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Coming soon!!! Giantbeareagle80 has agreed to do a CIC games only BB thread. To get it started:

1. What does your team bring to the hard wood this year?

2. Who are the players to watch?

3. New to team: transfers in, home schooled?

4. Who's the team to beat, Oak Hill,  Frankton, etc.

Looking forward to a good round ball season for All CIC teams this year.

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Frankton should be really good again this year with the star duo of Key and Detling returning for their final season, as well as several other lettermen from last season's CIC champs.  Detling should dominate down low again and Key has a small chance at becoming Frankton's all-time leading scorer.

The player to watch IMO is Ayden Brobston, the coach's son who stands at 6' 6".  He could create havoc along side Detling in the paint.

No transfers that I'm aware of.

OH is the team to beat since they got the blue rings right?

Since football season went down hill fast for the Eagles, I'm anxious for basketball to begin!


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Cant believe we are 14 days away from tip-off!  

Right now I think Frankton is the team to beat.  They return good size and experience.

Another team to watch is Alexandria.  New Coach and kids with lots of playing time.

I wonder about Oak Hill.  They lost 90% of their scoring and a good group of athletes.

Blackford goes as the guard goes (not sure of name, i believe its Brown) if he stays healthy they will win some games.

I don't know much about they other teams. 


Like Ed78 said , I will be running a Pick ems for CIC games only....i wont include the Grant 4 or Madison Co tourneys.

So keep and eye out for it... First week is of December 7th .



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Frankton should be the team to beat this year. Madison Grant will be fun to watch, the freshmen that played varsity now have a season under their belt and should see the win total increase this year. Looks Like I will be getting a large dose of basketball this season as I have one granddaughter on JV one granddaughter 5th grade playing 6th grade travel and a 6th grade grandson playing 6th grade travel. I might have to get a third job to pay for all of it. Good luck to all CIC hoopsters this year, have fun. GO ARGYLLS!!!

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