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Indiana HS Pick'Em Contest

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Hey guys, doing this over on Twitter and already have quite a bit of people in. Let me know if you'd like to join in and I'll send you a message. Cutting off entries on Monday the 12th. Entry info below.


Indiana HS Basketball 2018-19 Pick-Em

1.) Every week I will select a slate of 20 games to pick. There will be three games a night (if applicable), plus two at-large games a week.

2.) To help on the nights where there are no competitive games, I will set a spread for each game.

2A.) For example, if the game is Argos vs. Valparasio (-30.5), you will need Valpo to win by 31 points in order to gain a point. If you pick Argos, they will need to keep the game within 30 points for you to gain a point.

3.) This will all be done on google sheets. I will have the games up on the sheet on Sunday’s by 12EST for you to pick the week’s games. I will lock the sheet daily at the start of the day’s first game. I will unlock it after tallying the day’s totals for you to pick the next day’s games. (If you want you can pick all of them on Sunday so you don’t have to get on every night, but you’ll always be able to edit up until the sheet is locked daily.)

4.) Entry is $2. Winner at the end of the year will received 60% and the 2nd/3rd places will receive 20% of the pot.

5.) I will try my best to remind you to pick your games but ultimately it is up to you to remember to take five minutes on Sunday to pick your games.

6.) Let me know if you have any questions about how spreads work or about the process in general. I tried to explain it best I could but direct questions will clear up cloudiness.

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