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  2. See Whiteshoes comments in the Andrean Eastside thread. On your way home. Good eats.
  3. Now see New Pal , and the rest of the remaining venues! This is exactly what I was talking about with concessions. You can get people there early .Get people there, who would may not otherwise pick that specific game ,and make more money. I guess I’m headed northbound this Friday.
  4. Mueller commits another felony. Lies to Congress again. Aggressive Progressive
  5. Shattuck took an 0-10 Seymour team and turned them into 8-4 in 4 years (with really nothing to work with). Prior to that, coached up in Michigan with the same scenario with same result. He's a good one, but yes he is "young". I'm looking forward to see what he can do.
  6. That's how it was from 1985-2012. The IHSAA split up the largest class into 5A + 6A because the top half in enrollment was DOMINATING 5A when it was a 64-team tournament.
  7. And nobody from Alexandria should be talking about regional or semi-state play since they've never won a sectional. Sorry!
  8. this team in my opinion is a lot better than Harrison. Barely lost in 6A semi-state last year with a lot of the same talent, they seem extremely tough defensively which could be bad for dwenger since the offense sometimes gets a slow start but i think it will be a very good game because they seems to match up in all the right points
  9. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a real thing. If you don't have safety as a basis it's hard to have anything else. That doesn't mean you still can't be successfully in a micro sense, but as a macro that's why more affluent schools can have a larger percentage of their good athletes be able to play and focus on football. If it was a guarantee Zionsville and Park Tudor would be dominant, but at Bob said it doesn't always apply. But not worrying about if you can get to games or practices or if you'll have food when you get home are big advantages. I worked an IPS game one year and they had #65 throwing to #72 in warm-ups. I asked the coach if those were his starting QB and receiver. He said they were today. He never knows until they get on the bus who will be playing that day. Some kids just don't show up. I doubt Carmel or Center Grove ever have that issue. It's not likely at township schools either, but more affluence and more stable home situations can be an advantage.
  10. Several weeks ago, Cascade threw over Lutheran's secondary for 6 lengthy TD's, but had 3 called back by penalty. Saw your guys against ND last week--a good QB and two quality big receivers--whether you can get behind them like that I don't know. Not certain Lutheran will have to honor the run like they did that night either. At full strength, I think you guys could give them all they want--as it is, McFadden may be too much to handle.
  11. Actually, suprised, not insulted. And I meant to say Hyatt, not Wyatt.
  12. Well as far as I know you lost Willman during the season. You lost Farley. You lost Deweese during the game. I thought there was someone else. Wyatt I believe was out. And I thought his replacement was out too. I may have been mistaken. Im actually insulted that you care more about the validity of the players being out, then myself being very complimentary of your staff and your team for a tremendous season and overcoming a lot of injuries. You guys did a hell of a job.
  13. I believe their enrollment was 414. About 120 students from 3A.
  14. Yeah, I was just browsing John Harrell’s upcoming game capsules and saw that Chatard and Mishawaka Marian had not played one another in football in at least 35 years (which is as far back as Harrell goes) and out of curiosity I scanned the other classes realizing that the same situation existed for all the 2A-5A games. Just one of those weird and interesting things that appealed to my short attention span.
  15. welll...I suppose we wouldn't be in 1A anymore if that were the case. But it's nice that someone on here besides Coach Nowlin, Foxbat, and Basement Bias is actually talking about small school football. Makes a 1A-er's heart warm 😂
  16. I believe the Mercy rule goes away once the Regionals hit. At least that is what an official told me this past week end.
  17. You mean we'd get a bye week in the tournament in that case? Sign me up LOL
  18. Expecting a great battle on Friday. Weather looks cold and wet. Sounds like it could be a defensive struggle.
  19. Years ago, while visiting our grandparents in Green Bay, we went to Mass, and the priest said you know, there is a reason that ordinary time vestments are green and gold. 😉
  20. 1. Possibly. I'd be curious to hear how many schools lose good players to jobs. 2. Okay. Most camps and clinics are BS but there are benefits to be had in the right programs. 3. Maybe. I have heard there are other MIC schools in lower socioeconomic areas that have coaches who don't have to teach. That's not the case at CG. 4. Granted, but I'm not sure that is high on the list of attributes college recruiters are seeking. 5. That's a silly comment. I granted the better facilities and equipment in my post that you quoted.
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