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some concerns with the arm length of NW kid, but hometown kid would be great story for sure, however, I seem to lean more toward Paris Johnson JR from OSU personally 

Question is this, you draft one of those 2 tackles, where do they go?  RT?  You spent all year developing last years gem of a pick who by all accounts looks the part moving forward.  

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I was hoping they would go with Wright after some stuff I heard about him in the past week. I'm going to need to go back and watch the Alabama/Tennessee game. Will Anderson is on record saying Wright was the best OT he played against this year. 

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LOVE this pick:   

1.  got a 4th next year to move back 1 spot, that was AWESOME

2.  Listened late last night to POLES presser, loved how they broke this kid down in their private workout weekend before Easter with OL coach, taught him schemes, adjustments to scheme, then got him winded, with putting him thru the paces, then cardio stufff followed by recall of calls at the line etc and he handled it without any issues!!   

3. LOVE that he has faced the BEST OF THE BEST last 3 years and started and played a lot of games at AN ALL CONFERENCE level his final year.   

Checked a lot of boxes!!  Beautiful. 

 Very excited for tonight's 3 picks, wouldn't surprise me to see POLES move up to snag a impact Defended he doesn't see dropping:  Hint PORTER JR Hint 

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lots of chatter of Bears getting up to #32 with Steelers, my guess would be for Porter JR, but man, Pitt folks would be livid, I think they are really hoping they get Joey's boy 

If they do not move up:   I see:  Interior OL/ Interior DL/Outside Pass Rush DE

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