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Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3...

this may be the best week on the Grid and the EIAC!

So sit back and crack a few Stoney Lights, this week will be memorable, just give it time!


Mardi Gras River Rat Invaders @ BiG ReD & BlAcK:

It was back in '18, just a few years ago when the Invaders missed the hole and bounced outside and out of bounds to stop the clock to give the Trojans an opportunity to win the game.  The rest as we know it, is history. EC 9 - Invaders 7! Since then the Trojans have went on a run of defeating the Knights on an average of 30 points or more. Fast forward to '23.....The Invaders have been just okay. Beating the teams they should beat and getting beat by the teams that should have beaten them, yes that includes JC! This week, look for the Trojans to bust the Invaders up. Ring, Ring, Ringer will blow by those Invaders like they are standing still. It's no disrespect to our neighbors down stream, it just the facts that EC is a much better team.  The Invaders may want to bring some plugs, cause the Trojans will not stop till they see blood! Give Stink the Trojans. EC 49 - MGRRI's 6

Hondaburg (turd) @ Chicken & Jo Joes:

Well another week and another dumpster fire or was it a campfire or bonfire performance? Either one, it doesn't matter same result. Stink and the crew sat around Saturday night drinking Tiger BL's, Stoney Lights, while mixing in Pirate Bombs & no one was fired on Sunday, interesting concept. Chicken & Jo Joes will get right this game. CJ&J will have better Joes and this again, will be a running clock. Only good thing about these beatings are at least they are fast. Give Stink the Chicken & Jo Joes. CJ&J 42 - Hondaturd's 0!

Sparkplugs @ Connertuckey:

Stink hasn't been up to Racetown in a few years now. Maybe the last time was when the Tigers played the plugs in the Regional in '98.....Well, the Plugs aren't what they were in '98, so this game looks to be boring and not very entertaining. Tuckeyville is coming off a huge and disappointing loss to the Timberlakes. Not too many storylines in this one. Give Stink Tuckeyville 28-14

Country Bumpkins @ Flat Bill Timberlakes: It was a big weekend for the Timberlakes - free flatbills we passed out after the BIG win over Tuckeyville. Stink didn't see that one coming, but give credit to Justin, sorry, Isaac for just staying the course. Coach Flat Bill is weathering the storm right now. Things return to normal this week for Flat Bill and the Timberlakes as the Bumpkins come to town. The Bumpkins have a K9, Casketnation disciple leading them so they will be ready. Give Stink the Bumpkins 35-14

Casket Nation @ Stink Town: 

Now for the one everyone has been waiting for. It's been a few years since the Bullpups have really been in the mix for anything. Last year, not even a Little Boys EIAC Trophy found it's way to Casketnation, but Stink knows, they have bigger goals than that anyway. The Graydog has definitely went into Casketnation and left his mark. They got the Trojan  "Z" to the knee, Buck 110, waggle throwback, waggle screen, and all the other stuff and while watching some highlights in the Lab, they even brought back starburst.  Coach U and the boyz should be sending Coach Graydog pizza every night for for getting the Dogs on track.  This should be a good one in the Pit! I am sure STC and K9 will be "lit" before kickoff in the Pit! Too early for Stink to type anymore, but you know Stink wins this one for sure!

K9 Mad after getting up early this AM. No Cherry Thing-a-lings & No Busch Lattes!

Pin on Bulldogs ♥






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Stinky City Kitties will roll the Casket Puppies by a large margin. Word on the street is that Mike "John Madden" Manford was up early this morning running Power RT all by himself on the turf. "Greatest Greensburg Coach of All Time" Air Squat Scott, Homecoming King Knigga and the gang will be headed to Connie's for some Tiger BL's after what could be their biggest win of the year. El Tigres by 90 (who needs to throw the ball anyways?)


Another trip to Lucas Oil is on the horizon. WE WANT DOME!!!

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The only interesting game this week is Batesville/Lawrenceburg. Honestly, you drink all the Tiger BL's and Stoney Lights you want, but it will not change the outcome of this game.  STC can do all the rhyming he wants, but it just doesn't matter.  

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Will the Bulldogs even be able to play at Stinktown this week, or will the game be moved to Casket Nation? I hear the geese in the burg have taken over and the new turf is riddled with goose poo and disease. Rumor has it they had the STC crew on poopy patrol last week trying to clean up the mess. C'mon Stink, get it together. 


download (9).jpeg


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1 hour ago, The Beagle said:

Already got my cooler of BL's packed for the trip to Stink Town Friday!  I know the score doesn't reflect it, but the Dawgz put up a fight against EC.  I expect Connie's to be full of Blue and White for the post game celebration.  

I think the Dogs come in & beat us. 




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2 hours ago, The Beagle said:

Already got my cooler of BL's packed for the trip to Stink Town Friday!  I know the score doesn't reflect it, but the Dawgz put up a fight against EC.  I expect Connie's to be full of Blue and White for the post game celebration.  

Total Offense: EC 424 Batesville 154

Rushing: EC 183 (5.5ypc) Batesville 60 (2.1ypc)

Passing: EC 241 Batesville 94

Put up a fight? 

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I just got the call that STC and crew did in deed get the goose dung cleaned up, and the Bulldogs will be traveling to Stinktown this Friday, so I will now give my predictions. 

KFI at Mighty EC

This one goes the way we all suspect it will, but the big question is...do the Trojans give Coach Boom a taste of his own medicine and run up the score? EC is good, with lots of weapons. Unfortunately I witnessed that last Friday. There isn't a lot of love lost over there, so this one could be interesting. Trojans give a little back and beat KFI 63-6. 

Hondaturd at Jo Jo's

As much as I dislike Hondaturd, beating up on them is starting lose it's thrill. What a mess they have. I just hope they still have a team for the Bulldogs to embarrass in a few weeks...but it's looking doubtful. Did I really hear that they are down to 24 players? Maybe Little Ralphie could turn the program around, but I'm not sure if they can afford to find out at the rate it's going. Jo Jo's continue the beatings for the turds 35-0.

Speedway at Connertucky

I don't know much about Speedway, and I haven't seen Connersville live, but if they lost to the former Backstreet Boys on Friday they can't be good! I heard there were some elections too, so I'm not sure who's gotta ride the pine this Friday. Gonna go with the plugs in this one 28-14. 

Chargers at Timberlakes

The Flatbills may be coming off of a big win, but they are as bad as they've ever been. The former Bulldog of ND will have his men fired up and ready to get a big win against the 3A Timberlakes. It's all business in Chargerland and the General does not take opponents lightly. Chargers win 42-21. 

Bulldogs at Stinktown

Now for the one I've been waiting for!! There is no doubt that this old Dog and and STC will be tore up from the floor up before this one even gets started! Coach K, along with the rest of Dearborn County, know the Bulldog's offense very well so I'm sure they will be prepared. But I I'm not sure there is enough "Tiger" in them to stop it. I'm not sure who is buying pizza in the Dog Pound, but STC is gonna be buying rounds of Bulldog BL's at Connie's after the game on Friday! The Greydog has certainly brought some consistency to the Bulldog's offense. Other than against EC, the run game has looked good for the most part. The passing game has some kinks to be worked out, but hopefully those will get addressed this week. The Bulldog defense will be geared up and looking to shut down the Tigers. Can the big cat at QB do what is necessary to put them in a position to have a chance? We shall see! Should be a good game...and the only one worth much discussion in the EIAC this week!! 


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Got me a big ole bucket of popcorn and smile on my face for this week, I'm gonna sit back and watch the EIAC GID light up with pupville vs stinkburg smackdown!

Lets get some business out the way first...

Plugs at Spartucky...though #4 is out (don't throw the ball away from the zebra), based on the footage, I think they may be a better team. Spartucky by 6

Bolts at Stewycats...stewy looked like world-beaters against spartucky, bolts are tough but lost last years lightning. Stewy by 12

Pirates (not gonna kick-em while they're down) at Roosterville... Yes K9 they are down to 24-ish players based on what i counted watching the online replay. Roosternation by 50+

Rats at BAD BOYZ...EC has sights set on bigger and better things. Don't believe they plan to run it up, it's more likely the JV and frosh get more game-clock then #1s. But...if them rats start to _ _ _k around...they'll find out why its best to be happy with a 40-pt loss.


Troypups at Stinkburg... After watching them pups last week there's no doubt they got the tools and the know-how (compliments of the gray).  And those cats, well they got their machine firing on all cylinders. It warms an old EC faithful's heart that at this very minute former EC legends are strategizing against each other. My guts says Troypups go in and maul the tiggers, but...not sure you can maul what you can't catch.  i'm gonna let this one percolate for a few days. I wonder if they hired the crew to keep the geese in check?


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The grid is back!  A few new names......Flatbill Timberlakes?  Mardi Gras Invaders?   Troypups?   And one giant dumpster fire up the road!  Glad to see the Clown and company rejoin the ranks of the Grid faithful.  This week should be a good one.  I'm taking.....

Sparty over the Plugs by 10

Coach SS doesn't mess around, the chargers get right this week.  35-18

Cats over Pirates 42-0

EC over SD.......by as many as they want.

And the game of the week.  Lburg vs the Dogs.  I think this Bulldog crew gets it done in somewhat dominating fashion.  35-7 dogs.  Too much talent for the Tigers.  

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Let's just get right to it. 

Speedway vs Connertucky. I'll go with Connertucky. 

Hondaburg vs FC. FC wins big, Hondaburg continues to sink. 

ND vs Rushtucky. ND will play them well, but Rushtucky wins again. 

Bad Boyz vs Rats. Trojans are not concerned with the Rats, or making any statements. It will be business as usual. JV in third quarter.

Bulldogz vs Stinktown. Game of the week in the EIAC. After finally getting to see the Bulldogz live, they are bigger than I expected, and have some good players. But it was never close, and was never going to be. Batezville looked off to me, like they are still searching in some aspects. Maybe Graydog just hasn't truly made believers out of those pupz yet. We saw the Tiggers early, and they had injures. Last week is an indicator that maybe they're getting it together. Hmmm, which Trojan offspring will find themselves buying at Connie's on Friday night? I'm gonna have to keep it real and say STC will be drinking on K9 and the Graydog all night! Tigger over Pupz in a close one!

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10 hours ago, Trojan Man said:

But it was never close, and was never going to be. Batezville looked off to me, like they are still searching in some aspects.

I can't disagree, but it feels like it could have been closer than the score reflected at times during the game. The only thing the Bulldogs are searching for is a Sectional Title, and then who knows....

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11 hours ago, Coffin K9 said:

I can't disagree, but it feels like it could have been closer than the score reflected at times during the game. The only thing the Bulldogs are searching for is a Sectional Title, and then who knows....

K9 it did feel at times a much closer game, but I believe its because them dogs were able to do what know one else has been able to do.... which was they kept JR from putting 200+ and 5TDs by Q3.  They truly kept him in check until mid Q3.  But with that RB and CB macerated the dawg D. Too much fire power.  And the Trojan D had WJ, GP, CK, and AK locked down.

All in the past though...my friend.

Could this be the statement week?

I'm a watchin both replays, but like TM said them tiggers are a different team than week 1. 

perc, perc, percolate...I'm still leaning toward that big physical style of play.

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12 hours ago, Coffin K9 said:

The only thing the Bulldogs are searching for is a Sectional Title, and then, who knows...

When I said the Bulldogz are searching, I was trying to be polite. Let's just say that I know the Z man, and his (R.B.'s) playbook pretty well and some of what I see ain't Z. I think the pupz stand a chance if they get a few things straightened out. This week should be a good test for the pupz. 

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Bad Boyz vs. Mardi Gras River Rats

Rumor has it KFI may be sitting some starters for this game… not sure if the Trojan Flu is hitting them or they already know what the outcome will be with them. The positive is Coach Boom gets to come home for his Alma Mater homecoming. Trojans 52 River Rats 0

Chicken and Jo Joe’s vs. Little Ralphie 

FC gets a rebound against the Greensburg JV team 42-0


Speedway vs Connertucky 

Spartans win in a close one 21-14


ND vs Rushville

Rushville with the W.


Game of the week GreyDog vs. Stink Town

If #10 is back for Stinktown Little Brother wins 28-21. If #10 is still out GreyDog wins 20-14

I did hear Boom and Homie plan on enjoying the homecoming festivities at EC.



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3 hours ago, StinkTownClown said:


Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3...

The offseason was different in Casket Nation you will see.....

Pulled some footage from the Dawg Yard Workouts and what did I see??

 The new hires leading the Dawgs is some new routines. 

Get Physical!! 

Ahh yes, different indeed!! It's been a while since the Bulldogs have filled out those uniforms the way they do this year. 

I hear the new hire in Stinktown has the Tiggers breaking every air squat record in the book!!

images (7).jpeg

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