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North South All Star Game Friday @ North Central

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I will agree to disagree my man.   

I believe IFCA has been progressive in recent years when you look at the conversations being had about Seeding, Mercy Rule, piloting  of the 40 second clock with IHSAA and NFHS.

IFCA 100% has led the way in the current Football by-laws on summer schedule/competition days and current Pre Season (August/ former 2 a days) practice policies.  No other sports in Indiana is currently legislated as far as contact and competition days are concerned.  

This past All Star game,  IFCA worked to have the Colts sponsor a FREE clinic for youth and also for Parents.   IFCA has also led many other free youth clinics and provides a top notch state clinic .  

As far as the All Star game is concerned:  I think it really is just a great experience as is and fun to watch players from All Classes, All Conferences both in North and South come together and compete for 1 week in this game.  I can watch the George Karlaftis, David Bell, Jack Kiser's and go down the list of our State's top recruited players on Saturdays in Ross Ade, ND Stadium, and my Television screen.   


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I can tell you as a father whose son played last year, the North/South game is a great experience for the players.  My son attended this year with several of his team mates from last years game.  They have kept in touch all year as this was an awesome experience for all of them.  Maybe there are tweaks, but as an experience, at least for those that get the honor to participate it seems a spectacular opportunity and event.  But hey, maybe my son's personal experience isn't what others who have not been apart of this feel.  

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I don't see that the two have to be mutually exclusive

Have a great experience, and elevate the game to a higher level


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