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ACAC Week #5

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***Game of the Week*** Adams Central @ Heritage - This one becomes the de facto conference championship after Heritage beat SA last week in a big time win for their program. The Adams County schools have been hoping that a team steps up and turns into another tough matchup and it looks like Heritage is there. If Heritage wins, they'll win conference because no one left on their schedule will beat them. If AC wins, they'll still need to get past the rivalry game next week against SA. I don't think they'll have a hangover from the SA game and will compete against AC. The Jets have looked decent, but tend to take their feet off the pedal once they get up. Assuming they fix that problem, I think AC wins by double digits.

Jay County @ Bluffton - This one is kind of tough. I think Jay County can score, but they will need to put together a solid performance to stop Bluffton's running game.

Monroe Central @ South Adams - Give me SA in a bounce back game against Monroe Central. I'm sure MC will be up for their return to Starfire Field after last year's appearance at the Mud Bowl. That game should have never been played on that field and I'm sure MC would like to provide some payback. 

Southern Wells @ Woodlan - Woodlan wins big. 

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Glad to see Coach Mosser went to the huddle during the timeout to address the sloppiness the Jets displayed vs Jay County. Heritage beating SA should have the Jets attention. I think AC wins, but not as easily as they expected.

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3 hours ago, Purdue Pete said:

AC 48-7 running clock

Bluffton by 1

MC by 14

Woodland by 21

I feel like it’s better to respond to your SA/Heritage comment from the 1A thread here because my thoughts have more to do with the ACAC. I don’t really care about whether or not SA deserves to be #6 after the loss.

I don’t think Heritage is a great team by any means but I do think they’re getting better which is good for the conference. I don’t think the other teams are moving in the right direction. Bluffton will be decent again at some point because Kunkel has a decent, established culture. Woodlan, Jay County and Southern Wells are still far away from being competitive with the top 2-3 teams in the conference. 

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2 minutes ago, kdets89 said:

Can any AC folks confirm if there will be a stream for this week's game?  Berne Witness does not have it listed.  Thanks.

Last I knew they were asking Heritage for permission. Highly doubt Heritage will let them as they didn't last week for SA game or week 1 for Bellmont. 

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