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  2. No bueno, but not much of a surprise. BTW:
  3. It's all Interstate; easy drive. Floyd and Indy Scecina also need games that week. Both sets of teams could play a double-header in Indy.
  4. Huge news: Mid-American cancels fall football season because of COVID player health & safety concerns, sources told @Stadium. MAC took a huge financial hit when Power 5’s cut nonconference games & intends to try & play in spring, sources said #RIPMACtion https://t.co/V8F488nrF0
  5. Whiting made the trip to Evansville last season I think... that’s a long long bus ride
  6. They are. However hold off on news. South Bend media have a tendency to jump the gun.
  7. I’d like to see it. Would totally work: manageable travel time, two great teams who need a match-up...
  8. The virus is a little more real up here.....its not just something everybody watches on TV.
  9. Today
  10. Thank you Coach for what you and the rest of the GID Admin team does to keep this site running. I echo YG...sorry it took me so long. TD
  11. Lowell at Whiting is a not a bad idea, Gip.... That's an old school matchup.
  12. Absolutely—I’ve had many experiences on I-65. Although Indiana is not a big state, it is vertically.
  13. Believe they are having a meeting or vote Monday night per @TheStatGuy in another topic
  14. Are all these Northern Indiana teams?? What in the world is going on up there??
  15. Yep. I'll be watching ok, from my recliner. I guess I'll just have to get outside and do more yard work.😟
  16. Already had a situation in South Bend...Adams was to play Northridge and Washington was to play Hammond. Adams will now play Washington.
  17. Lowell could play Whiting or South Bend Clay.
  18. Not sure if serious.... have you looked at a map before?? That bus ride. Yikes.
  19. Classic first post. We've seen a lot of 'em just like this one. Keep 'em comin'!
  20. IF the schools are following direction from the state...then there should absolutely be no parents!!!!!! Parents need to be involved in what their child is doing and does....but to question if parents are allowed is also another way of questioning what your school is doing! If anybody could be in attendance, I'm sure your administration and Coaches for sure would want you as parents (assuming you are a parent) to be there as everybody (STAFF AND ATHELTES) wants support through this very difficult time!! SUPPORT DECISIONS BEING MADE.... DONT DISSECT THEM!!!!! LETS JUST MAKE SURE AND HAVE EVERYBODY THAT IS ALLOWED IN THOSE STANDS ON FRIDAY NIGHTS!!!!!! With that being said...i did just see where up there in your area that Penn High School is cancelling football...
  21. Jeez, IWG, do you take the little blue pills whenever you see the word “Chatard”? It’s like you are responding to yourself. I get it, though,........most of you wealthy antiquarians at Cathedral occasionally need a bit of an “assist”. Good on you Irish for keeping on keeping on, though. Excepting me, of course, we all need a bit of an occasional “lift”. You’re wrong per your earlier self-responding post, of course...no shock there. You belittled comparing the size of schools earlier as regards Chatard v. Cathedral (which in most years is twice as large as Chatard...despite recent declines in Cathedral student population....you guys need to switch some of that financial “need” dollars to regular students) yet you were happy to step out of 6A after you didn’t make the cut. The reality here is that Cathedral can reach out and talk DIRECTLY to every individual archdiocese student and parent by phone and tell them they can be a star and win a State Ring at Cathedral (or, not mentioned during that phone call, simply be gold helmet fodder....). Chatard can’t call anyone (about ANYTHING)....including their own Archdiocese kids. That said, it would be hard for me to imagine that the rest of the state could dislike Cathedral more (as in “hate”) if they recognized Cathedral’s full advantages...... OK...Cathedral is 15-5 v. Chatard the last 20 years. You were wrong (no surprise). I'm thinking Chatard’s 10 State Championships the last 20 years vs Cathedral’s lesser number might have addled you.
  22. Not pedestrian. I can think of 5 D1 lineman in the last 5 years....just off the top of my head....not even trying. Yet, it’s a lot more important to you so I guess you knew the lie in your statement before you even made it. The Martins chose Chatard for a reason.....best let it go at that.....admittedly, they didn’t need the Cathedral coffers of oft offered money and simply paid full tuition at Chatard. No doubt Cathedral has the best money can buy....until they don’t...or Columbus East or New Pal proves otherwise Mercedes don’t matter.
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