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Watering down the game - When does it become unrecognizable?

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If fans of the game from the 20's were to watch the game in the 60's, 70's or the 80's, they would not have been able to recognize it either. The fact is the game has changed over the decades and has changed often; all in the name of safety. Even as late as the 50's and into the 60's players used the head slap to keep a blocker off of them; spearing was a common way to tackle or take out blockers; grabbing the facemask was a common way of tackling as well; as was the clothesline. There was even a time when the forward pass was not a part of the game. The fact is the game has evolved for safety since its invention. As athletes are getting bigger, faster and stronger, it has to evolve. One thing that does not come up in the concussion discussion is just how many former players are showing no signs of CTE? or other issues? A few significant ones that come to mind are Troy Aikman and Moose Johnson. Aikman took a lot of shots, and Johnson played a very physical game. I am sure there are many more. I don't mean to down play what has happened to many others. Players know the risks. Some have walked away from the game before any damage or any further damage occurs. I don't blame them at all for doing so. It is a choice for each individual.

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