age that are going to change things. We're the first to do what we're doing where kids are getting official offers."

Hype and highlights aside, here's what life looks like for a 10-year-old college football prospect.


Preened and pampered at 10-years old, all because of fledgling athletic ability.

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Couldn't agree more


I saw something from a college coach or maybe it was a HS coach a few weeks back.   Said something along the lines of wishing the HS kid would enjoy the game of football as much as he enjoyed being recruited or something to that affect.   Basically saying that all it was about was trying to get that few big Hudl highlights each game and rest was just meh 

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A 10 year old can't receive an "official" scholarship offer from a college.  8/1 of the athlete's senior year it can be put in writing and made official.  Until then nothing is binding.  If coaches want to waste their time on a ten year old that's nine years from coming to their school that they likely won't even be at anymore then good for them.  That's a sure fire way to make sure they'll never last and the next coach that's not so stupid has a job.

Now at 12 years old you start to see something you might want to put some effort in.  😂

I know out of this current class Jaelen Gill had a half dozen verbals by seventh grade but none if those were the big boys.  OSU didn't offer until last year and that's a five star kid.  

Top programs don't waste their time with kids in diapers.

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No doubt.   My guess is Lovie was trying to get the Illinois name out in the media, maybe help him in other recruiting areas.   

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