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  2. No guessing. To quote the kid from Kindergarten Cop. "Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina"
  3. Good. Happy to hear that. Heard he was a really good wrestler too.
  4. To be clear. I'm perfectly okay with a coach being that "guiding light" without pouring his life into it. Many coaches have a family to go home to and kids to raise.
  5. You would think so...... I believe the official ASB (Assigned Sex at Birth) is determined by a doctor (normally an MD) who upon observing the genital makeup of the baby will assign either male, female or intersex.... However, this methodology is now considered "Phony science" as "cultural transformation" is now considered the new science according to the The Boston Medical Center - The Fenway Institute and informed by Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia - Scientific American Blog Network I Guess????? https://www.bmc.org/glossary-culture-transformation/assigned-sex-birth Assigned Sex at Birth Noun The sex (male, female, intersex) assigned to a child at birth, most often based on the child's external anatomy. Also referred to as birth sex, natal sex, biological sex, or sex. Other examples: AFAB (assigned female at birth), AMAB (assigned male at birth). Note: It is not valid to use “biology” or “science” to claim assigned sex at birth and/or gender are a fixed, concrete concept and/or binary. Science favors the fact that sex and gender are more complicated and involve much more than one’s sexual organs. Source Adapted from The Fenway Institute and informed by Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia - Scientific American Blog Network
  6. Yep. The clock was your best friend and your running back was averaging nearly 7 yards per carry.
  7. All good coaches realize the responsibility that they are charged with to be that guiding light while pouring everything they have and sacrificing everything towards wining it all, every time, every year. Which is part of the enjoyment, football coaches are crazy that way. My above comment was a personal opinion, that you cannot win a state title without having coaches that believe in being a positive light / mentor, because those are the ones that are willing to give up their life too win a ring. It would be offensive to coaches that they only do it for enjoyment. When the player asks for money at the HS level, it strikes deep at the heart of those coaches that are the day in day out grinders. Getting zero dollars to coach, doing it because they know it is a worthwhile endeavor for humans to be involved in. It, the NIL HS argument, like a lot of other things currently, missed the target. Stop asking if we could, start asking if we should.
  8. Those two are not mutually exclusive. Nor should they be.
  9. I mean I guess you could day so, but needing to bleed the clock late in the game with a two possession lead deep in your own territory and then throwing it at the best cornerback in the state in the process is next level overthinking.
  10. Isn't that what happens 75% of the time? They just remind me of Homestead in that they seem to have a level they can't seem to reach over.
  11. Your pause on LN is warranted. They have a had a lot of D1 talent roll through there recently and have little to show for it. I just have a hunch that they may break through this year. This sorta surprised me when I was digging for my preseason top 50… LN has won 3 straight against Warren and has split with BD the last 4 times.
  12. Could start a new thread on this topic. How many current coaches are doing this just for the enjoyment and the "positive light" on kids and with no intention of spilling their entire life into building a state championship team.........which is pretty much what it takes.
  13. Coaching overthinking got in the way. They had BD on the ropes.
  14. If it benefits private schools, Indiana legislators will let, *make, it happen. They aren’t thinking of the best solution for the situation, just themselves (because their children attend private schools) That’s been proven by their actions on other educational issues. Back to Football: How many good coaches who just want to coach football and be a positive light for their kids are gonna leave coaching over this? I can see it now, first time the 30 yr veteran coach gets told by his star D-Lineman he needs a thousand bucks to play this year, that coach is out. These kids are minors. College NIL is way different, grown adults (legally) and the image profiting is real at that level. We think this is going too help the entitlement issue with kids? Good luck with that. How many good coaches will leave the state to one that doesn’t have an inept organization like the IHSAA trying to manage something like this? Currently they cannot get an enrollment multiplier figured out (successful factor steals more championships than it helps create) or simple seeding for the tournament. We think they could control NIL $?
  15. Correct about Homestead's quarterback, he's supposed to be pretty good. I'm not surprised as the Spartan's have a history of producing some good QB's. Homestead went through their "barely mediocre" stage the last couple of seasons. This could be the year they pull out of it. The Duneland will see one SAC team. Homestead is heading south like normal. Odds of them getting out of that sectional isn't very good. Snider and Carroll, who both look to be good, are in the same sectional. One will take the other out, leaving one SAC team for the regionals (unless it's Elkhart).
  16. Yeah, I too thought Brownsburg was the best team last year. Feels like they are Georgia pre-Kirby Smart. interesting early season test for Brownsburg and Bishop Dwnger. Same for Carmel vs. Homestead. We'll see if Carmel is officially no longer a top dog in Hamilton County. Wasn't Homestead really young last year? IIRC, they had a Sophomore at QB and a lot of younger starters when I saw them play Noblesville. With Snider in Sectional 2 we could see a few Duneland vs. SAC playoff games. Any DAC team that loses should ask themselves if the SAC team was better prepared by scheduling an Indy team. Unless that team from Arizona that Crown Point is playing is really good. I have no clue about them.
  17. For some reason I'm thinking North Central was third largest when I was in high school. Carmel, BD, NC, and then Penn or WC at either four and five. I don't think that fact throws a broomstick into your spokes or anything, just thinking that's how it was. That's understandable. I suppose I'd change my mind if Westfield falls off, but having possible matchups with Westfield and HSE in the sectional and regional seems like reason enough to tamp down any expectation of annual state finals appearances. Those schools are large enough to negate any advantage that Carmel's enrollment might give them. Although, maybe the short-leash approach is less imprudent considering they've had Dullaghan, Belden, Moriarity, and Wright stalking the sidelines and could almost certainly get whoever they want in the future.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Not going to hold my breath with Mallory. In eleven seasons, seven wins seems to be his plateau. But again. I'll defer to the Indy experts. Without documentation to back me up, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. They've always been the largest schools.
  20. I don't think I've ever felt for a program 120 miles away like I did for Brownsburg last year. I felt like they were the best team in the state, but unfortunately couldn't seal the deal. I can only imagine that propelled the underclassmen to work their butts off in in the off season. It will be interesting to see how they respond. If they drop 50 on Dwenger again by halftime in Week 1, they'll launch into my favorite to take state. John Hebert's had some mediocre seasons before, only to follow it up with a state title. I'm expecting a win in Week 1 against Homestead, per usual. Week 2 will tell us whether or not they are a contender.
  21. Got my NF rulebook, and it contains some more discussion of this year’s Points of Emphasis, including formations. It’s clear that the emphasis is on 2 things: 1. Offensive linemen who are actually not on the line because they don’t have a head or foot breaking the plane drawn through the waist of the snapper. 2. “Backs” who are not clearly in the backfield. “If an offensive player lines up by intersecting the waistline of the tackle, but not the snapper, Team A has committed an illegal formation foul because all Team A players must be a lineman or back.” We have been told unambiguously to enforce these rules as written. #2 is, IMO, the most overlooked penalty in HS football. It will be interesting to see if this causes problems.
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