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  2. bowwowindy1

    2018 Hoosiers

    I'd say by these numbers for the NFL and OSU, he's the epitome of prototypical. image.png.26ec1ba00c0a3918c518f005afbfe3a9.pdf image.png.6b7cb9eccbb9c135544ccae19b33eac8.pdf
  3. The cluster *%#!?*ed. We were 9-1 and did not make the playoffs.
  4. I remember how bad we got screwed over by it in 1983, Vincennes went to the Playoffs and we didn't : Gibson Southern Vincennes
  5. I ordered a copy of it first thing this morning. Thank you, Rudy, for all your work.
  6. Fballfan15

    Sectional 38

    He is a really good Punter!
  7. LCCAlum

    Sectional 38

    And snap.
  8. I always thought it was a regular season thing. What about the other CIC awards such as the volleyball spike?
  9. Stink Town Clown

    Sectional 31

    Npatman is at it again....Thanks for starting this! Stink will say it is funny you say either team NH or Stink Town will get beat by Casket Nation. Seems like you are just looking at computers and Google info as well. Stink was at the Casket Nation game....I can tell you, if Stink Town beats the Cougars, don't count out Stink Town to put on a show in the Dog Pound next week. Keep in mind, Stink Town got beat by 3 in Over-Time and to be honest, played really bad. SO come on Npatman.....we all know it is not a 2 dog race......Anything can happen with some of these teams. Now if my Stink Town Tigers make it to B-Town........then we may be on the same page. Last time we were on Elm Street though, that ended in a Tiger victory as well. Now that was a great game. Crushed some Tiger BL's! Had to pull over in Seymour and sleep in the Rally's parking lot.....good times, good times.
  10. Gahoosierfan

    Big 8 JV Records and Scores

    The Vincennes JV finishes 7-1 overall and 6-0 in the Big 8 with a 32-12 win over Princeton. They win the Big 8. Clark Middle School 7th defeats Princeton 26-14 to finish 8-1 and unbeaten in the Big 8. They Were 7 And O In conference play and are the Southern Indiana Junior High Athletic Association champs. The 8th defeated Princeton 36-6 to finish at 7-2,
  11. snoot

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    Andrean West side Blackford Tipton LCC Twin lakes North Montgomery Cass Western HC WC TC CMA RCHS
  12. BigTimeDB

    Sectional 38

    Hold AND kick at the same time??
  13. Hence my statement that basketball is still king when it comes to Indiana high school athletics.
  14. Today
  15. It’s refreshing to see this post. Sometimes is easy to forget that athletics are secondary and just a small part of creating the complete student. Pike just gained a new fan. SO many schools are quick to upgrade facilities and lose sight of the big picture. The shark has been jumped in my opinion and like Driven posted, the gap between the haves and the have nots is larger than I can ever remember. Combine that with open enrollment and brain washing of student athletes and you have the perfect formula for 3-4 powerhouses in the sport. And I firmly believe this plays a part in why it is perceived that “the community doesn’t care.” It’s a combination of the two. Stop putting words in his mouth and twisting them to play the victim. He stated that many times...and he’s right.
  16. Seriously? A book on the cluster? If I recall some southern Indiana schools scheduled larger schools in Kentucky having down years because their enrollments were compared to Indiana schools and counted towards making the playoffs. Anyone remember that?
  17. IndianFanatic


    Question: If two CIC teams met in the playoffs, could the jug be exchanged? Or is that restricted to the reg season?
  18. Coach Ellenwood

    Competitive Balance on Decline

    Stephanie White?
  19. The other thing we must remember is that Pike, as a school, no matter what you participate in, must maintain a higher GPA to participate than the other MIC Indy teams. Pike academics are taken very seriously, which thankfully for them is why they have an A grade from the DOE. Pike administration cares, so does the athletic department. They’re actually getting ready to build a Fieldhouse and some better facilities for the athletic program, which at this point, they are by far the last school to do so.
  20. Brvheart

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    1 Point Games Andrean @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Calumet Northwestern @ Blackford Speedway @ Tipton North White @ Lafayette Central Catholic Twin Lakes @ Clark 2 Point Games Hamilton Heights @ North Montgomery Eastern @ Cass 3 Point Games Western @ Mississinewa Wheeler @ Hanover Central South Central @ West Central Tri-County @ North Miami 4 Point Games Angola @ Culver Military Delphi @ Rensselaer
  21. itiswhatitis

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    As a fan, I find his decision disappointing. However, I understand about wanting to protect his future. I'm sure he had many discussions with family and those around him before he decided. And I really believe he DOES care. The fans at OSU are more forgiving than you might think. The Bosa family is well entrenched in OSU football. Within the next couple of years, this will be nothing more than an asterisk. Of course the media will try to make something of it and drag it out from time to time. And Bosa DID move the needle. You think it's just about attendance? There are other ways to generate "revenue". Just jersey sales alone moves the needle not to mention all of the interviews he gets in the media. That promotes the school (and moves the needle). There is no way of knowing who he will influence to sign at OSU and keep the program in the top 10 every year. I'm not condoning his decision. Just saying.......
  22. Probably was supposed to be Brownstown Central and mis-clicked.
  23. 1adam12

    Seeded sectionals

    Lol no on that last part. Not even remotely.
  24. bigjay

    Sectional 41

    How does triton have a higher percent chance of winning sectionals than NJSP but a smaller chance of winning reg, semi, and state?
  25. Sports Savant

    Big 8 Sectionals

    Boonville @ Bosse - Bosse will be one of the more athletic teams Boonville has seen all season but they won't be able to hang with the Pioneers. Boonville by a lot. Harrison @ Jasper - Jasper seems to be playing their best football at the right time. Wildcats win by a lot. Heck of a rematch coming up with Boonville. Pike Central @ Vincennes Lincoln - Hated to hear about Corona, but VL still wins this one by a lot. Sadly, they run into Memorial next. Mount Vernon @ Heritage Hills - MV is probably much better than they were when these teams met in week 1, and Thomas can keep them in any game. But, it sounds like MV might be missing some key players. Could be the closest game out of the Big 8 schools but Heritage Hills wins by 3-4 scores. Princeton @ Memorial - Memorial by a lot. Gibson Southern @ Washington - Gibson Southern by a lot. Huge rematch next week with Heritage Hills brewing up.
  26. How will the Big 8 schools do in sectionals? Thoughts, predictions? First Round Boonville @ Bosse Harrison @ Jasper Pike Central @ Vincennes Lincoln Mount Vernon @ Heritage Hills Princeton @ Memorial Gibson Southern @ Washington
  27. This is why we should NEVER count teams outside the top 10 that received votes as ranked teams. This is ridiculous. How the heck did Brown County receive eight votes?! John Harrell's website shows them ranked #16. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/hs-blog/2018/10/16/weeks-associated-press-high-school-football-poll/1660417002/
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