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  2. Cathedral will be even better this year than last year (they were “young” last year).....and they were just a minute away from being the best team in the State last year...falling late to a Top 10 team nationally (Center Grove). Add that Cathedral (and Center Grove) were both better than any team in Ohio last year.
  3. Cathedral will more than likely be the best team in the state this year regardless of class. They return an absolute ton off last years team, and probably will actually be better this year than last year. Columbus East and New Pal are in the same sectional now since CE is back in 5A.. Those 2 schools have split 2-2 in 4 matchups..
  4. Still wouldn’t work for conferences with an odd number of teams. There’s always going to be a week where a team doesn’t have a conference opponent.
  5. All conferences would have to have the same number of teams, and all teams would have to WANT to play their non-conference games in Weeks 1 and 2.
  6. Think Cathedral still has to be the favorite. Really hope Snider lives up the hype next season, Indiana high school football is better when they are a contender. Don’t think Valpo will be a title threat. Zionsville should be a contender again, can’t speak for Dwenger. Don’t know what New Pal is returning but will be interested to see how they do, we will find out week 1 vs Decatur Central. Coach Ralph is undoubtedly a top 3 coach, sure a lot of people have him as the best (I do).
  7. I just meant hypothetically, not specific to the HHC. If all conferences played their conference schedule at the later part of the year, then most people would be relatively on the same page to play out of conference games.
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  9. Northern 5A gets a new look with Snider jumping into the mix. Overall though, it's looking like Cathedral at the top..........unless they are going through a rebuilding year. Who comes next though? Zionsville seems to be the safe bet, but you can never count out New Pal. Snider returns a boat load from last year. Cathedral – Reloading as usual? Up or down this year? Does it make a difference? Number one until proven otherwise. Zionsville – apparently a pretty good core returning from last year? They were pretty good in 2020 and kids tend to make massive improvements from thei
  10. I read that the former Evansville Memorial QB is transferring from Cincinnati to Southern Illinois. If I recall correctly, he was a long time SIU commit before jumping on a Cincinnati offer at the last minute. I look forward to watching him play at Southern and I have a feeling he'll be highly succussful if he can become QB1 at some point. His story should be a tale of caution to all "Mid-Major" recruits that decommit when a power school is trying to fill an open scholarship as signing day approaches.
  11. The more I hear about it on Chicago radio the more I'm convinced they are legitimately thinking about moving to Arlington Heights. Mayor Beetlejuice would once a again look like a fool for proclaiming the Bears would never leave the city. I think the NFL would love to see the Bears get a bigger stadium that could also host a Super Bowl as I'm sure it'll be retractable. It would be odd though watching a winter Bears game if they closed the roof. The Bears have the smallest stadium in the NFL and a fanbase that will sellout any sized stadium. They can't keep playing in Soldier Field at it's
  12. Last week
  13. I heard that too. But not an actual interstate, that would cost too much money..........limited access with lights. Should be ready to go by 2031. Anything to save money. Kind of like that "unique" only the second of it's kind, Diverging Dimond Interchange on Dupont Road. Not what was needed, but it did save the state some money, lol.
  14. I selfishly want Silver Creek to join the HHC. Good rival with the 3 River Schools.
  15. As I stated earlier, I love the addition of CP and Grand Rapids Central Catholic. I'm a firm believer in the better the competition the better you become as a player, staff and team. The players and coaches are very excited about the addition of CP. With St. Mary's Parish in Crown Point being the #1 feeder to Andrean, a lot players know each other from youth sports and going to school together. I can see this game quickly surpassing Merrillville in terms of rivalry. The addition of the 2 year home and home with Grand Rapids Central Catholic is really nice but I would have rather seen
  16. It's hard to deny the school spirit of the TITanS!
  17. Thank you. I was just giving parameters while trying to show some love and hopefully potentially infuse some programs that could use a good year...1a-4a remain the same..around the 1500-2500 mark is where we could add another..only kicking us up from 7 to 8 would be for the mega schools..maybe 16 in the top class..we had 3 classes..then 5..now 6..the potential for 7 may come around...eventually. when we went from 5 to 6 classes it had no bearing on the smaller schools but i did not know how close 1-4a classes were in enrollment. Ok I'm done ruffling feathers😏
  18. More than nine-team conferences with eight conference games?
  19. Are you talking about the new TRAC? I can't remember exactly what the acronym stands for, but yes it is awesome. I heard they had like 100 teams here that weekend they hosted the big basketball tournament and used basically every basically court we have in the facility. I want to say there are 3 in the main gym (main gym floor then 1 each in either upper deck), 1 in the auxilary gym and then the 4 courts in the fieldhouse. Definitely wish they had that when I was in school. For those interested: https://www.warsawschools.org/page/trac-info Warsaw's new indoor track/fieldhouse th
  20. Another reason the State of Indiana needs to allocate funding for an interstate connecting Fort Wayne to Chicago running through Warsaw. US 30 is a nightmare and one of the most dangerous highway arteries in the state. Oh wait, that money is going toward an interstate from Indy to Rockville.
  21. That would be one heck of a tournament...LOL! Yes I agree, 8 classes is bad!
  22. They sure have an awesome facility for basketball, was there about a month ago. Even if it seems like it's 2 miles from one end to the other.
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