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SAC week 6

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Concordia could give Dwenger fits, but I like the Saints by 21.

Luers by 35 over Northrop.

North Side by 7 over Homestead. The Spartans offense will have to be sharp to keep up with the Redskins. 

Running clock in the Snider game, but not until the second half.

This score could be very ugly, but I don't think Carroll will take it there. 

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Luers at Northrop -  At times, Northrop gives Luers fits.

North Side at Homestead- I'm thinking Homestead has a chance....might switch my pick.

Snider at Wayne-  We'll see if Snider is quick strike and if Wayne keeps it close by using clock.

South Side at Carroll-  OUCH!

Concordia at Dwenger-OUCH!

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Concordia at Dwenger....Saints bounce back after a big loss and roll easily...BD by 20

Luers at Northrop...Can the Bruins bounce back after a heartbreaking loss? Think Luers has a little more skill...Knights by 7

North Side at Homestead...best game of the SAC this week which isn't saying too much, great RB matchup...Homestead by 3

Snider at Wayne...Awesome game for Nelson last week...will get the same number of carries but not nearly the same results...Snider by however much they want

South Side at Carroll...Bell locked up, now it's time for Carroll to stay healthy and get some depth experience...Carroll by however much they want.

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On 9/19/2022 at 11:06 AM, jakone said:

Concordia at Dwenger

Luers at Northrop

North Side at Homestead

Snider at Wayne

South Side at Carroll

Dwenger 42 - Concordia 13 - Really thought the Cadets would be more competitive, but the gap between Carroll, Snider, Homestead, and Dwenger is really big from the rest of the SAC

Luers 35 - Northrop 17 - Bruins hang around for awhile, Knights pull away in the 4th quarter

North Side 28 - Homestead 27 - Most competitive game of the week, North keeps impressing me. Sparty got their asses handed to them by Snider last week, let’s see what they are made of this week

Carroll 56 - South Side 12 - Another reason for the SAC to stop with just conference play. Next year, Carroll can play with the big boys in 6A

Snider 38 - Wayne 15 - Panthers roll, nuff said

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Concordia at DwengerSaints by 20

Luers at Northrop - Bruins in an upset

North Side at Homestead - North by 6

Snider at Wayne - Snider by 17, interested in seeing how well they can contain Nelson, If they struggle, will be closer game

South Side at Carroll - Carroll by 35+, running clock in second half

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Saints- home field advantage proves too much for the cadets as if they still shared zollner..

Knights- visit that nice turf Bruins provide n turn this into a fall track meet. 2a over 6a is an upset to me though..cyo

Spartans- good match for the Legends to take that next step unfortunately sparty may not be ready to relequenish the mantle n also become 2nd tier..

Panthers- that run game from the generals combined with haydocks affinity for an aerial attack could be problematic. They figure it out..eventually 

Chargers- both teams remaining healthy would be nice..

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