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  2. I am of the opinion Snider received a bad deal here. 2 Sectional wins and that’s considered dominating? This means they are in the top 25% of 6A......Whoooaaaa!!!!! Stop the press!!!
  3. I think TSF was/is an over reaction won a couple schools winning 3 or 4 in a row a few years back 1. Competing for 2 years isn’t dominating anything. All it does is punish the classes that typically follow the great ones. It’s comparable to an NCAA team being put on probation. The people that caused it don’t have the face the consequences. In our system, the great teams never played up, just the ones who follow. 2. It should be a 4 year window. 3. Winning the Sectional isn’t domination. If it is dominating anything. It essentially is keeping all of the State’s stories programs in higher levels as long as they can where all the hard work that they put goes unrewarded. 4. All stories programs around the State are victims of TSF with the exception of the Indianapolis schools. The same few schools win every single year. Shouldn’t 6A teams have to sit out for two years? Or form a Super Class with 8 teams based on the TSF? Or does it only anger the powers that be when non Indy schools win a lot? And Indy kids can play wherever they want as long as the system is worked properly. 5. All schools should have a one class bump maximum and the success factor should also bump some schools down based on participation and historical performance. 6. Somebody has to win, it’s ok when it’s kids who have worked hard their entire lives. 7. This is a Socialist rule.
  4. Still does not even address the question. And apparently, the strict interpretation of the Constitution that you profess often, only applies where you see fit?
  5. Not if you truly believe the tax money goes with the child and not to some geographic entity like a "school district". And you truly believe in the parent being able to choose where their child goes to school, and where their tax money is getting spent.
  6. Yes, the progressive belief in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) aka "Just Print As Much Much Money As You Want, Everything Will Be Fine" will save us all.
  7. This is the best I could get. It’s closer than it looks.
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  9. In his one year at Richmond he won 2 games. That was a team that had not won a game the year before so it was an improvement.
  10. Reparations for Everyone, Apparently: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/06/elizabeth-warrens-tax-plan-reparations-for-everyone/ *sigh*. So the slippery slope begins. Where does do reparations end? Say my sister was called "fat" by a couple of middle school gym teachers back in the 1970's and now claims government agents caused her irreparable emotional harm that seriously hinders her ability to hold a job. She should demand, and receive, reparations from the government. So why don't the prior slave holding states pass and fund their own slavery reparations programs, similar to what other states have done for these groups you describe?
  11. That does not really address the question though. If it is a completely private institution, then yes, they have their rules. The crux of the issue for me is should this system be allowed to take tax dollars AND use a discriminatory hiring process? In my mind, one of them has to give. They should not have it both ways. If this were a public school, it would be illegal to fire this person. The money that the Catholic schools gets comes from the same source as public schools. Should they have to play by the exact same rules?
  12. The Indian Claims Commission had the federal government pay out over a billion dollars in the 50s 60s and 70s to Native American groups. It is general considered that the federal government did not feel the Natives were competent to get the money directly and held it in trusts. North Carolina and Japan has paid reparations for government ran forced sterilization programs, California is considering the same. Florida has paid reparations to the victims of Rosewood who where brutalized by the Klan and other racist terrorists back in the 20s. The state acknowledged they did nothing to curb the violence. Interred Japanese Americans were compensated for racist government policies during WW2.
  13. This thread is the spiciest thing we have had in a while on GID for SW Indiana....and it's just "ok". LOL The other regions expect more from us than this!
  14. I struggle with those words. Should a religious institution, using the bible as a basis, not be allowed to set moral standards? Not everyone agrees with the LGBT lifestyle, and they base this upon what they feel is divine direction. Who says their necessarily wrong? That doesn't mean they hate anyone...simply have moral objections. Did the private institution make it crystal clear as to their standards, and the employee signed abiding to them? The employee had free will. No one forced them to seek employment from this particular employer.
  15. maybe if they taxed more like Chicago and Cook County.....wait a minute......
  16. it was an honest question...has the US or other country paid out reparations for mistreatment of people a century or more prior, and did it have a positive outcome? Did it solve an social issue? I am not aware of such, but I haven't really researched it. In this particular case, do you see a payout as really being a long-term satisfier? I have my sincere doubts.....
  17. Southridge in sectional 32 is a very tough draw. Especially knowing their stud of QB is no longer playing football. The kid can flat out do anything with a ball....and it seems he is focusing on Baseball/Basketball. to the point though. I feel like if The IHSAA were to implement rolling cycles for success...they should seed teams....how to do that where everyone is happy is anyone’s guess lol. If they were to do it though they should seed by regional....get rid of sectional assignments and just have regional assignments. Keep the sectional championship and such but seed 1-16 even if they don’t do a full 1-16, they could do 1-8 and then have a “random draw” for who the other 8 teams play
  18. They got that town locked up with that big Distribution Center there.
  19. Check 3 comments up lol in this day and age...Twitter is the fastest way to find information
  20. Sectional 3 isn't Sectional 6, but it's not necessarily the weakest sectional in 6a either. If you are a sectional champion, then you have no business bumping down. The IHSAA was spot on with this new rule. The timing was interesting, but the rule is good for football. I understand your point with regard to bumping up. Success, most times, runs in two year cycles. It's the rebuilding class that ends up playing in the a class they don't belong in. With regard to bumping UP, I agree, 2 years isn't enough to prove consistency. I'd rather see what happens over a four year span before determining whether a team should be bumped up or not.
  21. Greenfield Central is looking to fill one paid position on the HS coaching staff. Position will include Junior Varsity Responsibilities as well. We have a math position open at the HS. Lay Coaches are welcomed to apply as well. Contact Travis Nolting if Interested tnolting@gcsc.k12.in.us
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