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Auston Roberson in trouble again

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3 hours ago, jakone said:

Why he played at Fort Wayne Wayne high school.

So has many other Indiana HS students athletes who gone onto College, when their news hit when they do something positive (hopefully) or Negative in this case the appropriate place is here, in the COLLEGE FORUM.   

Why does it matter??   

I moved it back to main page, then moved it again, but left a link to your thread........    So its on the main forum for those to find it college........

Hope that satisfies your inquiry.  If not, oh well.......

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On 4/22/2017 at 11:33 PM, Brewster said:

He always has a place at Marian. 

He will be on a prison team for a long while if convicted. At least that's the details from the Sparty fans.

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