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  1. Since 1903 Crown Point and Lowell have battled each other 117 times. Winner gets possession of The Old Leather Helmet trophy.
  2. Results do have to mean something.
  3. The CFP is not an NCAA championship. It’s an entertainment venture. Their charter says the goal is to get the 4 best teams in the country, so as to maximize the entertainment value of the events. Given their objective, I think they got it exactly right.
  4. That’s almost as funny as 4 star QB CJ Carr — grandson of former Michigan HFC Lloyd Carr — committing to ND.
  5. The mighty, mighty Eagles of St. Edward pull away late to defeat Springfield 31-21 and win their 3rd consecutive Ohio Div. 1 title. On you mighty Eagles, You’ll have to fight to win a victory! So fight, you mighty Eagles, and raise Saint Edward’s green and gold on high. And when the game is on the record, No matter what the final score may be, With all your heart, With all your strength, You played the game and won a victory!
  6. Don’t remember the play, and I don’t recall anyone talking about it. As an aside, the high school rule on that play is different from NCAA and NFL. In high school, if the receiver has voluntarily gone out of bounds and then returned to the field of play, he remains an eligible receiver, but is guilty of illegal participation, a 15 yd. penalty. So, you could have a situation where the receiver steps out of bounds, returns, and is then a victim of pass interference, resulting in a double foul, requiring an offset and replay.
  7. That’s what happens when you go to 7 classes. Can’t play them all in just 2 days.
  8. No offense taken. Shouldn’t be any surprise. Pro and college players are better than high school players. No reason to think that officiating wouldn’t work the same way.
  9. That’s because there is no “across the board.” That’s why the success factor is the best solution. A multiplier or a class bump treats all P/Ps the same, and that does not reflect reality. In what universe are Chatard and Bishop Noll to be treated alike in order to level the playing field? The success factor (at least, conceptually) identifies those programs that traditionally punch above their weight class and moves them into the class where history says they belong.
  10. A few years ago, the National Federation added the following to the rule book: “A state association may create instant-replay procedures that permit game or replay officials to use a replay monitor during state postseason contests to determine if a decision by the on-field game officials is incorrect.” So, it’s up to the IHSAA. At present, the IHSAA is firmly against the use of replay.
  11. MATCHUP neutral field [2023] Washington (Massillon, OH) 21 (60%), [2023] Archbishop Hoban (Akron, OH) 17 (40%) Just for comparison purposes, St. Ed’s beat Hoban 14-7 in Akron. Massillon Washington gave the Eagles their only loss of the season 15-13 in Massillon. The Eagles starting QB sat that one out with a knee injury sustained the previous week at Elder.
  12. And we haven’t even discusses the subject of capital improvements in public school facilities … and how it also adds to the local tac burden.
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