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  2. The reason I asked is because it appears as if the Reitz program has declined in recent years while GS is on a rapid upward trajectory Are expectations amongst the Reitz fan base realistic given the improved programs we are seeing in the SIAC? Is Reitz still getting its usual fair share of talent or are some of the other schools making deeper inroads? Is the Reitz feeder system producing? Does reitz have a high quality staff in place? It's not impossible that Hart could have a better football team at GS than Reitz will have in 2020
  3. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/how-washington-is-ramming-real-id-down-our-throats/ More security theater. And of course the real threat is to U.S. citizens and their freedoms.
  4. Welp? I am not making a suggestion here...it is just one of the few names I know.
  5. I think it would be very easy to make an argument that a more desirable job would be one of the private schools in Evansville or one of the successful area public schools. I'm sure they have at least one that could be deemed qualified, I would suspect that they will look for a big name from outside the current staff first.
  6. Any chance a former Panther that did a good job at Harrison and now Mt Vernon would have a shot? I can’t see Hart leaving GS with QB in place for a deep run. Crazy that 3 HC jobs are available. Not sure Harrison and Bosse will have a lot of applicants. I could be wrong. I can see Reitz attracting a large number of candidates.
  7. Interesting accusation coming from somebody addicted to posting "Look! squirrel!" drivel from facebook.
  8. 4A sectional and regionals more difficult. Semi-state a wash, 3A state more difficult. All based on the last few seasons with realignment and success factor.
  9. I won't argue either way. But I can tell you there are at least a half a dozen factors I would look at if I were going into a Coaching job and the most attractive thing about Reitz is only 1 of those. No doubt Reitz will be a great opportunity for someone.
  10. Sorry that I'm not the OCD reader of the GID OOB forum that you are.
  11. Curious as to why GS HC job would be in the same sentence as Reitz? HH has been to state a couple times and Memorial has 3 years in a row and 5 of last 12. .neither of them would be close to as good as Reitz HC job. JMO.
  12. Try to keep up. News story about this was posted yesterday in this thread.
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  14. Reitz is a better job when it comes to winning a state championship. 4A is wide open right now, and honestly it might be an easier path than the 3A playoffs.
  15. Many different ways to look at this.... Historically most everyone would say Reitz is a better job. As they currently sit, many would consider the GS job to be better. From my perspective, the community at GS seems to be more forgiving of any shortcomings that may occur whereas the people on the hill have extremely high expectations with little forgiveness. Reitz job would present the highest ceiling in my opinion but may currently have the lower floor. Can't wait to start hearing rumors on who is applying for this job. With Reitz bowl, facilities, history, huge booster club, rivalries and high expectations Reitz would be my dream job if I was a Head Coach. Obviously not everyone will see it that way
  16. Probably the GS job but I am a Reitz guy and just want the best coach they can get and its been proven that the Harts are winners. Dont think they will get him though.
  17. We'll see about that Wright is a good coach, not a great one. He has had elite talent everywhere he has coached in the past 20 years. Winning at a very high level was the only expectation In my view, this is all about Wright's ability to deliver IMG talent to Bloomington Looking forward to watching that play out.
  18. Agree with this coach. Certain situations or circumstances dictate whether it is individual or team disciplinary action.
  19. Here's a current Dem that doesn't prescribe to Hillary's character..... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/tulsi-gabbard-sues-hillary-clinton-defamation-over-russian-asset-remark-n1120176 And you poke fun at Howe?? LMAO!!
  20. Need to do what it takes to get Nick Hart away from GS.
  21. Gibson Southern grad Joey Paridean is now the longest tenured head coach at Evansville public school (North)
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