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  2. If he can turn them around in only three years I’ll be extremely impressed. That program went backwards like 100 years when Patrick Parks retired after the 2017 season. They’re 1-29 since then. They squeaked out a one point win against Greenfield-Central in 2018. Other than that, they’ve lost every game by 23 or more. They scored 21 points total in 2019 and 51 points total last year. Their average loss the last three years has been by 52 points.
  3. We know Male is a tough out, but Dupont Manual will be as well. They only played 5 games this last year and were 3-2, but they were 9-3 the year before. Like Male, they are a premier magnet school in JCPS. We also know that New Albany returns a lot off of a very competitive team. Really?? He was completely out of education this last year after the Paoli situation. Good for him. He is a great coach. He definitely has a tall task ahead there.
  4. Coach Glesing is a good program builder. They’ll be competitive in about 3 years.
  5. He’s a good program builder. In about 3 years they’ll be competitive.
  6. Rodgers is likely to stay put. I am a bigger fan of Mark Murphy after this quote: "We're not idiots. Aaron Rodgers will be back. He's our leader," https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2928415-packers-mark-murphy-says-aaron-rodgers-will-return-in-2021-were-not-idiots.amp.html?fbclid=IwAR3LSpSw-hRGTMJaA8q-0vcHA_p2gVxuSLWU_kdN7rXfnAjS-5_dvfLIPZU
  7. Looks like Brian Glesing took the job at Shelbyville. Boy, he’s got a lot of work to do there. @Fkfootball
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  9. I think the fact that both Pace and Nagy are still here means they are all in on Trubisky... for one more season. If that’s the case, please, please, pretty please address the offensive line issues.
  10. Floyd Central Schedule 2021 @Louisville Male Louisville Manuel Silver Creek Seymour @Jeffersonville @Columbus East Bedford North Lawrence Jennings County @New Albany Im guessing about 5-4 or 4-5 with that schedule. Big rebuilding year. Talent will have to carry them because experience is very minimal.
  11. Please, tell me you actually do not believe this statement? They BOTH are brutal QB development
  12. Sorry you feel that way In nowhere in you posts did it show any promotion of Indiana HS Football. You do you though. always have, and for the record, I simply asked to refrain from comparing school based on how many black athletes they have. If that makes me a snowflake, so be it, but I felt it was the correct call for where that rabbit hole was going. For the record, there was no threat of banning, or anything such. A simple request was made by me, but go ahead create your standard Martyr complex, its your go to playbook.
  13. Im excited. I've heard but good things from Paoli people so far. Very curious how the offense will look! Will you be returning to OC?
  14. Yep, it has pretty much turned into that.
  15. Is this an airport? Bus or train station? I never understand the mindset of people wanting to announce their departures from social media sites....lol For a guy that hates what he calls the "bro culture" or the "look at me" type athletes; creating a "look at me" topic is not only funny, but ironic.
  16. I mentioned our camp in my first reply...Trai Essex sponsors the camp. It is run by our high school staff at New Haven, and is open to kids in the community, but we are not allowed to have current high school players because it is just our staff. I also work the Northeast Indiana Skills Camp that is junior high and high school level. It is a mix of coaches from various programs. The only restriction there is to keep from coaching more than a couple of kids from our own programs. The notion that they can draw from the entire State is a bit much. If Chatard were doing things at their camp like o
  17. Since a couple of OOB members (OK - maybe just one) tried (but failed) to paint SF into a corner claiming I hate gay/trans on another thread:
  18. Did I call you out somehow? I'm confused. Must have missed it. Show me.
  19. I may be one of the few one here that has kid in a large diverse high school....forums, schools, workplace.....its an interesting time.
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