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  2. Sophomore Bender # 7 started and number 13 came in with the 2nd team. Bender looked like a good athlete and quick but struggled against the Patriot experienced secondary he finished 2 of 11 for 19 yards and 4 interceptions and had 4 rushes for negative 4 yards.
  3. IU should beat Rutgers. They have a decent shot vs Maryland, and a punchers chance vs Nebraska and NWstern, but the rest of the schedule is unwinnable. Mich, Mich St, Penn St.
  4. Agree with everything. ND is lucky the score was even close. ND QB was scrambling out of the pocket even when he had pocket protection. But, I'm not sure it's really Notre Dame that's bad or just a case of one of the SEC's elite kicking butt!
  5. South Adams (71.79) is a 2-point favorite (1.51-point home-field advantage) against Homestead (68.32) Perfect!
  6. And after little ol' 2A's North Knox and Linton both beat Boonville... Side note, nice to see the Warriors back on the winning track! Us oldtimers remember the days when North Knox was a football powerhouse!
  7. This pic has been making the rounds today via social media. It was not flagged.
  8. They actually play all 9 weeks in conference. The HCC did this from ‘06 - ‘13. It makes it impossible for the algorithm to rate teams until tournament play. Sagarin continues all the way through to the championship, so remaining teams each week continue to be rated.
  9. Wow, great post on multiple levels! Yes, there was the elephant in the room, all those years when 7 of the final 8 in 1A thru 4A were private/parochial...and the converse you mentioned has happened too...not just in football; basketball also... Flip side though - I agree, Linton might well have been playing at LOS last year but for the success factor...and folks around Linton would have been proclaiming it as one of the greatest teams Linton has ever had...when we now know otherwise....I mean Southridge and Sullivan both outscored Linton by four touchdowns last year. As far as the IHSAA taking away the opportunity away from those kids, well, Linton's roster was over 90% underclassmen last year. So those kids have a chance this year. In 2A. It's a tough call. Some small schools are in fact penalized by the "success factor" for having a "good run." Others, who are perennially good programs probably would be OK playing in a higher class anyway. But I do agree with you on the IHSAA's reluctance to "call a spade a spade" as you said.
  10. Let me get this logic straight. Fact 1: 10 high school playing schools out of roughly 320 in Indiana have organized themselves in such a fashion that they ONLY play each other for the first 8 weeks of the season. They do not play any other teams in the State of Indiana......PERIOD. In other words, for the first 8 weeks of the football season these schools might as well be playing all of their games in Zimbabwe. Fact 2: A computer program is developed to compare and contrast teams in a given geographic area and predict just where those teams stand in relation with one another. Said program or some form of it is used throughout the country as a means to rank teams in multiple sports nationally at every level of play. The basis of the program is making connections between teams as they play one another and extending those connections throughout all the various hundreds of teams throughout the State. Fact 3: Certain persons from said teams think the rating system is “dumb”, “stooopid” or something along those lines because it cannot properly rank their relative standing among the other 310 teams in the State because they refuse to play ANY OF THE OTHER 320 teams.
  11. I too was in favor of a 4 year as opposed to a 2 year cycle. Gives a program time to "get up to speed" so to speak... We all know who the programs are who consistently play above their class (and it isn't just the privates and parochials, in case anyone was wondering)
  12. Noblesville possibly will, but I don’t think it’s a bad look in the SAC. The HCC is a conference full of Homestead’s and Carroll’s. Noblesville doesn’t get an off week with North, South, Wayne, Northrop, or smaller private schools. I’ve seen quite a lot of Homestead on Summit City Sports. IMO, they have the offense that could possibly ruin the MIC party on Thanksgiving weekend. They are huge offensively with good skill in the passing game. I don’t have their line size, but the skills are: 6’6 QB, 6’0 205 WR, 6’4 WR, and a 6’3 230 TE has committed to Bowling Green. The QB is an Iowa basketball recruit who isn’t a stiff. That TE is a monster who seemingly catches everything thrown to him across the middle.
  14. I basically agree. Re: the lower classes, what you said is basically true. However, I believe in Linton's case, the bump to 2A has been a good move for the program. The kids and the coaches are learning what it takes to compete at a higher level. Of course, a slight bump in enrollment has kept Linton in 2A. No matter, they beefed up the schedule knowing they'd have to play better teams to prepare for the postseason. But you're right, that "once in a generation" player or class can make it tough for the underclassmen to follow up on.
  15. One of very few real tests for the Irish in Athens, GA tonight, especially since Michigan replaces Florida State as the consistently most over rated team by a mile spot. While it was close, Georgia was more convincing. Way too many costly mistakes for ND. It seemed like a bad combination of plays not being called in and players being confused. That cost them a time out in each half. Imagine if they did not have to waste time outs like that. Huge difference in QB play as well. Fromm looked poised and comfortable most of the night. I thought it might be good that the Irish defense got some shots early on him. Book had one drive that looked good. He had the Georgia defense guessing wrong and they got down field in a hurry with a great mix of short passes and long passes. They never did get back to anything resembling that. Even on the last drive, there was time to run routes over the middle. It was wide open. The defense started out fantastic. I love the overall speed and the way they fly to the football. But they were on the field WAY too much that second half. While I am glad it was not a blowout, the score is not really indicative of how much better Georgia really is. The question does come up though; is this as far as Kelly can get them? I am not saying he should be gone per se, because who is out there to actually take this to another level? Is it really a matter of being a player or two short of the next level? I am no fan of moral victories....a loss is a loss. I disagree with Gary Danielson too. No matter what happens the remainder of the season, the Irish are on the outside looking in. Too many people complained last year, even after it was all settled and they proved they belonged in the playoff. Clemson won’t lose. The ACC is weaker than the B1G in my mind. There very well could be two SEC teams in, and Georgia will be one of them. Is Alabama the other? Even if they meet in the conference title game? LSU has a great offense, but their defense is nowhere near as good as Georgia’s imho. Ok....rant over. Time to finish tonight’s work on hudl 🙂☘️
  16. Generally if a team drops back so far they wouldn't be competitive in the class above them, they likely aren't going to contend for a championship at their current level. Especially at anything below 5A there isn't a huge difference from the top of 1 class to the top of another class. It also depends entirely on the sectional they are assigned. The same team could win the sectional of the class above them but struggle to win their sectional just based on the other teams in their region. I think the success factor has been largely successful in mixing up the teams in each class and isn't public/private specific.
  17. The good crews would probably make this same call with the same observation as this crew. Other crews would probably not fully understand the rule. There is judgement involved in many plays. As Bobref pointed out this could have been ruled an unsportsmanlike conduct and the period not extended if they didn't feel the WC players on the field had an influence on the result. If that's their judgement they aren't wrong. Wiser minds can make either argument. But this crew obviously understood this rule and have proven over and over again they are prepared for this type of play. I trust whatever decision they make in this case. Just because a fan doesn't agree with a call doesn't mean they aren't consistency. Unless you fully understand the rules and philosophies which takes years of study and experience many things won't seem consistent. They are actually much more consistent than you realize. We have a wide variety of experience of ability of officials in HS so you will never have full consistency from crew to crew or game to game. They definitely aren't making a decision based on who they want to win. They are basing it on the facts they know and observed at the time. If you think otherwise you do not understand the role of an official.
  18. I would argue it would be controversial regardless of what they called. They call nothing or go with unsportsmanlike conduct and declare the game over others would say they can't believe they let them get away with it. Officials don't care about the controversy side. They go with the information they have at the time and enforce accordingly. They obviously felt these players had an influence on the play. I know this crew well and trust their judgement.
  19. Last time I can remember a Heritage Hills player score 4 different ways was Kenton Crews 2014 against Southridge. Punt Return, Interception return, Reception and Rush. http://hhqbclub.com/history/HH-srfball2014.html
  20. Its gonna be a tough one for us. Culver is big and physical. Last year we caught them a little bit with the switch at QB and on the onside kicks. Its gonna be a tough time. Culver def will dominate the clock.. Hope we can create some turnovers, score quickly and hold on for dear life like last year. We are better as a whole then our team last year but so are you guys.
  21. Gibson, not Gipson. And what does them moaking a run have to do with the SIAC? Just wondering.
  22. Tough. Been there! As you have too...those early pains one will turn into gains! Our line has been better this year. I would have loved to seen how we would have done had Kiefer our center not gone down for the year and our left tackle not stayed back in Texas. Russell is starting to get into rhythm.38-57 for 381 in his last 3 games. I think hes got 1 td and 1 pick. Just gotta capitalize in the end zone!
  23. An absolute embarrassment that 1a schools are being ranked anywhere other than 'should not be playing football', let alone over homestead
  24. Triton QB made some good throws, he was off at times and had 3 picks. One of these was at goal line when the were trying to capitalize on a Culver fumble. Culver secondary has come along way on pass defense since opening game
  25. Bloomington North Columbus North Southport Terre Haute South
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