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  2. Irishman

    playing both ways in 6a

    Dullaghan's rule was only a D-1 kid should play both ways on that level. It is a must for many middle of the road to smaller 4A teams (speaking solely of enrollment numbers) on down through 1A.
  3. FastpacedO

    playing both ways in 6a

    Correct it was 5A back then because 6A didn't exist yet.
  4. takkle4

    HNAC Week 6

    LaVille didn't have a JV for the Panthers to play, so that might be an open week for the Jays.
  5. Today
  6. Joe Kane


    Side note of that 2014 Ben Davis team: the boys from the 2014 1a state champion, North Vermillion, were exiting the field at LOS when BD was set begin their Wednesday practice. The Giants were polite, congratulatory, and friendly to our kids. I believe the coaches may have even crossed paths and shared a kind gesture. They were bummed when they got back to the hotel at halftime of the 6a title game, due to Carmel being ahead. Let’s just say they didn’t get such a warm welcome from the Greyhounds when waiting to enter their lockeroom prior to practice on that Wednesday evening. They were elated to hear of the Giants’ comeback.
  7. Pump the brakes freshman lol. the marvelous thing about football is you have an offense and a defense. If heritage hills does get to Allen, that doesn’t mean they will win. Even a ranked HC team only was able to put up 23 points...don’t bank on HH being able to score at will. The defense is better than what most people realize. Only takes 1 short field to flip the game for GS.
  8. My predictions: 6A: Warren Central over Carmel 5A: New Palestine over Decatur Central 4A: Mishawaka over East Central 3A: Chatard over West Lafayette 2A: Triton Central over Eastbrook 1A: Pioneer over North Central Farmersburg
  9. 260SportsGuru

    SAC week 6

    Concordia at Dwenger- Concordia by a TD North at Homestead- Homestead 42-21 Snider at Wayne- Snider 42-14 Luers at Northrop- Luers 44-42 South at Carroll- Carroll 63-3
  10. LC Bears 04


    The tournament games that Ben Davis had in 2014 against Warren and Center Grove are two of the best games I’ve ever seen in person. That comeback against Center Grove was unreal. Games like those are why you watch sports.
  11. Sports Savant

    Big 8 Week 6

    MV has a great chance to keep themselves in the Big 8 title hunt here so I would not be surprised to see an upset. They have the play-makers on offense to put up points BUT is their defense up to the task of slowing down Luke Conner? Definitely will try to attend this one as it will be a sight to see two D-1 caliber athletes (Sam Thomas and Luke Conner) battling on the same field. Any notable injuries/returnees for either team leading up to this game? Princeton will battle Jasper closely all the way into the 4th quarter but will fall just short. Jasper gets the win and gains some momentum. Vincennes gets their 3rd straight win in convincing fashion here. Washington may be a little banged up so I like Mount Carmel at home here.
  12. CGFan2017


    Chris Evan's TD at the end of the semi state game still haunts me every time I drive by BD.
  13. caliboy24

    CIC Week 6

    Alex Blackford Eastbrook Ole miss Delta
  14. WCGrad92

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 6

    1 Point Games Benton Central @ West Lafayette Hamilton Heights @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ Northwestern 2 Point Games Renssealer @ Lafayette Central Catholic LaVille @ Knox Attica @ North Vermillion Marian @ Bremen 3 Point Games Cass @ Western Clinton Central @ Eastern Carmel @ North Central 5 Point Game Monrovia @ Beech Grove
  15. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    With all due respect to MD, it wasn’t much of a test. I have a feeling we’ll see this settled on the field in November.
  16. bigjay

    HNAC Week 6

    you know, I'm not sure. if West Central has a JV than I think we are full but don't hold me to that. so far Caston was the only team that didn't field a JV . I'm guessing if there is an opening it would be this week coming up. Triton, Laville, Pioneer finish out our last three weeks.
  17. WarrenGrad12


    The 2014 regional between Warren and Ben Davis was electric. Such a great game and while it was disappointing to lose, that's what a rivalry is all about. Clashes like that. Just like last year's sectional championship. Speaking of 2014, every time I watch a Michigan game, I am reminded of that regional because of Chris Evans.
  18. Got some decent rain and delays in today's practice. Got finished with warm-ups just in time to have to go seek shelter for lightning. Waited for the "all clear," got back outside ran one snap on a drill and had to go right back in. Figured we'd have about 15 minutes in practice at second "all clear" so just texted parents to come get their kids. At least got to discuss gamplan for Sunday with the coaches ... assuming no lightning on Sunday.
  19. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Boilermakers

    you were correct: no doubt: but I still choose to be patient and not over react in the positive or the negative. Thank You
  20. Huge football fan


    I hear playoff advancement as the number 1 reason. Especially when you see so many examples of state level crews not understanding rule 10
  21. Coach Nowlin

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    We (guy I coach with on JV) have a blast with it as its all about getting reps: Can get tough balancing quarters, which is always a bugaboo, but you want to lose players to varsity as that means they have done what is needed to get a shot when called upon. Could of easily cancelled tonight on CP Soph/Frosh B team and combined those guys against WL to keep guys fresh, but it was good to see some of those kids gut out tough spots, while having fun doing it. Scoreboard was what it was. We want our kids to play hard, smart and what happens happens. Tonight we had some kids score touchdowns who never have in their life in this game tonight. Played with 13 and they had a blast and CP coaches were estastic to get a game with their squad who do not get regular Frosh/JV time at all when their rosters are so big. Win Win for all. Whats Weather looking like for the weekend? Any of that Hurricane rain gonna make this way?
  22. Coach Nowlin

    HNAC Week 6

    any open weeks? Still looking to fill I think a freshman game or week our JV plays BC, we can send our freshman play somewhere else.
  23. MHSTiger91

    SIAC Week 6

  24. Moonshiners

    SIAC Week 6

    I have a friend that use to work at Lee's Famous Recipe there on St. Joe and he would hook me up with free fried chicken all the time. It was awesome...but sometimes he would try to pass off those thighs and legs on me, and I would be like I don't think so man. I'm not eating that rubbish. I'm a breast and wing kind of guy.
  25. BDGiant93

    Warren Central at Pike

    They have to get out of their own way.
  26. BDGiant93


    As a kid growing up in Wayne Township, last year's BD team was a blast, but I still think that 2014 run was my favorite. So many comebacks, and I was so happy for Coach Kirschner to get his first State Championship. I did not particularly like those early 00's Warren teams, but it was hard not to respect them. I do like this Warren team. I like Coach West and Mr. Clayton. That doesn't mean I don't hope the Giants don't somehow sneak up and beat them in the Sectional, but I do appreciate this current group. Bell-Elliott-George is quite a 1-2-3 punch.
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