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  1. Has anyone broken the news to Mrs. Potato Head?
  2. -story.html FTA: Nagy and Pace are LASER FOCUSED... 🤣 It says they are “laser focused on winning in 2021... .” Does that mean they weren’t in 2020? If they weren’t, why were they retained? If they were ... look at the results. Again, why were they retained?
  3. In his heyday he was one of the most influential people in America.
  4. I think the only solution, albeit an imperfect one, is to convince coaches, players and parents of the virtues of playing multiple sports, through education.
  5. I didn’t intend to suggest that consolidation, resulting in decreased athletic opportunities, was the only reason for the increase in ever-younger single sport specialization. But as you pointed out, there are other factors as well. That makes it extremely unlikely that any studies of the effects of school consolidation on specialization could be properly designed.
  6. One unintended consequence is increasing single sport specialization, which studies have shown increases the probability of both injury and burnout.
  7. Success and improvement are functions of expectations. For probably 75% of the schools in the state, a state championship is an unrealistic expectation. Part of strategic improvement is setting realistic interim goals and checking them off one by one. A winning season, a conference championship, sectional titles, etc. There are many measuring sticks for improvement. We “fans” may not be interested in anything but rings, but that doesn’t mean the coaches or kids feel the same way. So, they’re not “sunk” by any realistic measuring stick.
  8. I suppose that is technically true. But the stimulus or motivation for that improvement can be external. Development of new rivalries with good teams can stimulate the drive to improve. How many times have we heard of a school playing an unfamiliar, difficult opponent in the playoffs, getting thumped, and then they they say something like, “it was a valuable experience because now we understand what it takes to get to the next level.” It’s true. New competition can drive improvement.
  9. That’s a little circular, wouldn’t you say? “There is hardly any political question in the United States that sooner or later does not turn into a judicial question.” — Alexis de Tocqueville We’ll never know for sure, since the vote was an acquittal. But if there were ever a conviction of a President after leaving office, my money is on SCOTUS having the last word on the constitutionality of such a “conviction.”
  10. Big surprise, Congress decided it had jurisdiction. The Congress is not the final arbiter, however.
  11. OK, 2nd verse, same as the first.... Can Congress now get back to screwing up the country in more traditional ways?
  12. I have to admit, I have been in this area for a long time. Lived in Valpo for 10 years. Even taught at Valpo U for 5 years. I have never heard a whisper of controversy about the nickname or mascot.
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