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  2. Yeah, that doesn't garner much interest. On a good note though, the playoffs should provide eleven fun games to watch.
  3. Have. QB, RB, and multiple lineman were JRs this past season.
  4. .Eastern Greene- Win over Brown County on Friday night. I don't know anything about BC, but Eastern isn't exactly loaded. Mitchell beat them by 20+ on Saturday. Linton plays Mitchell this Saturday... maybe that game will help gauge where both teams are right now. North Central- Their victory against WRV puts them atop the SWIAC conference at 2-0. I've only seen highlights. WRV seems to be struggling, while Eastern wasn't thought to be a front runner for the conference title. WRV- I win against Dugger doesn't really hold much sway these days. Maybe North Knox and North Central are better than expected. Rough start for the easier part of the schedule. Bloomfield- At this point, anyone local has seen the Shakamak buzzer beater to beat Bloomfield. Tough loss for the Cardinals. Neil is going to score a lot of points... a few more Seniors would have made this a team to watch out for. They are young at a lot of key spots. I'll be interested to see if they can develop into a sectional contender. North Daviess- I don't imagine ND has much size, but they will be well coached and possibly contend for the conference title. Shakamak- As I figured... May, Miller, Johnson, and Jenkins are their dudes. May is impressive when he gets going. Not a kid you want to see a couple shots go in early. Good win against Bloomfield and a close loss to a solid Sullivan team is not a bad weekend. Clay City- This is a team that plays physical for a basketball school. Edwards does some nice things around the basket. Johnson is a good lead guard. Tucker kind of makes plays all over. A few of them started whining once Linton matched their physical play. Not a sign of a really physical team. They don't have a lot of shooters, so zones might take away some of the things Edwards does around the basket. Good team... They are in the conversation as the sectional favorite. They will out muscle/hustle most of the conference. I could see a team that can spread them out and play a stingy zone defense giving them problems. Linton- First 4 minutes looked like a bunch of young inexperienced guys playing their 1st game of the year. After that, Linton looked pretty good. They made some mistakes, but it wasn't hard to see this team could be really good. They were unselfish... the ball didn't seem to get stuck in one person's possession. Miller was really good at the PG position. He handled the ball well and controlled the game in many ways. Oliver was good. He let the game come to him and didn't force bad shots. Daily and Fields scored well. Neither forced a lot of shots/drives. Smith and Feltner will provide some versatility as forwards. Keen and Breedlove came in a gave some quality minutes. I think 9 guys touched the floor in the 1st half. I still think Linton will have some tests... older perimeter players at Shakamak... another young team in Bloomfield... North Daviess and even North Central.
  5. Pekin had a good SR class this past year or will have a good SR class in '24?
  6. Exactly. Reitz or Jasper will probably win the sectional and then be the favorite in the regional. Semi-State would probably be quite the roadblock with the winner of New Pal/Roncalli/Chatard.
  7. Wonder if the QB from Peru was put up. Would have liked to see him make it. Great dual threat player. Averaged 28 yards a pass and almost 7 yards a rush. Didn't get a lot of snaps in the 4th quarter because of the lead they had on most teams they played.
  8. Eastern Pekin looking for a new football coach. Good SR class....not much coming up from what I've seen. Maybe some of those kids can come to West side of county. 😂😂
  9. I agree, Sectional 24 will be quite interesting now with Memorial currently back down in 3A. I’m guessing Reitz/Jasper will be the ones that are favored in that, since idk who BNL loses or returns. Whoever wins it could have a legit shot making it to Semi-State, since EC moved up to 5A.
  10. Great question? His stats above against the level of competition he played against as well..... Did the young man from HSE have better stats? I hope it was not because they didn't want to award 2 kids from the same school or because he's playing baseball at ND.
  11. Isn't that the point of the discussion....should the playoff teams be selected for on the field play and what they earn or what a group of people (with bias) "think" are the best matchups?
  12. Until an 11-2 Louisville gets left out in favor of an 8-4 Tennessee because they don't play in the SEC. 11 of the top 12 teams in the CFP rankings are or will be SEC or B10 members starting next season.
  13. Harbaugh probably dislikes every suit in the NFL and they all probably dislike him as well. Warren will take Harbaugh to win. Harbaugh would put up with Warren to be in Chicago if that's what where he desires to be.
  14. Of course. But at that point it's semantics revolving teams who have lost enough games that they have no real gripe. Florida State as un undefeated has a legit gripe.
  15. Today
  16. Agreed. In the case of of Clinton Central & Clinton Prairie consolidation the two existing campuses would have to be utilized to house the new K-12 student population. Grades 9-12 at one campus, K-5 at the other campus, and 6-8 where it makes the most logistical sense.
  17. Had a convo about this with somebody recently. They return 4 starters on offense (QB Davies, WR Leach, OL Thomas, OL Lopez) so obviously their offense will be a huge question mark. On defense they return 5 starters (DT Friday, LB Coates, LB Cartwright, DB Burris, DB Madison) which is a good core to return but can't really expect them to be one of the top defenses in the state again. It's never easy to replace that many starters (7 on offense, 6 on defense) and expect the same or more success. They will be asking guys to step up big time and it will take some great coaching to get them ready. This may also be the type of team that loses a few games in the regular season but then gets on a roll in the playoffs once they figure some things out. Hard to tell. Looking forward to next season being more of a mystery!
  18. Unless they would split into two high schools. As for Carmel, you can bet you're life savings that will never happen. A guy I knew who used to be one of the higher ups in that system told me they will keep adding freshmen/senior centers and whatever to avoid a second high school. The main reason - SPORTS! Imagine if the HSE District had not done this. Both HSE and Fishers High Schools have over 3,000 enrollment. So a 6-7,000 enrollment high school.
  19. Pretty much a short preview, Memorial and North will definitely be up there since they return 14+ starters. Reitz does take a hit losing a lot offensively, but returns a few on defense. Jasper is Jasper. I think Mater Dei will see more improvement this season. Castle’s offense should be great again returning nearly all of their WRs and McCool. The storyline for Vincennes is who will replace Hunt, but returning Mccrary is huge for the Alices. Losing Wagner is a massive hit for Bosse, no idea who they turn to now offensively. Might be another long season for Harrison and Central. Of course there will be more discussions over the next few months, but I think those should be a good start for now. Returning starter percentages will be posted in a couple of weeks. And will be updated once Calpreps releases their 2024 Preview in the summer.
  20. Probably the one used in first game 🤣
  21. Tippy.. u should clear that up if ur gonna do a history thread. Miss Anthrop would not approve.. lol. It would b a surprise to learn that Lcc was ever anything other than class A... i believe enrollment was in decline.. n headed for the chopping block... Mish Marion is special.. I beleve they petioned all the way up to 3A from 1A.. perhaps they fell back in line with their enrollment when 4A was introduced??
  22. Here is the list of Mr. Football position winners, just released earlier this morning: WIDE RECEIVER Donovan Hamilton, Hamilton Southeastern TIGHT END Aidan Steinfeldt, Bloomington North OFFENSIVE LINE Ian Moore, New Palestine QUARTERBACK Tyler Cherry, Center Grove RUNNING BACK Josh Ringer, East Central KICKER Spencer Porath, Brownsburg DEFENSIVE LINE William Goodvine, Westfield LINEBACKER Will Clark, Crown Point DEFENSIVE BACK Jo’Ziah Edmond, NorthWood PUNTER Quinn Warren, Brebeuf Jesuit
  23. IFCA Senior/Junior All-State Teams were announced over the weekend. Senior Team 1A Konner Chase-DB Springs Valley Larron Childers-LB Springs Valley Senior Team 2A Trey Rominger-RB Paoli Ryan Branaman-DL Brownstown Junior Team 1A Kayce Jones-DL Springs Valley Junior Team 2A Owen Wischmeier-LB Brownstown Micah Sheffer-P Brownstown Fletcher Cole-DB Paoli
  24. I’m curious if anyone has a breakdown of his TD by half. I bet he had 45-50 in the first half. Like you said, they typically had starters pulled midway through Q3. The only game I remember with starters in the 4th qtr was Moeller.
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