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6A Season Outlook--Discuss

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40 minutes ago, hhpatriot04 said:

Strength of schedule? 

It was only after 2 weeks of play. I didn't claim those teams had the best defenses in the state (and even mentioned I did not anticipate it ending up that way when it is all said and done). It was just an interesting coincidence that those 3 teams are all in the same sectional and at the time had the top 3 scoring defenses in the state. My post was merely meant to congratulate those teams' Ds strong starts. Doesn't matter who the opponent is in my opinion, holding any team to less than 7 points is always impressive.

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12 hours ago, BTF said:

Telling someone not to respond to your posts is an overreaction. Yuccaguy is an outstanding contributor to this forum who's opinions are as appreciated. We as fans do battle, but at the end of the day we all share the same passion for the greatest game at the greatest level. 

That being said, I have Westfield and Carroll on a level playing field right now after further review. There's something to be said for the Rocks in beating Lawrence Central by a wider margin than HSE did. Carroll/Westfield would be a barnburner in my opinion. I still don't think it will come into fruition though. I think it will be Carmel, HSE, or fishers to represent the area at Semi-State. And Carroll will have their hands full with Penn and Crown Point. No offense to any of the great teams not mentioned. The northern bracket of 6A will be exciting to say the least. 

Fair enough. .

This spiraled out of control...  I apologize for being so terse!  

I admire BTF and all he gives to the GID.  Perhaps this is a good time for "this guy" to concentrate on the field of play, rather than the ratings/rankings.  

And here is one thing we can BOTH agree upon.  The "truly" Northern schools in IN (not the donut schools) need to step up and become competitive in every way from 4A to 6A!  

WIth the SAC changing their scheduling...that is a wonderful step in the right direction.  

AGAIN: My apologies for being a "ButtHead"

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