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  2. The running clock does make a huge difference. It's amazing how fast that second half goes with the clock almost never stopping.
  3. CG sell there ticket buy bleachers home side and away side and it was set 50% compacity for each bleacher. Originally it was set at 75% for iris game but the the spike started and they put it back to 50%. After football,chearleaders and band bought there tickets the remaining tickets were made available to the general public online at midnight. There was no stop irish fans from buying tickets on home side.
  4. The Seen and the Unseen of Covid-19 https://mises.org/wire/seen-and-unseen-covid-19 [From the 2020 Supporters Summit, presented at the historic Jekyll Island Club Resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia, on October 9, 2020. Read and see the full lecture.] Chilling. And sad.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz4FtlTfkbs Couldn't help it...
  6. https://inpreps.com/2020/10/28/southwest-indiana-gotw-preview-sectional-32-semifinals-gibson-southern-at-southridge/ Came across this on Twitter. Really gets me excited about this game on Friday!
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  8. No questions having turf fields makes a huge difference. By this time of year everything would be torn to heck without them.
  9. Does this school "not far away" happen to have 3 ft OL splits?🤔
  10. Coach Mannigel has not tested positive and is in quarantine because of contact tracing.
  11. It seems like this season who ever comes out of the North may take 2A state this year.
  12. The thing is several years ago Dr. Tharp and his wife sold their home in the posh Little Lakes Estates north of Frankfort and moved to Indianapolis, yet he still works at an office in Clinton County. Not exactly sure how "local" of an official that really is anymore.
  13. I believe they had a new coach or offensive coordinator within the last couple years? I heard a few athletes decided not to come back out. They graduated a running (Mantooth) that was pretty good. I believe is playing at u of Indy? I heard his brother didn’t come back out to stick with baseball. Thought we was suppose to be a pretty good receiver? About all I know from the team. If I remember correct their line was big but didn't move that well. But that was 10 weeks ago.
  14. With Andrean, Pioneer, Eastside, Luers (forget their record) & Fairfield, plus the teams in their own sectional, I'd say there are a lot of minefields to cross to get to state from the 2A North semistate. I'd take them one at a time for now.
  15. IMO, way too early to be making that claim with the field that still remains in the 2A North. A lot of good teams still left. Ironically, a potential Semit-State opponent (Andrean) also has a new QB this year that transferred in from Illinois.
  16. Absolutely BRUTAL Coach Jones. So unfortunate Schools are the absolute safest place to be.... Transmission rates are so rediculously low
  17. I remember "14 days to flatten the curve".......In early March - 8 months ago......That's a lot of 14 days there.....
  18. Yeah, it’s not. Congress fixed the number at 9 about 150 yrs. ago. Somehow, we’ve managed to get by with that number since.
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