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  2. Portage High school has offensive and defensive coaching positions available at varsity, JV and freshman levels. Currently we have an immediate PE opening at baseball be off our Middle Schools. If interested please contact Terry Chestovich Terry.chestovich@portage.k12.in.us
  3. I believe the rules state that it's the four largest in one and the four smallest in the other. They started it 4A/3A because that's how it was at the time. Next season only East Central and Connersville will be 4A. The interesting part will be to see if Greensburg goes to the large conference, which by the numbers posted on another thread they're at the 4th largest enrollment, how that will work out. Both teams came to a mutual agreement to not play and it's honestly better for both teams. In my opinion should get rid of divisions and just say if a team decides they don't want to play another then that's it. Make it a lot easier.
  4. The success will be entirely dependent on if Goshen Admin is willing to HIRE coaches to fill teaching positions. There is a LOT of turnover in admin at Goshen right now. IF they start prioritizing the hiring of coaches who will teach in the buildings....I think Coach W has a serious shot at turning it around. If not....
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  6. Pike Opening via Coach Echevveria twitter post. @fbcoachech is twitter name and post was shared by Pike HS account. "After conversations w/ my family, I have decided to step down as the Head Football Coach at Pike High School. I want to thank the administration, teachers, and coaching staff for their support. Players, thanks so much for your dedication and hard work. Keep grinding and raise the bar."
  7. I guess so. Thanks for the kudos. Interesting that you refuse to answer how as a football coach you would respond to a simple scenario. Telling.
  8. Not engaging in the question......but it is good to know that out of the 1,000 plus members here (based on the fact that you are the only one who believes it) that you are the ONLY one on this entire forum that truly cares about the health and safety of children.
  9. Unmask America https://mises.org/wire/unmask-america The story changed from "masks don't work," to "masks may work," to "masks work and you must wear one." Now the narrative switches yet again: "cloth masks don't work, so you should wear a surgical or 'well-fitted' mask," or even wear two! Note that even as covid evolves into a less dangerous omicron variant, we are supposed to increase the hysteria level by wearing masks intended for surgeons maintaining a sterile environment over open wounds. We are told this by the same political, medical, and media figures who have been "frequently wrong but never in doubt" about all things covid over the past two long years. And they spoke with just as much bogus certainty then as they do now. Perversely, the Biden administration recently ordered 400 million surgical N95 masks for distribution across the country. Since N95 masks are considered disposable, and meant to be worn at most perhaps 40 hours, it is unclear what happens in a week or two when 330 million Americans run out of their "free" personal protective equipment. The UK has sensibly ended its mask mandates, both in public places (offices and other workplaces, bars, restaurants, sporting events, theaters) and thankfully schools. One young university student broke down in tears at the news, lamenting the inhumanity of her experience over the past two years. As British Health secretary Savid Javid stated, "We must learn to live with covid in the same way we live with flu." Amen. The arguments against masks are straightforward. Masks don't work. Or at least cloth masks don't. Even the CDC now admits what Dr. Anthony Fauci told the world in February 2020: cloth masks don't work and there is no reason to wear one: CNN's dubious medical expert Dr. Lena Wen, previously an uber-masker, now tells us cloth masks are "little more than facial decorations. And heroic skeptic Dr. Jay Bhattacharya cites both a Danish study and a Bangladeshi study which found cloth masks show little efficacy in preventing covid. Are we seriously prepared to wear tight and uncomfortable surgical masks all day to evade omicron? Masks are filthy. Humans lungs and our respiratory system are designed to inhale nitrogen and oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is literally a waste product, removed from the blood via our lungs. Masks may not trap injurious levels of carbon dioxide against our nose and mouth, but they certainly get filthy very quickly unless changed constantly. They also encourage mouth breathing, which can cause "mask mouth" symptoms including acne, bad breath, tender gums, and lip irritation. Why would we ever interfere with natural breathing unless we felt sick, displayed symptoms, and were worried about infecting others? And in that case, why not just stay home? Masks are dehumanizing. Humans communicate verbally and nonverbally, and masks impede both forms. Masks muffle and distort our words. Our facial expressions are important cues to everyone around us; without those cues communication and understanding suffer. Infants and toddlers may be most affected, as a lack of facial engagement with parents and loved ones impedes the human connections and attachments formed during childhood. Perhaps most disturbing, however, are the symbolic effects when millions of Americans dutifully wear masks based on flimsy evidence provided by deeply unimpressive people. Facelessness--the lack of individual identity, personality, and looks-- is inherently dehumanizing and dystopian. Like prison or military uniforms, masks reduce our personal characteristics. Mask are muzzles, symbols of rote acquiescence to an ugly new normal nobody asked for or voted for. Risk is inevitable. Risk is omnipresent, and heavily subjective (e.g., covid risk varies enormously with age and comorbidities). Nobody has a right to force interventions like masks onto others, just as nobody has a right to a hypothetical germ-free landscape. Exhalation is not aggression, short of purposefully attempting to sicken others. People wearing masks arguably shed slightly fewer covid virus particles than those not, but this does not justify banning the latter from public life. As always, the overwhelming burden of justification for any intervention—including mask mandates—must rest on those proposing it, not those opposing it. In sum, Americans are not children. Tradeoffs are part of every policy, whether government officials admit this or not. We know how to coexist with flu, just as we live with countless bacteria and viruses in our environment. We will similarly coexist with covid. The goal is not to eliminate germs, and zero covid is an absurdity. A healthy immune system, built up through diet, exercise, and sunlight will always be the best frontline defense against communicable disease. But diet, exercise, and sunlight cannot be outsourced to health officials or mandated by politicians. Whatever slight benefits masks may provide are a matter for individuals to decide for themselves. People who feel sick with symptoms should stay home. We can all wash our hands frequently and thoroughly. Otherwise it is time for Americans to assert themselves against the dubious claims and non-existent legality of government covid measures. It is time to get back to normal life, and that starts with visible human faces. Shocking to see the psuedo-police state called Great Britain actually doing the sensible, and human, thing here.
  10. How would you handle the above scenario as a coach, Irishman? A sensible position if you really care about the health and safety of children.
  11. Wow. Never thought I would see the day where Clinton Central was smaller than Lafayette Central Catholic. Bulldog nation is slowly dying. It looks like a consolidation is real possibility in the near future.
  12. I would switch Carroll and Homestead in this scenario. Carroll is more NE of Fort Wayne and could hope on US 33 to Elkhart faster, and Homestead is closer to I-69 to head south.
  13. There is an inherent risk in playing the game, just as there is in any sport.....you know the answer to that question. Just like most of us know you do not want people playing tackle football until the age of 18.
  14. I wasn't referring to what @Wildcat1992 stated. My statement was directed to the poster who claimed that the PAC would be right at the top with the SIAC schools in all sports other than the country club sports. Certainly wrestling isn't one of them and the best team the PAC has to offer certainly wouldn't be anywhere near Mater Dei.
  15. Let's say a high school safety prevents a go-ahead touchdown by their opponent as time expired in the 4th quarter, but does it using a non-approved tackling method that puts him and/or his opponent at the risk of incurring a real concussion. Would he be berated by his coaches after the play, or carried off the field on the shoulders of his teammates?
  16. He was very good. Caught in an era when IU had really good backs.
  17. Reminds me of what a ref told our youth league coaches once when he was explaining how games would be called. He said, at this age group, there's a penalty on EVERY play ... and usually more than one.
  18. Will be an interesting matchup for sure, 2 defending state champions going at it (Did SW win Kentucky 5A?). No idea if SW was senior heavy or not
  19. Being a line coach, I found this hilarious https://twitter.com/JerodBrown_/status/1484352613390815241?s=20
  20. Warren Central being stuck in Sectional 7 worries me
  21. That said, if a coach benched players for mistakes, the team would get a penalty for not having enough players on the field for a play lol
  22. I think Cathedral is in 6A if the IHSAA realigns this spring for the 22-23 and 23-24 cycle. Wouldn’t be surprised if they take the cowardly stance of saying let’s go 1 more year with frozen enrollments. Here’s what I see for 6A: Sectional 1: Lake Central, Crown Point, Portage, Lafayette Jeff Sectional 2: Penn, Elkhart, Warsaw, Homestead Sectional 3: Carroll, FW Northrop, Hamilton Southeastern, Fishers Sectional 4: Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville Sectional 5: Cathedral, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central Sectional 6: Avon, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Pike Sectional 7: Perry Meridian, Southport, Arsenal Tech, Warren Central Sectional 8: Center Grove, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Jeffersonville
  23. Yes, coaches do bench them, but some coaches do not. Baker made a bad decision in how he tried to tackle......benching him was not necessary.
  24. I am asking as an outsider who only has followed Coach and his success from afar.... What characteristics does Coach have that enables him to have so much turn around success at schools? I think this is awesome. Love hearing about these stories. Thank you all in advance. I look forward to reading your insight. @HHFwere you able to garner an interview with Coach in the past?
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