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So who are the greatest football players of all time at their respective positions? State your case for your personal favorites at the following positions:


D-line, ILB, OLB, DB

Punter, Place kicker, return guy

Here are mine:

OL - Anthony Munoz, TE - Kellen Winslow Sr., WR - Jerry Rice, RB - Jim Brown, QB - Tom Brady

DL - Reggie White, ILB - Dick Butkus, OLB - Lawrence Taylor, DB - Rod Woodson

Punter - Ray Guy, Place kicker - Jan Stenerud, Return Guy - Devin Hester

Had to go for at least one Indiana kid.

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My list is very similar to yours Bob

OL-Mike Webster Jonathan Ogden or Munoz, TE-Shannon Sharpe, WR-Jerry Rice, RB-Walter Payton, QB-Thomas Brady

DL-Reggie White, ILB-Jack Lambert or Ray Lewis, OLB-LT, DB-Mel Blount

Punter-Ray Guy, Kicker-Adam Vinatieri, Return Guy-Hester

*Bonus: Coach-Belichick


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My list will lean heavily towards players I've seen (36 years old), just hard to judge previous generations.

OL Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace, TE Tony Gonzalez (w/Special Mention to Rob Gronkowski when healthy), WR Jerry Rice, RB Barry Sanders, QB Peyton Manning

DL Reggie White, ILB Mike Singletary, OLB Lawrence Taylor, Corner Rod Woodson, Safety Ed Reed

Punter Ray Guy, Kicker Adam Vinatieri, Returner Dante Hall 

Agree 100% with FishDuck's Bonus Coaching nod to Bill Belichick

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OL- Orlando Pace, TE- Tony Gonzalez, WR- Jerry Rice, RB- Barry Sanders, QB- Peyton Manning 

DL- Reggie White, ILB Ray Lewis  (Patrick Willis if he wouldn't have retired early), OLB- Lawrence Taylor, DB- Ronnie Lott

Punter- Ray Guy, Kicker Adam Vinatieri, Return Specialist Devin Hester 



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