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  2. Yeah, seems administration is the common denominator here.
  3. You have to admit, suggesting - even tongue in cheek - that a rich donor ran the coach off isn’t exactly flattering the program.
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  5. Damnit Rodney, you are going to upset all the Karens on this site!!! Also, you forgot the biggest rule of all, always bet against Merrillville when they have at least 45 D1 players!!!
  6. This is probably going to upset Cody. No representation from The Region.
  7. Is it? My mind would go there with any school that is on their 4th HC in 7 years. Especially with the one they just ran off having won Marion County Coach of the Year the year before. I would hope the Administration realizes that they will be losing talent to the new top program in the south (Center Grove) now so this may not be the prime opportunity they think it is. Unless LH is returning from college to carry the ball 40+ times a game I don’t think the Admin will be happy with anyone. Do you have any thoughts that would be constructive to this topic?
  8. In 2022, the Executive Meeting was held May 3rd, with the alignments being announced later that day. The next executive meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday. Look for them to be announced later that day.
  9. Can you edit the thread title to say “how to pick the whiners” instead?
  10. people calling you non neutral are in fact non neutral themselves... honestly u can take the line out of the equation and just stick a dot on ec if u want
  11. today i am going to introduce you all to the strategy that guides my betting, for educational purposes something tells me if you want entertainment to read quickly as usual if you take me seriously it is your own damn fault I call it the circle line dot NP strategy. first a few rules/suggestions 1. beware of special teams that break the system, such as EC the last two years. 2. high volume of small bets 3. look for fans of teams to bet against, not neutral people - for instance: it is a lot harder to get @temptation to take only 19 points for a random team he isn't affiliated with, then it would be for say the father of the quarterback of that team 4. you're going to be betting on a lot of potential blowouts, once you find your target fan, throw out arbitrary numbers that aren't as lopsided as they seem, and then double down until they are sick of your arrogance and their ego accepts your terms. ok now on to the meat of the betting strategy: bet on teams inside of the circle of victory bet on teams south of the line of dominance bet on teams at the dots of success (if you think your team should be on the other side of the line or inside the dots it probably should, i did this on a track pad leave me alone) and last but not least "NP" the notable privates you know who they are, dont be afraid to put your faith on memorial, or andrean, vs some of the less notable schools under the line, but be weary of the circle finally: don't play yourself, if you lose betting on ips schools its on you not the system
  12. Ironically, one of the loudest hits I've ever heard on the gridiron was one in which a kid on Warren's kickoff team was the victim. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.
  13. Last time around, in 2022, Sectional assignments were announced on May 3.
  14. And less than 24 hours from the Bears announcing a new domed stadium on the lakefront. At this point i'm losing hope that the Bears are playing hardball to get a better tax rate in Arlington Heights and are actually considering a new lakefront stadium (likely owned by Chicago Parks Department) over controlling an entire entertainment complex in Arlington Heights. A lakefront stadium is appealing for sitelines, but it's a nightmare to get to for spectators because of Lake Shore Drive and the train lines.
  15. No, I mean the inflated numbers that are being presented of which many are simply jobs that were lost during the pandemic.
  16. Yep, and demanding they piss on a stick upon request after being pulled over also.
  17. Does anyone have any idea as to when the IHSAA will release the new sectional alignments for the next 2 seasons? It was my understanding that they would be released a week or so ago.
  18. I remember the Graham kid from Warren just laying somebody out on a kick return. Could not believe that kid got up from that one.
  19. Just over 48 hours until the Bears franchise changing decision...
  20. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2024-nfl-draft-ranking-the-quarterback-prospects-based-on-a-college-football-performance-formula/
  21. It's good that everyone can look back and laugh. At the end of the day, Penn still has five state titles in the largest school division and the best record in the state spanning four decades.
  22. I'm certain the defense got through the game (physically) unscathed! Mentally––very, very scathed. I suppose you could argue we didn't have a single able-bodied player from the opening kickoff given the results. We for sure had one unreported head injury on special teams––of course those were the dying days of the bell-ringing era.
  23. It just seems too highly sensationalized for a regional paper...
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