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  2. When you throw the ball, one of three things is going to happen, and two of them are bad.
  3. Here's my two cents . . . Caston at Culver - Cavaliers Glenn at LaVille - Lancers Pioneer at Knox - Knox Triton at North Judson - Triton West Central at Winamac - Winamac Conference picture getting clearer after tonight's games? Does NJSP take a step closer? Will Triton step in? Do Pioneer and Knox answer questions? How will LaVille respond after close call at Knox? What does Culver have to say? All these questions and more get answered later tonight. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  4. We played at Heritage in 2006 in a torrential downpour. When the referee set the ball the dang thing near floated away. We threatened to score but we fumbled on the 3 yard line. Heritage came down and scored to go up 6-0. Heritage missed the extra point and the rest of the game was football follies. Heritage and Cass had a good little rivalry going in the early to mid 2000's before sectional realignment. Seeing Heritage under your moniker reminded me of this night and that game. Coldest, wettest and sloppiest game I have seen. If the game would have been played on turf I wouldn't have had that memory (LOL). Im not sure anyone in Northeast Indiana should have been playing on October 27th 2006.
  5. Delphi @ N. Newton Taylor @ C. Prairie Carroll @ C. Central Eastern @ Tri Central Sheridan @ N. Central Farmersburg
  6. Why is it that it is a common saying the last few years where Barron has been??? Glenn folks must have bought into that culture!!
  7. Culver 36-6 LaVille 42-6 Knox 56-12 Triton 20-14 West Central 18-6
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  9. WEEK 7 THOUGHTS: Whitko at Manchester: Both teams still looking for first win. Always a big rivalry game but more so on the basketball side where things could get chippy, especially from the 1970s through the 1990s. Back to tonight, Manchester has been competitive in some games, Whitko has not. Manchester by double digits. Wabash at North Miami: What a furious comeback by the Warriors last week that just came up a 2 point conversion short last week against Maconaquah. More momentum for the Warriors tonight at home. Tough for Wabash to catch North Miami napping with their passing attack when the Warriors played Maconaquah last week. Peru at Southwood: Teams headed in opposite directions. Southwood has taken it to another level by moving Winer to quarterback and Lloyd to running back. The Knights get their fifth win in a row and keep their hopes for a conference championship alive. Rochester at Northfield: My lone road team prediction for this week. Norse have won 4 out of 5 and 3 in a row against the Zebras. Rochester with more depth and strength up front this year. Zebras also still keep their conference hopes alive. Maconaquah at Tippecanoe Valley: Muda69 will believe, but Valley too strong and has enough speed to somewhat control the Braves passing attack. Valley won 52-7 last year and it may be a little closer this year but my concerns for the Braves defense have not be alleviated. Interesting side note, because of the schedule left remaining and possible conference title shots, Rochester will be cheering for Maconaquah and Southwood will be cheering for Valley since Vikings play at Southwood week 9, and Rochester ends their season with the Braves.
  10. Delphi @ N. Newton - Spartans are struggling with numbers. Oracles grab another win. Taylor @ C. Prairie - Gophers bounce back in a close game with the Titans. Both teams had under 100 total yards vs. Sheridan, but they'll get plenty of yards against each other. Carroll @ C. Central - Cougars will beat the Bulldogs like a red-headed stepchild. Eastern @ Tri Central - Comets make the short trip to Sharpsburg and trample the Trojans. Sheridan @ N. Central Farmersburg - Mighty mighty Blackhawks make a long trip to Farmersburg and throttle the Thunderbirds.
  11. Perhaps something is lost in translation. Apparently there is a cheap Mexican Restaurant in the Floyd’s Knobs area called the Cactus, tell us more? In the greater metro area of Seymour we do not have such a restaurant, however we often refer to the local El Nopal as “The Cactus” because well, you know. IO actually has his own bar stool at multiple locations now. Cheapest place around to drink, I highly recommend the fishbowl margaritas, I typically go for the pitcher myself it’s a little better value. 32oz domestic drafts 5.50, imports 6.50. One of the few bars you’ll find Modello Negra on tap.
  12. I thought we all agreed that Sagarin doesn't make any sense when it comes to three of the better teams in 5a north............Snider, North Side, and Dwenger. So why are we taking that into consideration? Let's not underestimate the Pirates for losing to a pretty good Crown Point team. Mishawaka might actually be a pretty darn good team. And no one really knows how good Snider and North Side are until the tournament gets here. I wouldn't underestimate them though. "Extremely weak" is extremely naive in my opinion.
  13. Pick 'Em Games for Week 7 Brownstown Central @ Indian Creek Cincinnati LaSalle (OH) @ Indianapolis Cathedral Evansville Reitz @ Evansville Memorial FW Dwenger @ FW Luers Southmont @ Western Boone Terre Haute South @ Brebeuf Springs Valley @ Tecumseh Ben Davis @ Carmel Floyd Central @ Bedford North Lawrence Maconaquah @ Tippecanoe Valley
  14. Westfield by 24 Brownsburg by 24 Fishers by 10 Hamilton SE by 28
  15. Carmel by 3 Center Grove by 35. No matter how early they cut the ticket sales off at Pike, Center Grove will still bring more fans to the game than Pike will. Warren Central by 7 Lawrence Central by 35
  16. I will leave you hanging on this, my pick choice will be very unfavorable
  17. Brownstown Central Indianapolis Cathedral Evansville Memorial FW Dwenger Western Boone Brebeuf Tecumseh Carmel Bedford North Lawrence Tippecanoe Valley
  18. Culver over Caston 42-6 Laville over Glenn 35-12 Knox beats Pioneer 35 - 14 NJSP over Triton 22 - 20 Winamac over West Central 28 -21
  19. Don't let me down. Got a good feeling about this one... In my Ben Crenshaw voice...
  20. Knowing where CYO Field was (and it looks like the east stands still exist as part of Kuntz Stadium), I'm assuming this is when Cathedral was downtown?
  21. Week 6 picks Bosse at Mater Dei Bosse has some nice skill players, but Mater Dei will to much too handle. Wildcats by a lot North at Vincennes Starting to seem like North is all over the place right now. As the passing game seems to be nonexistent. Alices seemed to recover well after their loss against Castle by almost getting 500 yards of total offense. I will take the Alices by 3 scores in this one Central at Harrison This one will be interesting for Central, as it is a chance to finally not go winless in the regular season. While Harrison’s mojo has faded away, I still think Harrison has the better squad in this matchup. Give me the Warriors by 2 scores Jasper at Castle RTDB is going to a major factor in this game for Jasper, as that is their specialty. Castle currently places #8 in rushing defense, and with a heavy run Jasper team, will be difficult for the Knights. I’m not counting out Castle just yet, since Castle’s defense is still pretty quick. I think Castle squeaks by 1 score to keep their SIAC chances alive Reitz/Memorial will be posted tomorrow morning
  22. Maybe it's the pretty girls.😁
  23. Thaks for the info. I'll eat light during the day. And my ticket is in hand. I'll be there early too!
  24. Correct. It’s a cop out. Letting the idiots win…and it’s being adopted by more schools than just Pike. These last two Fridays, Warren and Ben Davis have cut off ticket sales at 4 PM and are doing online sales only. Nothing says we are out of touch more so than making it harder for the average fan that just wants to check out a local high school game on Friday night and support his/her community. Hate to say this and I know it is going to piss you off but Center Grove and Carmel are looking smarter with each passing day. This nonsense is sorta proving them right.
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