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  3. So is this going to be moved to the Pick Em site? Can anyone join?
  4. How does charlie taste??? man you love him lol... Keep that same energy when these sophomores shock you. And man i am part of staff. Just stay in the stands with your hand on charlies thigh.
  5. 😆 seriously...is that the best you got to offer? I don’t think he’s concerned about being “bullied” by the likes of some on this forum. I think he’s laughing. I know I am......
  6. In 3 months you will all refer to me as the prophet
  7. Dumbo (I’ll keep it clean but you are a DA) post of the year came early this season.
  8. I’m all for making this conference stronger. Lord knows that East has carried it for far too long. BNL and Floyd are doing ok. NA and Jeff are pretty underwhelming for the size and talent in their schools. Seymour seems to have improved recently. JC is another program that needs to find a program builder.
  9. Valpo has been a very good team for 20+ (maybe 30) in the top class. Problem is they had to beat Penn in years past. Will wait to see what happens, but I would bet 3 to 1 that the north semi will be Dwenger vs Valpo.
  10. Weber is building a program, Szabo tried to but the community didn’t let him. They have allowed Weber to be the strength and conditioning coach (weightlifting) Szabo wasn’t given that opportunity. They have now (after years go fighting to get it) gotten one middle school team and it’s already paying off. Well over 30 Freshmen out this year. BNL has been blessed to have two incredible coaches and better men to run the program.
  11. Wabash was voted the top team in the NCAC preseason poll and starts the year ranked #23 nationally. Should be a really good year. There was talk of Oliver Page potentially taking a medical redshirt and being back this year...he is not BUT Ike James will be, so he has two years left. That is huge.
  12. Mencer is a starter in different formations? Haha, no he isnt dude...stop it right now....I didnt bad mouth the qb at all, he simply isnt a Mr football candidate ...end of story......You are part of the program , i was write...you simply are a check writer to the program and that ok...you clearly dont know to much about football and personal .....you dont have a kid on the team but the DB coach and Barth told you Jay wouldnt start...man you are hilarious Valpo may come out of the North...They are the real deal....Competitive at 6a Two words...Charlie Spegal.......They wont lose
  13. Good thing you said "The Ohio State"...I would have been confused as to which one.
  14. And believe me. I’m not slighting Charlestown. They are a very good football team. I just have never understood why Hawkins does that. Marion Lukes played about 40 snaps going both ways.
  15. Agreed 100%. Who is Valpo, Castle, and Michigan City lololollololol (sarcasm)
  16. How do you feel about Weber compared to Szabo. I personally like both coaches. They both improved BNL from being on the mat. I think Weber is building a good program.
  17. My observation: Charlestown tries to “win” a scrimmage. If they want to try to beat Floyd Central, then why not start a series with them? I have no idea about how these seasons will go for these teams. But it’s hard to say they are “evenly matched” when Charlestown never takes their starters out. Floyds Starters played 10 plays total.
  18. I do understand that...like every season though the Stars got outplayed and didn’t look sharp, same as last year and the year before that. Seems like it always works out though Weber has them ready.
  19. Just making sure this is quoted and saved Rodney.
  20. There are only 5 notable teams in 5a this year. 1. Bishop dwenger 2. Valpo 3. Castle 4. Bloomington south 5. Michigan city Heard from an inside source new pal will not be very good.
  21. Good for him! His parents must have thought the school was a good fit for him.
  22. goheen is starting against Noblesville and mencer is a starter in different formations. you already bad mouthed the QB lol. Id love to have these convos in person. And no i dont have a kid on the team, but lets just say... i am a part of the football team in some way. Continue to disagree thats fine. Do you have a kid on the team?
  23. Week 1 Games: Crawford Co. at Switzerland Co. Eastern Greene at Springs Valley Madison at Paoli Mitchell at Edgewood Perry Central at Tell City West Washington at Eastern Pekin Charlestown at Silver Creek Clarksville at Scottsburg Corydon at Brownstown Salem at North Harrison
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