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  1. So it should be even higher next week......Mrs. SF and I decided to venture down to FW Friday evening and pick up some Coney Island dogs. Which we did. Imagine my surprise when pulling into the open lot next to the shop that evening. (one block away from the protests that we didn't know were happening) Anyhow - got my Coney Dogs and got out of town. Construction from 33 into town was a nightmare - putting in all those roundabouts.....
  2. Biden can be summed up in this statement: It's no longer unusual for local police departments to own mine-resistant vehicles, grenade launchers, and even tanks. These weapons of war have never been appropriate for police work, but billions of dollars' worth of them have been distributed to departments around the country—in part because Biden voted for the original legislation. In his speech on Tuesday, Biden did not grapple with that unfortunate bit of his legislative history. Hopefully he will be asked about it soon.
  3. Anyone else surprised to see his death wasn't a Covid-19 related death? I mean come on - EVEN IF his death could be because of any other health-related event, the fact that the officer held his knee on Mr. Flloyd's neck for as long as he did with 2 other officers sitting on him had to be the catalyst for killing him.
  4. SF has heard that undercover officers were walking around (like this dude) and when rioters weren't fired up enough, they would break a window and move on so the police on the scene could justify being more aggressive.
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