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Coach Nowlin

Calling All Basketball Fans: Consider Donating

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We made the decision to consolidate our 2 sites into this one main site that will encompass all the major Indiana High School Sports and have killed the old basketball forum when we updated last.   If you are new the forums or an old dog, please consider donating to the cause. 

$20 minimum donation will cover you for the 2016-2017 year, you can get the ads removed and also be able to see who is voting up or down your posts.   We are just shy of $1000 of our goal of $3000 !!!   Let's make this happened!!





As we have done for a decade of more now we are asking the membership to help us keep this a FREE forum for the masses. The generosities of the members in the past have enabled us to continue offering this free platform to promote Indiana High School Football and I hope it will continue.

I am setting an annual goal of $3000 to cover the operating cost from June 2016 through May 2017. These costs include server rack rental, bandwidth, software license renewals, etc...

I increased the budget this year to to the costs incurred at the end of the past season due to hardware failures. Hopefully we can reach our goals.

Those who donate $20 or more will be placed in the new 2016-17 Booster group that will be able to view the forum ad free through the end of May 2017.

God bless,

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