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  2. The IHSAA's claimed monopoly greatly risks quality of coverage due to its lack of competition. The arrangement works well for broadcasting (generally), but the broadcasting arm could potentially ruin relationships with other media entities -- something to watch as traditional media outlets go by the wayside...
  3. I highly doubt Kentucky needs seven classes. Very similar demographics and population as Indiana...
  4. How did Cathedral all of a sudden turn into a basketball power? It seems to have happened over night.
  5. To clarify, the field expands to 12. I wonder if we will see conferences put an end to their championship games? Especially with the coming 12 team playoff. A potential loss in an extra game could put a team in a bind as far as seeding goes, especially with 1st round byes involved.
  6. LCC could have used them in 2002 ... didn't even make it to the sectional championship that year.
  7. They led the state in passing their senior year..honestly wouldn't be shocked if they were cyo kids..Keller probably always played on Sundays
  8. It’s pretty wild that USC and TCU can and will be punished for losing a bonus game when Ohio State played air. I’m sure we’ll see some wild stuff when the field goes to 8. Especially with seeding.
  9. you guys gotta stop this conversation ima get bant talkin bout a 1a football schedule and how someone came outa that with a mr football award
  10. I'm not sure about that statement. Just my opinion from someone who has had experience with both on the football field.
  11. What are your sources? I checked here I don’t see him https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/MemcSVR7HUyCsTC6qpmD5g/high-school-football-every-national-player-of-the-year-going-back-to-1910.htm
  12. Who said they “can’t”? Didn’t but doesnt mean they couldn’t have. Kiser was MaxPreps National Player of the Year what’s your point?
  13. Go Clay County Bulldogs! 3pm tomorrow ET Finley Stadium in Chattanooga!
  14. Right, and then questioned witnesses on the record during the hearing and injected athletics into a hearing where both schools had gone on record that the transfer was not athletically motivated. In IHSAA cases, the Courts call it the "poison-pill". Gotta love 'ol' Paul, Paul, Paul, he's always looking out for the kids....
  15. Very interesting. He has only been there two years. Seemed like he was making some progress.
  16. Interestingly, Paul Neidig recused himself from Porter’s case because he has known Porter’s stepmother a long time. She used to babysit his kids. But I don’t think it made any difference.
  17. Yes they are fantastic. Watching the state wrestling is a blast. Mike is a good dude.
  18. And remember, Porter Rode had to sit 2 games only because of the EVSC and IHSAA. Of all the transfers from Central and other schools (most to Reitz, mind you) he was the only kid who had to hire a lawyer to get full eligibility... Disgraceful..
  19. The independents, Angus King ME and Bernie Sanders VT caucused with the Democrats, so they get to count them.
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  21. No love for the Eagles? Division I – Friday, 7:30 p.m. No. 1 Lakewood St. Edward (14-1) vs. No. 4 Springfield (13-1)
  22. Not to belittle hoops at Chatard, and hopefully things are improving, but Chatard likely couldn’t have won a 2A sectional during that period. Bumping hoops at Chatard would actually make me consider DT’s call for contraction…at least for hoops.
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