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32 minutes ago, gindie said:

You will note that, at the end of the game, the Referee will hold the ball over his head. When he does that, the game is over. The officials retain jurisdiction to perform certain administrative responsibilities, and can even retroactively disqualify a player or coach, if warranted. But they can’t reverse a no-call, come back out on the field, and play another down. 

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Very unfortunate. This is actually really hard to catch on the field. You have to remember which players were lined up in ineligible positions. The snapper should be the easiest one because as an umpire you pay special attention to this number and confirm them every play. On tries and FGs he may be the only ineligible player with an eligible number. If you have any doubt about this as a crew don't leave the field until you discuss it. You put the CIF in a position where they can't change anything without setting a really bad precedent. I feel horrible for the losing team, but nobody feels worse than that crew especially knowing they had an opportunity to correct it but didn't do it at the time.

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