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  2. A lot depends on the Admin in the building in which you teach I suppose. Good for you.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9300987/Rand-Paul-likens-gender-surgery-genital-mutilation-exchange-trans-nominee-HHS-deputy.html Rand Paul compares gender change surgery for minors to genital mutilation in furious exchange with Biden's transgender pick for assistant HHS secretary Rand Paul angrily confronted Joe Biden's pick for assistant secretary for Health and Human Services on Thursday, likening gender changes surgeries to genital mutilation and pushing the transgender nominee on if they would allow minors to decide if they want to go on hormones to stop puberty.
  4. Any Non-success list would have to include Pike Central. Has the IHSAA football tournament been around in its current format since 1985? 1986? Pike Central has won one sectional game in that time span. Not won the sectional. ONE GAME. So their postseason record is 1-35. If that doesn't define a team that can't be competitive as a 3A school, I don't know what does.
  5. My thoughts exactly--no one gets all the cards. Additionally, the IHSAA is not the Premier League in England where teams can often be relegate due to performance. BTW, I'm not a fan of the success factor either as most teams end up back in their original and rightful class in a very short while.
  6. Some good comments, some retread. If you have evidence of any school and undue influence, please report it to the IHSAA. The IHSAA is a group of member schools, not a group of public schools.
  7. Syracuse University Is Not ‘Okay’ https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/02/syracuse-university-is-not-okay/ Even this goes much too far. Was all of the offense and anger really justified? Was there any supporting evidence to suggest that the student who made the post even knew that the OK symbol was sometimes appropriated by hate groups, much less that she was using it with similarly bigoted intentions? No, but sadly, the statement gets much, much worse. It goes on to call the post “an unacceptable lapse in judgment and lack of awareness on the part of our entire team,” apologize
  8. Not everything is fair in this world DT. It is what it is. I have always said that I do not like the success factor. I think that's punishing teams who have a great program or punishing kids who have to play up a class just because teams that came before them won many games. I have always stated that the private schools should be the schools that should have to move up a class. People argue against that, but they get a lot more benefits with having to play in smaller classes with lots more football players to choose from. Not to mention kids who are paying to go to the school for football or
  9. I see what you are saying, but I respectfully disagree. I am a core teacher and things work real smooth for me. Find your system that works for the kids AND you. Stick with it. Do not reinvent the wheel. I am not telling you "how I used to do things", I am informing you how I STILL do things.
  10. As one of the smallest school in 4A at the moment, I agree. Maybe even down to 2A with their available talent pool.
  11. Yes I am fully aware of the Hot Dogs "memorable" season. Frankfort is 8-44 over the past 5 seasons, 3-40 if you take out the glorious 2020 campaign. FF is ripe for demotion to 3A
  12. You do know that Frankfort finished this past regular season with a winning record, 5-4? The first one since 2009. Of course they had play two 1A schools (and go 1-1 against them) to do it.
  13. The conversation over in the County school thread has reopened the door to discussion concerning implementation of the Failure Factor. For purposes of political correctness, lets call it the Non Success Factor. NSF. For all the reasons that we can point out that schools like Center Grove, Cathedral, Carmel, New Pal, Jasper, Westfield, etc etc have continued and sustained success, we can also point to schools like Jay County, Rushville, Connersville, Madison, Frankfort, Owen Valley, etc etc who are on the other end of the spectrum and experience very little success on the high school f
  14. Haha...I always kind of get a kick out of veteran/older teachers telling us "how I used to do things" This is going to come across smug/arrogant and it is not actually meant that way - but the days of "read/hand out a worksheet" are over. Teaching expectations and documentation and data collection in CORE subjects have become almost too much to try and do and still have energy to run a program. It's why I've asked numerous times on here about head coaches and the subjects they teach. More often than naught , especially at your bigger programs (4A and above) - the head football coac
  15. Seeing the write up in the C&P, I had forgotten that Frank was an assistant at Rex Mundi until the day they closed their doors. He coached Bob Griese in high school.
  16. As the great American poet John Mellencamp said "Ain't that American for you and me"
  17. I have raised multiple teenagers. Most "parental sacrifice" in Clinton county is working 60+ hours a week just to keep a roof over your family's head and food on the table. Fancy schmancy personal trainers and athletic camps are a pipe dream.
  18. maybe you don't have a teenager but I prefer to call it parental sacrifice since I'm not rich....limit restaurants, drive a modest vehicle type stuff....basically sacrifice my needs, so a kid can have more opportunities and life experiences....you only get one chance.
  19. it doesn't take being rich, but the bottom number on the 1040 needs to be healthy. Parents have choices depending where you call home....freedom and personal choice in the good ole USA
  20. Pretty much yes.....I do know that four QB's from teams in this years championship games religiously attend a prestigious academy on the northside, but its not just a QB thing. Speed and agility clinics everywhere...I know that because we go to them. Former Colt Robert Mathis is training D lineman. You may not be familiar with the IEFA league buts its no coincidence that all the participating teams are Indy Metro and doughnut counties and you can track the success all the way up to high school.
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