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  2. A little levity... I can only speak for my lunch and facebook crowd, but you'll likely have an even worse teacher shortage if they ask us to be armed. I've been trained in firearms. At the moment, I don't choose to carry. I don't want to carry in a school setting.
  3. I know a lot of people who handle firearms quite proficiently. But I’m not so sure of their competency to design a curriculum. Do you view the skill sets as comparable? Because if they’re not, your metaphor is just a cute sound bite, without any real relevance. I hasten to add once again, don’t interpret this as my advocating any particular position in this debate.
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  5. I can't give an emoji, so here's an Amen, an Aye, and a Here-here! The same people don't even want us choosing books, but here's a gun??????
  6. I’ve heard statistics in the wake of the recent well-publicized mass shootings that “[insert really high percentage] of the American an people want meaningful gun control, such as more and better background checks, closing gun show loopholes, magazine size limits, banning “assault” weapons, ad infinitum.” I don’t believe them any more than I believe the statistics I hear coming from the other side. I’m not advocating for anything. Just offering my opinion that none of that can come to pass with SCOTUS composed as is, and Congress being what it is. Except, there is a clear path to significant reform. Notice I didn’t say an “easy” path. Repeal the Second Amendment, or at least amend it. It’s been done before. The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment (Prohibition). There are basically 4 ways to do this: The proposed Amendment passes Congress by a 2/3 supermajority, and is ratified by either 3/4 of the state legislatures or special conventions held in 3/4 of the states, or the proposed Amendment is passed at a national convention called by congress when requested by 2/3 of the states, and then ratified by either 3/4 of the state legislatures or special conventions held in 3/4 of the states. If, the support for radical gun control is as widespread as some claim, why isn’t there movement in this direction?
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  8. well, there is THAT.....ESPECIALLY this time of year.
  9. You mean, in addition to the fact that many teachers are mentally unstable? 😂🤣
  10. South Putnam High School has posted jobs in HS Science, MS Math and 2 HS Social Studies. We have coaching openings at the Varsity level to fill. There is also an assistant HS basketball coach and possibly head baseball coach. If interested Contact: HFC Chuck Sorrell and I will get you interviewed asap. Csorrell@sputnam.k12.in.us
  11. Arming teachers is a HORRIBLE idea. Kids who want to cause problems can find out who is armed (guessing it would have to be public knowledge since they would be acting as an agent of the State beyond their normal responsibilities) could easily overtake a teacher. When police are called to a school for an active shooter, they see a gun, they are firing. They are NOT taking time to ask who the person is. I think being armed changes the whole dynamic of a student/teacher relationship, on both sides. We do have a couple things in my district that it seems many districts do not. SRO's for one, and secure entrances.....but even then, many shooters come from inside the building and know their way around, and in the case in Florida, the SRO failed MISERABLY at doing his job. There was an armed police office inside Robb Elementary yesterday. So, what if a teacher fails to act? Can they be held personally liable? What if a teacher fires and misses? or even worse.....?
  12. Leo actually learned the T offense from a school (actually a couple different ones) in Michigan. They started running it back in 2007-08 I believe and ran it heavily in 2010 and 2011 when they won conference, sectional and regional titles. Eventually went away from it due to personnel.
  13. I'm also a lot friendlier to my students than my teachers ever were. Something lurking in the back of my mind...?
  14. There already aren't enough teachers, imbalanced and all. Most of them can comprehend a sentence, but here we are. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
  15. I went to the local tavern after the game and was still shivering from that game Whiting ain’t scared they’ve played mater dei, Andrean and frontier recently. They take on all comers
  16. I just put thought to the fact that a Wayne team vs. Whiting probably wouldn't be a close game. But, what do I know??
  17. Having seen Zionsville up close each of the last two seasons, I agree with you 100%. As long as they have coaching continuity, they’ll rise to the top. They are so organized, disciplined, and well-coached that it translates well from class to class. If they’re not there already, they’ll soon be in “reload” mode as opposed to “rebuild.”
  18. Not as important as allowing discrimination is. It's too slippery of a slope.
  19. Apparently first place medals are more important than LGBTQ discrimination. Conservatives love saying "F your feelings" until it's their feelings being hurt. I'm absolutely appalled at how this country has been stepping away from progress so much lately. I've always felt that participation is more important than winning when you truly enjoy the sport that you're playing. At this point it's obvious to me that conservatives and liberals are wired differently. I just want all of the hatred and fighting to stop.
  20. I don’t know…. I’ve known some teachers I was pretty sure were mentally unbalanced, to put it politely. 🤣
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