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  1. Simply opinions at this time, but I have wondered ever since the news on this broke if this really happened as Mr. Smollett says it did. Why did he still have the noose around his neck later when the cops arrived? Why are these men clearly black when he says his attackers were white and knew the men in the picture were his attackers because "he was there". Why didn't he give his phone up when the cops wanted it to check his story? Why, when he did give records or his phone, did I read some items were redacted? Why was he able to sing on stage so soon after the attack with bruised or broken ribs? And was he really going to be written off his show? Smells a little fishy to SF...... https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/15/jussie-smollett-suspects-arrested-battery-nigerian-brothers-empire-extras-actors/ Police have now arrested 2 men in the Jussie Smollett investigation -- 2 men with ties to "Empire" -- and TMZ has learned they were booked for battery. The men are brothers from Nigeria named Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, and Chicago cops are now calling them "potential suspects" ... as opposed to persons of interest. We know it was their home cops raided Wednesday and seized a long list of potential evidence ... including several bottles of bleach. As we reported ... cops picked up Ola and Abel, their nicknames, on Wednesday night at O'Hare Airport. A Chicago law enforcement source tells us the next step may be a lineup in which Jussie will be asked to identify the culprits. This raises a potential problem because, as we first reported, Jussie initially said his attackers were white and yelled "MAGA country." The Osundairos, from Nigeria, just don't fit that profile. As you know, Jussie has stated the men in the dark, grainy image released last month are definitely his attackers. Police are not confirming the Osundairo brothers are the men in that photo. Ola played a prison inmate on season 2 of "Empire." It's unclear exactly how well they know Jussie, but we know Jussie follows their joint Instagram account. Abel also says he's worked on "Empire." Both brothers describe themselves online as actors and models. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/15/entertainment/jussie-smollett-suspects/index.html (CNN)Two men have been arrested in connection to an attack reported by "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett, the Chicago Police Department said Friday. The men arrested were the same men that police previously said were being viewed as "potential suspects," according to Tom Ahern, Chicago police communications deputy director. The men, who police said were arrested Wednesday, have not been charged. Earlier Friday, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said two Nigerian brothers were beingtreated as "potential suspects" and that detectives had "probable cause that they may have been involved in an alleged crime." Police did not say at that time precisely what the brothers were accused of or what the alleged crime might have been. Smollett, one of the stars of "Empire," told authorities he was attacked early January 29 by two men who lobbed "racial and homophobic slurs" at him. After a brief struggle, both men ran away, and Smollett told police that one attacker had allegedly put a rope around his neck and poured an unknown chemical substance on him. "Interrogations will resume today with the two individuals and their attorney," Guglielmi said in Friday's statement. "While we haven't found any video documenting the alleged attack, there is also no evidence to say that this is a hoax." "The alleged victim is being cooperative at this time and continues to be treated as a victim, not a suspect," he added. Police said Thursday they were questioning the two men after meeting them at Chicago O'Hare International Airport Wednesday night, but they were not considered suspects at that time. Their apartment was searched by police earlier this week. One of the brothers has appeared on the show "Empire," according to police. Authorities previously released surveillance images of two silhouetted figures in the area of the attack, who they said were wanted for questioning.
  2. You also have to consider that location where Amazon was going, the same people that protested this move are the same ilk (congressional district) that elected her.....
  3. Having friends (clients) in the Empire state particularly in NYC I find them on both sides of the debate. Bottom line, this company was planning on using the tax breaks (which were honestly a little too much) to upgrade an extremely blighted property in an extremely blighted section of the town in return for having an HQ in NYC. I try to consider the source(s). Amazon wants to produce a product (fulfillment and transportation) at the lowest cost it can, so it will lean that way and did. Whereas AOC and her side of anti-corporate protesters see Amazon coming in as a bully. In the end, those 25,000 jobs will go elsewhere and the added state and local revenues from the corporate profits and employee withholding will as well, and that section in Long Island City will remain a defunct piece of decay in a dying state already losing revenue paying companies......
  4. I has always been a supporter of a flat tax - for reasons like this, not that I won't miss looking for an extra deduction or 2........Again, according to my Turbotax report at the end we did have a 3% decrease in tax liability this year so I got that going for me.
  5. DJT was elected in 2016, took office in January, 2017. The Republican congress and Senate did not deliver any legislation in 2017, so in early 2018 the President informed them he was going to do exactly what he did in December if this issue was still being ignored. Now everyone acts surprised with his frustration and his determination to get something accomplished that EVERY administration since Reagan has PROMISED the American people. Notice in your graph where the recent significant drop in apprehensions started - About the time the last border fence construction was started......In other words, the wall worked......So finish the wall......
  6. I stand corrected. I just logged into Turbotax, looked at my return and you are correct. I did fill out the expenses section and gave my vehicle information and documented miles as normal, but that number did not transfer over to the actual return. I didn't pay any attention to that. Oh well, I guess I don't need to be as anal as before about keeping mileage notes. Will make Mrs. SF happier.....
  7. W2. I am the manager, so I have salary plus commission. I use my personal vehicle often for travel with little or no reimbursement (driving to the airport, or calling on customers within 5 hours).
  8. Our (married filing jointly - no kid's deduction anymore) tax liability was down 3% this year (according to Turbotax) versus 2017. Not any heavier deductions, still got mileage, meals, and charitable deductions. My refund was less, but I am certainly OK with that since it's my money to begin with.
  9. A two year event? What rock have you been living under since Reagan was in office and has resulted in (estimated) almost 13 million illegal aliens undocumented immigrants. Everyone seems to forget that little bit of history like when the fencing/border barrier was approved under Bush 44 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Fence_Act_of_2006 and continued through Obama. SF doesn't like it either, but with this having been going on since the Reagan years without ANY resolution this President (who IMHO really wants results, not sweet talk) is determined to get this done since the partisan divide in the House and Senate is making it impossible. I don't agree with your opinion that it is against the American people. My main concern is that this action will lead to the next side of the aisle declaring "man-made climate change" a national emergency under the next administration.
  10. Yep - hook, line and sinker......
  11. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/former-fbi-director-mccabe-says-he-ordered-obstruction-probe-trump-n971441?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_np&fbclid=IwAR3yzLvYMz6P7ySzta7cz61zotdQW4lqpd8Vqua1B32rQbawsae30_5V41c McCabe speaks out and is under fire from both Trump and the DOJ. On "CBS This Morning," Pelley provided more details about the interview, including McCabe's description of the aftermath of Comey's firing, saying there were "meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment." "These were the eight days from Comey's firing to the point that Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel," he continued. "And the highest levels of American law enforcement were trying to figure out what do with the president." In an interview with NBC News' Andrea Mitchell, Vice President Mike Pence said, however, that he "never heard of any discussion of the 25th amendment, and, frankly, I find any mention of it to be absurd." He added that he "couldn't be more proud" of Trump's accomplishments in office, "and the words of a disgraced FBI agent won't change that fact for the American people." On Thursday, Pelley also said McCabe confirmed in the interview that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did consider wearing a wire in meetings with the president. When that information was reported last year, it nearly led to Rosenstein's exit from the Justice Department. Although a prior Justice Department statement said the proposal was made in jest, McCabe said it was taken seriously, Pelley said. McCabe "says no, it came up more than once, and it was so serious that he took it to the lawyers at the FBI to discuss it," Pelley said. In a statement Thursday, the Justice Department disputed McCabe's assertions in the interview, calling his recollections "inaccurate and factually incorrect." "The Deputy Attorney General never authorized any recording that Mr. McCabe references," the department's statement said. "As the Deputy Attorney General previously has stated, based on his personal dealings with the President, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment, nor was the DAG in a position to consider invoking the 25th Amendment." White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, meanwhile, said in a statement that McCabe "was fired in total disgrace from the FBI because he lied to investigators on multiple occasions, including under oath." "His selfish and destructive agenda drove him to open a completely baseless investigation into the President," she continued. "His actions were so shameful that he was referred to federal prosecutors. Andrew McCabe has no credibility and is an embarrassment to the men and women of the FBI and our great country." McCabe was fired last year — just before his planned retirement — in the aftermath of a Justice Department inspector general's report said he misled investigators regarding a leak about the FBI's investigation of the Clinton Foundation, which he denies. The inspector general referred its findings to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia last year for possible prosecution, and prosecutors reportedly have convened a grand jury on the matter. Even though he is no longer there, and is actually close to being prosecuted, I wonder if people realize how determined and close this guy was to heading a coup to oust the President using a fake dossier as the genesis. Endorsing Deputy Attorney Rosenstein to "wear a wire" in meetings with the President. I suppose since the Mueller investigation is winding down and the current word is there is nothing implicating the President colluded with Russia, he thinks he better his book out there while he can still sell a few......
  12. The only connection this disabled individual has to this thread is his red MAGA hat. His discussion is solely aimed at his disagreement with LGBTQ affiliated groups.....Not Covington Catholic, the Hebrew Israelites, or the drumbeating Indian......Not getting the point of this post other than verifying a stereotypical assumption of a guy wearing a MAGA hat.....