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  1. This reminds me of watching the Berlin Wall come down. Once the first few bricks come out, the rest follow at an accelerated pace.
  2. Wait until this plays out in the NFL, and someone has to forfeit a game because of COVID protocol originating with an unvaccinated player. All his teammates will lose their game check, too. How do you think that will go down in the locker room?
  3. Unless, of course, when Oklahoma and Texas give their formal notice the rest of the rats jump off the sinking ship and the Big 12 is no more.
  4. Heard this morning that Big 12 conference bylaws would require: 1. 18 months notice for a team to leave the conference. 2. An “exit” fee of about $76 million per team.
  5. Inevitably, the parties get together and negotiate new deal, based on the changed circumstances. It’s in everyone’s best interests that they make a deal. The pie is big enough for everyone. The year ND was in the ACC, they shared their NBC TV revenue with all ACC teams. It’s not like there’s a choice. Everyone knows the college football landscape is undergoing major changes right now. The rise of the Superconferences is inevitable. I applaud Texas and Oklahoma for being proactive and at least trying to get out in front of the change that’s coming.
  6. And I think we have a winner! My concern is that in the game of musical chairs that is going to ensue, the Irish will be left standing. One school of thought is they need to position themselves now to join the conference they are going to want to be in when the music stops. That way, they have some choice (probably). The other school of thought is that just allowing chaos to happen will increase ND’s leverage, as any of the 4 “Superconferences” would want them. Whether that’s true or not, I can assure you there are many ND people who think that way. Do you think Jack Swarbrick being one o
  7. SF has opined since last March that Dr. Fauci is a brilliant bureaucrat who has the ability to spin both sides of the argument as the truth depending on the question or topic at hand. I have felt sooner or later he would get caught up in a situation like this where he was attempting to justify something questionable. (IMHO) In this situation before the Senate he realized he overplayed his hand relative to the funding Senator Paul is questioning, and his answer was a definite denial and a brazen rebuke of the Senator by telling him he doesn't know what he is talking about. Bottom
  8. I. Date 2021 CONTROLLED FOOTBALL SCRIMMAGE RULES AND REGULATIONS Each football playing school may choose to participate in an inter-school controlled scrimmage on Friday or Saturday of Week 6 (August 13 or 14, 2021) of the IHSAA calendar. In the event of inclement weather, the scrimmage could be moved to Monday of Week 7 (August 16, 2021). Only one scrimmage shall be held by a high school. The scrimmage is considered a varsity interschool event. Junior varsity and freshman players may be utilized, providing that they have been included in the practices prior to the scrimmage and that the
  9. That was a JUCO playoff game at College of DuPage. After a bench clearing brawl precipitated by a play on my sideline, the R asked me where the out of bounds spot was, and I truthfully told him I had no idea. He told me to “Make something up … and make it look good.” The R was a guy named Tom McCabe, a long time R in the MAC.
  10. I think in the years to come we’re going to see some shocking examples of this. There’s just too much money involved for it to be otherwise. It’s going to be the Wild West out there for a while.
  11. There used to be something like this in the Summer in South Bend. 4 teams from the area: South Bend City, East, West, and a team of Michigan kids. They would play two games in a day. I arranged for our crew to go over there to work one of those games one year. I figured this would be a piece of cake, low intensity, no pressure way to spend a day during the off season. Midway through the first quarter we find ourselves in a bench clearing melee when one kid spit on another. The rest of the game was brutal, one personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after another. My crew never let me
  12. I still don’t see Rogers playing for the Packers unless they make some sort of face-saving gesture that would allow Rogers to declare victory and go home - like fully guaranteeing the last two years of his contract … or even extending it. He seems to me to be a guy that would have a lot of trouble just walking back his statements.
  13. Not a real question, either. By terming it an “extravagance,” you’ve pre-determined the answer. “Have you stopped beating your wife?”
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