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  1. Maybe on the chassis that (if you looked at the instagram link I posted) are sitting at the dock where the drivers who are currently there are waiting for over 4 hours so they could leave the port? IDK - or any of the intermodel container transfer sites nearby where they could be loaded onto rail cars.....Yeah my industry is relying on those longshoremen to actually get their job done. I may not live close to California, but I have been to Long Beach and seen the operation. When those dudes are working, they are really moving, but when it shuts down, it SHUTS DOWN and nothing or nobody moves until the next start up.
  2. The video depicted Groves, who was 15 at the time, and had just obtained her learner's permit, saying "I can drive, [slur]." The remark was not directed at anyone in particular. The brief video clip featuring it circulated on Snapchat until it was obtained and saved by Galligan, who had grown furious at how often he heard his white classmates using the N-word. SF is surmising it was OK with Galligan when one of his non-white classmates dropped the "N" word though.......
  3. The Union, coupled with the PROC (Peoples Republic of California) having so many rules and regs on semi-trucks forcing many trucks to avoid the State and take other runs, it's no wonder the State of Florida is setting out welcome mats to freight companies to come to their shores instead of California's. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVCQt7nofKN/?fbclid=IwAR2foNQd2fglQVPUpx4-IqhvN0_gzJwhH_4TuVXZTc57HRy8RuaGHfDRmvg
  4. "Fully Vaccinated" Former SOS & Chairman of the JCOS General Colin Powell dead at 84 "Due to Covid" https://nypost.com/2021/10/18/colin-powell-former-general-and-secretary-of-state-dead-at-84/
  5. https://nypost.com/2021/10/13/dad-arrested-at-school-board-meeting-rips-ag-merrick-garland/ A Virginia father who was arrested at a school board meeting has ripped Attorney General Merrick Garland for painting him as a domestic terrorist — saying he’d just been trying to raise the alarm about his daughter getting “sexually assaulted” in a school bathroom. Scott Smith, 48, became a symbol of angry parents confronting school officials when he went viral at a June 22 meeting of the Loudoun County School Board as he was wrestled to the floor and arrested. But on Tuesday, Smith told Fox News that he had been trying to raise the alarm about his daughter’s sexual assault — and only flipped out when officials and then another parent denied it. It appears to be backed up by video of an arrest, which captured his wife shouting, “My child was raped at school and this is what happens!” Smith told Laura Ingraham that he finally decided to speak publicly about his daughter’s ordeal because he says the same alleged attacker was charged with another similar attack — and because the AG suggested angry parents like him were “domestic terrorists.” “This DoJ thing — that’s scary,” Smith said. So this man's daughter had been raped, and his reaction to being called a liar resulted in his beating and arrest in front of the school board......... I know a guy, that if this were him being treated this way after his daughter had been raped, this school board meeting wouldn't have ended this well........A school board, just like every other form of government works for us, not the other way around.
  6. So - IF the Southwest Airlines mess-up is totally a weather-related/logistical mistake kinda thing like the media is painting with this picture, (and not a protest by the pilot's union, which is pretty much denied by the same media) then perhaps the "Civil Action" filed in the State of Texas by SWAPA on behalf of the pilots isn't real? https://unicourt.com/case/pc-db5-southwest-airlines-pilots-association-swapa-v-southwest-airlines-co-1003278?fbclid=IwAR1cUwe4iGjUq7TCR1RuL5jTnPsZGOtDL5iAlHo4kKFhbe1MPGsAHJ02jcM
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/10/07/moderna-founders-make-forbes-list-of-400-richest-americans/ (Nothing to see here)
  8. Just think - This "non-partisan" AG was nominated and almost a Supreme Court Justice......
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