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Greg Schiano is Outstanding

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Have heard several recent radio interviews with Schiano.  He is as sharp and well spoken as they come.  Really got a raw deal with the Tennessee situation.  Probably a good thing he didn't get that job, which is highly overrated.

Will Schiano stick around at Ohio State?  Will he take a college head coaching position?  Or will he go back to the NFL?  

I think he would be outstanding at one of the lower tier Big Ten jobs in a rebuild :







Any or all of these jobs could open over the next few years.

If I were betting, I would pick the Illini as the most likely of the group.


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He did bolt from Rutgers a few years back.  Should Purdue lose Brohm to Louisville, I'd be happy with him in West Lafayette.

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Schiano may be the best assistant coach in college football and the players absolutely love him.  I think out of that list, Rutgers is probably the closest to parting ways with their coach.  I think it would be safe to say, he'd be interested.  At one point, while at Rutgers, he was said to be the heir to Penn St. which of all the Big Ten coaches who have not been pro coaches, I'd say Franklin is the prime of all of them.  He's a hot commodity for all the right reasons and jumping ship to the Pro's I think is in his future.  All the rest, I see as somewhat stable.  PSU is stable as well but I could absolutely see him leave right now for a pro job and open it up for Schiano.

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