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TD, Touchback … or Something Else?



Stole this one from the NFHS Football Officials FB page:

A1 has a long unchallenged run to the B end zone.  Anticipating an easy TD, A1 drops the ball prior to crossing goal line.   Both teams A and B leave the field thinking the play is over.  Meanwhile the ball has rolled into and come to rest in the end zone.  After an appropriate amount of time,  BJ blows the ball dead. What’s the call?

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26 minutes ago, 5GetsYou1 said:

This boils my blood anytime I see it, I'll never understand what is cool about dropping the ball behind you.


The ball became dead in the end zone with no possession, 1st & 10 B from the B20. 


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10 minutes ago, Irishman said:

The only other thing that comes to mind is it’s a TD because the force that got the ball over the line was the player dropping it and the defense not gaining possession prior to the whistle. 

It’s a TD. Even though the ball was not in player possession, it’s still in possession of Team A. A live ball is always in team possession. Since the ball was declared dead in B’s end zone while Team A was in possession, it’s a TD.

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