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Must See Gym or Game

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Are there any must see High School gyms/games coming up in January throughout the state?

My son is a diehard IU fan, likes Notre Dame as well, but is just like me in that he loves sports in general, especially high school and college.

I would love to get him tickets to the Crossroads Classic at Bankers Life this coming weekend so he could see his favorite schools playing, but unfortunately I have split custody with his mom and won't have him for that weekend.

I have priced tickets to the IU @ MSU game in East Lansing (about 2hrs closer to us than Bloomington), and that is currently my top option, but the thought crossed my mind if there is a must see high school match up coming up in Indiana, it would cost me less per ticket therefore I could afford more on a hotel or gas.

I'm interested in hearing any suggestions from those of you out of the Michiana area especially, as we have pretty much been to all of the must see's up here.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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