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    I can't remember a Team doing it of thier own choose. I would be affraid that a 2 week lay off would disrupt my teams flow too much.
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    Varsity participation pretty sure.
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    Ask LN, LC, Ben Davis or Warren if they will feel "cheap" about winning Sectional next year.
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    The program can only go up, from the mess created by Ex athletics director. So let the re build begin. Hope it gets turned around sooner than layer
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    I actually thought of St. James after my response and thought about an edit but for the life of me I couldn't think of a single example. That said, I also couldn't remember St. James being much of a contributor of football kids that did play so maybe that's why (they were at M.D. LOL)! Even with that, I think kids from our other feeder schools that did play MS football or even freshman football that didn't choose to continue where a more significant factor by about 10 fold than any damage that was done by St. James. Unfortunately, I can think of WAY too many of those examples. I brought up the Memorial baseball thing as I has a memory of you talking about it on a thread here in the past. I think every program now days have kids move in and out due to changes in family situations and well as changes in employment....it's just the nature of the beast today. As for the Newton kid...I don't remember him. Although I have heard from others he did play at least some in the TYFL.
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    That's not true. There were quite a few that went to Mater Dei that could have went to GS. It used to be that alot of the St. James (one of the Catholic schools outside of Haubstadt) kids would go to Mater Dei. That has changed over the last decade....most go to GS now. Quite a few kids that grew up playing Little League in Haubstadt went on to be good athletes for Mater Dei in a lot of sports. On the junior currently at Memorial....I think that had a little more to do with an older sibling in another sport going to Memorial. He just followed her...
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    I expected to see something like this happen to Lymon from Harding H.S./Purdue. It is sad and just read that Hardy still owns 3-4 receiving records at IU.
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