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  2. Great answer about rest and nutrition in the 90s programs were known for notoriously overtraining thinking it was hard work but they were getting diminishing returns
  3. Each interview gets better than the last. If I was an aspiring your coach, I’d be documenting all of these. Great advice. Great goals. Great interview answers. Excellent.
  4. Man, this guy is an all star! No BS here. He has the stuff.. I’m reeling in all these interviews, but this guy may take the cake.
  5. In any event, I don't like the two year cycle. I've been saying it for the last few years. Just my opinion.
  6. Success factor , “we are being punished” then “it’s doin what it’s supposed to do “ I’m not sure he really dislikes it, from what I get.
  7. "Maybe the sample size should broaden because 2 years isn't really "success" in some people's eyes." For some programs, a two year run could just be a fluke, then the class underneath gets punished as he stated. You know you have a program when you sustain success for four consecutive years. I'm in favor of realigning every four years instead of two.
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  9. HHF Interview with New Palestine Head Coach Kyle Ralph New Pal doesnt rebuild, they simply reload. A 2020 sectional exit left a bitter taste in the mouth of these hungry Dragons. Look for a big bounce back year under Coach Ralph and his outstanding staff. Coach , thanks for visiting with us at Hoosier High School Football. Question 1 You've had a good look at your team through summer drills and 7 on 7 competitions over the past two months. What are your observations as you head into the final month of preparations before the season o
  10. Whiteland and Harrison also (unless you were just referring to the HCC/6A). Also, Valpo and Zionsville. In fact, I think that both Whiteland and Zionsville will be firmly entrenched in the 6A conversation in the coming years. Both clearly programs of the future in my opinion.
  11. https://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf Westfield is #22 in enrollment, up from #40 in 2014. Only big school growing faster is Fishers, now #5 and #14 in 2015
  12. I'm fine with that. As long as I keep getting my muda security check. The best is yet to come.
  13. Being in the HCC prepped them for long runs in 5a. The challenge intensifies now that they are a 6a school. Did they bump up to 6a due to success or enrollment?
  14. Since government was brought into this, here is one I can get behind.... Repeal the 16th Amendment, continue to raise tariffs, then let the government get involved here. Win, win, possible win.
  15. This reminds me of watching the Berlin Wall come down. Once the first few bricks come out, the rest follow at an accelerated pace.
  16. With all these moves, it appears they are trying to break away from the NCAA.
  17. Just some history though….Government stepping in is what created the NCAA. Not saying I disagree, just adding perspective.
  18. Doesn't change what I said.
  19. People resources Of the 8 schools in The HCC, they are 7th in enrollment
  20. Justice Kavanaugh disagrees.
  21. I believe Coach Gilbert in your interview said he believed they had they finest weight room in HS football (or something close to that). What resources are they lacking?
  22. Government needs to stay away.
  23. There's a growth explosion in Fort Wayne right now and most of it is up north in the Carroll district. Sitting at just over 2400 students currently, their enrollment will continue to climb. With a new 8 million dollar stadium and facilities and socioeconomics that could rival any in the state, it would be crazy to think that Carroll isn't trending up. But until they get that SAC title, they take a back seat to Snider, Dwenger, and Homestead.
  24. One injury-ravaged season in 2019 and a worthless, covid-ruined 2020 with a huge mistake at DC that has since been taken care of. It hasn't been good since 2018 but his contract is too good for him to walk away from, too much for another school to want to match right now, and too much/long for Purdue to buy it out. He's not going anywhere in the next 15 months whether anyone wants it or not, and as a Purdue fan I can only speak for myself but I don't. It's not like we're not even in games like the Hazell era. Let Hagen improve the defense. Let the offensive line mature. Stay healthy. Wi
  25. HHF Interview with Western Boone Head Coach Justin Pelley WeBo steps up to 3A after ripping off 3 straight 2A state championships. Still, the Stars will take it one game at a time. Thanks for visiting with us at Hoosier High School Football Coach Pelley , Question 1 You've had a good look at your team through summer drills and 7 on 7 competitions over the past two months. What are your observations as you head into the final month of preparations before the season opens, where do you see this team's strengths, and what areas are defi
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