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  2. 2023 can't come soon enough. The first two weeks of the season will be interesting and exciting to say the least :). As far as the 2022 is concerned, I'm looking forward to one SAC team in particular that has potential for a state title run.
  3. Stored illegally on a personal home-based server nonetheless......
  4. Thanks for the kind words BTF! Labor of love for sure. Really looking forward to 2023 and beyond with not only the games with out-of-area squads, but some NE8-SAC matchups as well.
  5. Agree. It also gives our teams a false sense of superiority when they play a one win team out of Indy. When you're playing the MIC or HHC, you put your best foot forward or you clean out your lockers. It's really that simple. Mega giants Carmel, Ben Davis, and Warren Central groomed the rest of Indy. Indy groomed the burbs. The SAC groomed Homestead and Carroll. Now playing outside the bubble, Indy teams in particular, will groom the SAC. Great job with outsidethehuddle.net. Some of the best promotion of high school football I've seen. More of us should support our local athletics versus giving our hard earned dollars to billion dollar college programs and overpaid professional athletes and coaches. They seem to understand this in Texas and Ohio. High school football stadiums in Indiana have way too many empty seats. How many times have you heard, "I don't have any kids in high school anymore?" My response: "Oh really, how many do you have playing at Notre Dame and the Colts?"
  6. Today
  7. Scratch what I said earlier. No jamboree this year. Bremen will scrimmage tonight at Goshen.
  8. Tecumseh: https://www.wevv.com/sports/44blitz-preview-tecumseh-braves/article_18b01ed4-1789-11ed-9954-d7142617f512.html
  9. The biggest thing that will help northeast Indiana, or at least the SAC, is non-conference games. The toughest league in the area and one of the top 3-4 in the state is in a bubble until the playoffs. It isn't good when it comes to opening eyes in other regions in Indiana.
  10. Boonville: https://www.wevv.com/sports/44blitz-preview-boonville-pioneers/article_fb260b88-1857-11ed-a8b5-1b15d636b7bb.html
  11. One positive is that outside of EC, these teams can all aspire to win sectional games, which is a big deal, depending on how Bobby Cox's balls go. Bedford had some good teams in latter 70's-early 80's and won a sectional over a decade ago. However, it may be more similar to a Martinsville. Martinsville has some nice history in another era, but they are not coming back to play a Carmel, Warren Central or Ben Davis for a semistate. At 4A, Martinsville appears to be miles away from competing with the top teams.
  12. Even in the world of big time pro sports, that whack job was an outlier. I wouldn’t consider him representative.
  13. It sure will be good to get back at it tonight. Good weather and some football.😊
  14. Wow, talk about a narcissist. A prime example of the personality disorder than runs through college and professional athletics.
  15. Does Penn still scrimmage Crown Point? Elkhart and mishawaka scrimmage not sure of location.
  16. Marian/Wawasee Glenn/South Central Clay/Bowman Riley/West Noble St Joe/Concord? -Guess Bremen/Goshen? -Guess Adams/Plymouth
  17. IHSAA football: Mount Vernon intends to remain a PAC contender (courierpress.com)
  18. Northridge @ Laporte. Long drive for a scrimmage.
  19. Who is left to get turf in the East? Is it just Western and Cass now? Congrats on the new field at Tipton.
  20. Not sure lumping JC and BNL together is a fair comparison. Neither have EC’s storied past, but my guess is they’ll get on the bus and make the trip. I stand corrected, apparently you do have a sense of humor.
  21. No crime in that. Commenting on every region in the state as if you’re the top authority, when it fact it’s coming strait from your @$$ is something completely different.
  22. No…like lack of success factor. I’m going to need you to pay attention.
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