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  3. I have just been designated to fix the conference realignment issue in central Indiana. By the way of breakfast and a round of golf with all AD’s and principals of the schools, everyone is on board and there are no more hard feelings. Conferences are now set based on enrollments, location, and competitiveness in not only football, but in all sports. Here we go! HCC: Carmel, HSE, Fishers, Noblesville, North Central, Westfield, Zionsville. With the departure of Avon, Brownsburg, and FC, HCC adds Carmel and North central. It becomes the true Northside conference of Indy. HCC also becomes the best conference in the state in all sports MIC: Avon, Brownsburg, Ben Davis, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Pike, Warren Central. The “new” MIC adds Avon and Brownsburg. This conference is able to keep many of the same great rivalries that have always been there. Plus the great rivalry of the 2 suburbs on the west side. Southside Conference: Center Grove, Columbus North, Decatur Central, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Southport. With Conference Indiana folding, the Southside conference is created by CG. They take some of the CI schools and mid state schools to form with the addition of FC as well. A true Southside conference bringing back old rivalries and close travels. CG will start off being way ahead on the gridiron, but give it some times and FC and Columbus with figure out competition in helping them for the future. Decatur will rise as well, as their enrollment is almost at 6A level. Mid-State: Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Franklin Community, Greenwood, Martinsville, Mooresville, Plainfield, Whiteland. With Perry and Decatur going back to their traditional roots, the Bloomingtons slot in nicely to the ultra competitive mid state conference. Very similar sizes of schools all coming from nice communities who back athletics. With Whiteland growing, look for them to potentially reach out to the Southside conference down the road. 3 out of 4 of these conferences are under 8 schools. This is perfect from a football standpoint in allowing availability for non conference matchups. It’s too bad something like this couldn’t be developed in the future. What are your thoughts? Where did I go wrong? What changes could be made? Are there other schools that could fit? Only 5 more months until football season!!!
  4. I think you mean "parity". "Parody" has a completely different meaning. 🙂 But to answer your questions, yes, to both.
  5. Do you mean successful in the sense that the attendance is better...or there is parody in who wins...asking for a friend!
  6. https://deadspin.com/ferris-state-tony-annese-cigars-suspension-ncaa-1850273580 Yep. Curse you Joe Burrow!
  7. Bates and Duncomb in the portal so Easy is 2/2 right now . Like I said I expect Geronimo to go as well . also IU adds native Hoosier and Ball State transfer Payton Sparks
  8. https://gizmodo.com/open-letter-musk-demand-pause-on-advanced-ai-1850275951 Interesting times we live in. What do the other GID members believe is the hope, or threat, of AI?
  9. The witless wonder strikes again........The epitome of "Partisan" and he thinks its funny..... No laughing matter: Biden is slammed for cracking a JOKE when asked his views on transgender school shooter's motive On Tuesday, the president again took an inappropriate tone when discussing the tragic school shooting in Nashville When told that Senator Josh Hawley believes the shooting at a Christian school was a hate crime against Christians, Biden said: 'Well, I probably don't then' Biden was previously criticized for making several jokes about ice cream before addressing the shooting on Monday
  10. 2 words non-existent in congress except for a couple of them - TERM LIMITS.....
  11. You, reader, need a Benedict Option. We all do. The hour is very late. Interesting read for sure.......Morality and civility are certainly under assault......
  12. https://reason.com/2023/03/29/this-years-farm-bill-threatens-to-be-a-bigger-monster-than-ever/ Yep, this legislation is no longer a Farm Bill, it's a Food Stamp Entitlement Bill.
  13. Frankton High School has Math, English, and a Guidance Counseling opening. I anticipate more openings in other areas as well. We are always looking for young energic coaches for a program on the rise. If interested, or know of someone who is, contact: Principal Brett Sanders - bsanders@flcs.k12.in.us Head Coach Mark Luzadder - mluzadder@flcs.k12.in.us Link to employment: https://www.flcs.k12.in.us/human_resources/employment_opportunities
  14. It sure it. From the latest substack entry by Rod Dreher: Did you see the shock results from the Wall Street Journal poll this week? Here’s the story accompanying the poll, but these graphs tell the story: Now, here’s an important caveat: the Republican pollster Patrick Ruffini calls the accuracy of these results into question, and explains why. I hope he’s right. But what if he’s not? The WSJ results show a total collapse in the American spirit. You are looking here at a sketch of Weimar America, a demoralized nation that believes in nothing except money. And yet Washington, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the media, and Woke Capitalism want to export the blessings of American liberty to the rest of the world, or else. The poll also captures a partisan divide so stark it’s like a vivisection: If you read the granular poll results — here’s a link to the PDF with those data — you’ll see the surprises keep coming. For example, only one in five Americans has a favorable view of the pronoun thing — but the elites constantly shove them down our throats: Fewer than one in five believe trans athletes ought to play on the sports team that matches their identity — but the elites keep shoving this down our throats: Get this: only 15 percent — 15 percent! — support diversity measures that discriminate against people on the basis of race in student admissions. But the elites … you know: On Woke Capitalism, almost two out of three Americans oppose it: Eighty percent of those polled say the economy is in “poor” condition, and only 15 percent expect it to improve (these data are in the PDF). Nearly half of Americans are downcast about their financial situation: Only 28 percent believe that they can improve their material lot in today’s America. And almost four out of five think their kids will be worse off than they are: Again, I hope that Ruffini is correct, and that these numbers are skewed. If they aren’t, America is in very, very serious trouble. The good news is that there seems to be a very solid majority of Americans who are sick and tired of wokeness, and are primed to support serious pushback against it. Given the ubiquity of DEI, LGBT, and the rest in the media, you’d think support for it is more widespread than this poll indicates. But if this poll is correct, most people, however personally tolerant, hate this stuff. The elites are talking to themselves. The masses need political and religious leadership that will give voice to its views — and not just voice, but leadership that can act effectively to roll this stuff back. This is why I’m on DeSantis’s side, not Trump’s. Nobody can stoke resentment like Trump, but when he was in power, he got rolled. Nobody is going to roll DeSantis. That said, the depths of pessimism revealed by this survey suggests that people may not have as much interest in the constructive fightback of DeSantis, but may prefer Trump’s burn-it-all-down approach. The polarization between Democrats and Republicans is astonishing, and makes me wonder if it’s even possible to put us back together. According to the poll, the Democrats demand more wokeness — the very policies helping to tear America apart. Well, even if we got rid of wokeness, a nation that doesn’t believe in God, or having children, or in itself, is not a nation that is prepared to extend its life. And it is telling that equally few Americans of all political tribes have much interest in “community involvement.” Most of us are bowling alone, and content with that. So: what does it all mean? Again, I hope Ruffini is correct, and things aren’t as far gone as the WSJ poll indicates. But hoping for methodological error is no excuse for not taking the results seriously as possibly true. Here’s what conclusions I draw from the poll: America as we have known it is dying. We don’t believe in the things that sustains a nation’s life. Americans on the whole hate wokeness, but liberals think it hasn’t gone far enough. The cultural Left, which controls elite institutions, are going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, exacerbating division. Perhaps this Nashville shooting will be a turning point. I woke up this morning in Europe and saw multiple media examples of the Left trying to control the Narrative. Look at this egregious example from the NBC affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky, of all places: Rod Dreher @roddreher Hours after 6 Christians murdered by trans shooter, @LEX18News goes to local liberal church to praise its welcome for LGBTs, the *real* victims. Is station implying that Nashville Christians brought this on themselves for being orthodox on LGBT? lex18.comIn Nashville shooting aftermath, local pastor welcomes LGBTQ+ members in search of supportFor Pastor Matt Falco, the nicest things about his church aren’t the original pews dating to the early 1900s, or the stained glass wind... 7:01 AM ∙ Mar 29, 2023 Think about it: six Christians are murdered by a trans person, their bodies not even cold, but the first instinct of the Kentucky TV journalist is to rush to a liberal church to do a story on the trauma of LGBTs! I have to hope that the reality of six dead Christians, including three nine-year-olds, at the hands of a trans killer, and the way this savagery is being massaged by the media to conform to the woke Narrative, will jar most Americans awake about the decadence and corruption in our leading institutions. It is not going to stop until we make it stop. Am I really patriotic? Do I really believe in having kids? In community involvement? It’s easy for me as a conservative to sneer at the Americans who no longer believe in these things, but how would I have answered had I been polled? I had a dinner conversation earlier this week with a visiting American scholar who works on national security and defense issues. He and I got to talking about the US military. He was telling me the stark and depressing facts about the military recruitment crisis. I told him about my second son’s considering military service, and how I told him I would support his decision whatever it was, but that I hoped he wouldn’t serve. It’s not (I explained to my dining companion) that I think America is not worth defending. Everybody should want to defend their country against invasion. It’s rather that after Iraq, I don’t trust the US leadership to deploy the armed forces wisely. And I don’t want my kid to be in the woke military and have to choose between obeying his Christian conscience or his commander. Beyond that, though, I don’t feel “patriotic” if patriotism means expressing confidence in the country as it is today. Living overseas for the past two years, in a conservative country that’s in America’s ideological crosshairs, has taught me a painful lesson about what my country stands for today, and how it uses its power in the world. “We’re Babylon,” a visiting US pastor said to me recently. He’s right. What does it mean to be patriotic if that’s true? The evils of Russia and China aren’t any less, nor is the decadence of Europe, but neither do these things erase the chronic diseases of Weimar America. Seriously, you have to get out of America for some time to grasp how much cultural influence we have in the world, and how bad that is. About having kids, I often note that previous generations had children even thought they face far worse prospects than we do today. I’m glad I had kids, and would do so again. But I can’t really fault young people today for fearing the future in a country that seems to be falling apart, and in which there seem to be no solid values. The collapse of the gender binary is the most frightening thing, because of what it symbolizes about the West’s flight from reality. About community involvement — what community? What binds us? The elites teach our children to hate their ancestors, to hate their bodies, and, if they’re white, to hate themselves. The ruling class has no loyalty to the interests of their countrymen. Every day the media tell conservative, religious Americans that we are the problem with America — especially if we are white and male and working class. A friend who works in a major UK university is clearing out and moving to the US, saying, “Britain is f-cked.” His basic point is that the UK is governed by people who hate it, and that everybody else is too demoralized to recover. He sees more resources of resistance in the US. He’s right about that, but still, we Americans have the same problem: elites who hate the country, its history, its traditions, and many of its people, and masses who are too morally and spiritually enervated (by porn, by pot, by materialism, etc) to resist and recover. Most Americans are not conservative, and even many who identify as such are no paragons of moral and spiritual health. The Benedict Option, now more than ever. We cannot go on like this. I believe in mounting political resistance, but I believe it is more important to also mount cultural resistance. The best thing politicians can do is to create space for meaning-giving institutions (families, temples, schools, fellowships, etc) to do their work. We should support strong, sensible candidates, but absolutely not be under the illusion that we can vote our way out of this crisis. Today, the best we traditionally religious people can realistically hope for in the near term is survival. The things I talked about in The Benedict Option are even more relevant today. In 1982, Alasdair MacIntyre wrote the following words. In 2023, they look as if they had been written in neon: You, reader, need a Benedict Option. We all do. The hour is very late.
  15. Does anyone know how this will work? Due to enrollment, North Daviess (2022 boys 1A basketball champion) was going to move up to 2A in boys basketball. However, they opted to play up in 3A for the 2023/2024 2-year cycle. In the just finished 2023 season, North Daviess was a Regional Champion in 3A. So with that 2 points already earned during this cycle, will North Daviess have to continue to play up in 3A boys basketball for the 2025/2026 cycle?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Brasher, Hazelwood, Davis, Reeves, and K. Hazelwood. Huge OL right there
  18. North will have the best oline/dline in siac this year. Big, strong, experienced. If that program can figure it out they could push towards the top.
  19. Just saw North’s Hazelwood has been offered by Miami (OH), huge returning lineman for the Huskies
  20. And Coach Brandewie has landed at Eastside.
  21. This is an example of a GREAT coach....he is teaching his team way more than the game of hoops. This is something they will carry with them always.....
  22. https://nypost.com/2023/03/27/bidens-bizarre-ice-cream-joke-in-nashville-shooting-remarks/ WASHINGTON — Not the time, Joe. President Biden joked Monday that he only showed up to a White House event because he heard there would be ice cream — before addressing the horrific mass shooting that left six dead at a Nashville elementary school hours earlier. “My name is Joe Biden. I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband,” the 80-year-old president began his remarks at an East Room gathering of women-owned businesses. “And I eat Jeni’s ice cream — chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream,” he said. “By the way, I have a whole refrigerator full upstairs,” Biden added at his only scheduled public appearance of the day. “You think I’m kidding? I’m not.” SF thinks we can all agree that we have a brainless twit for POTUS (there literally can be no debate about this).......But even so, the fact that the room he was addressing erupted into laughter in the wake of such a tragedy says more about who voted for this guy than anything - and that there is no more denying SF's years ago reference to the degradation of society is real.......
  23. Well played sir…rumor has it my guys are making in roads at Glenville for the first time in forever. Michigan rarely, if ever gets kids from there. Just glad the rivalry is fun again…Thanksgiving was getting depressing there for a while.
  24. These twins from St. Edward just committed to the Buckeyes. After all, today is “Two for Tuesday.”
  25. Last week
  26. Not interested in hijacking the thread by turning it into a debate about the motivations involved in organized education-based athletics.
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