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  1. And good luck to the third team on the field!
  2. Yes, I had a very good view of the back of Desmond Tardy’s uniform as it was disappearing in the distance ... repeatedly.
  3. I also think the Cowboys extending Jaylon was a shot across Zeke’s bow.
  4. As it turned out, he was fortunate that he was drafted in the second round, rather than the first. So, the Cowboys only had control of him for 4 years instead of 5. And they’re saving the franchise tag for Zeke.
  5. With all the talk about contract extensions swirling around the Dallas Cowboys, I find it interesting that the first contract they extend is that of Indiana’s own Jaylon Smith. He’s played every game in the last two seasons after sitting out his rookie year with the horrific injury suffered in the Fiesta Bowl. I watched him several times last season, and I think this kid is going to be a superstar in the league for years to come. The Cowboys apparently think so, too. He’s now under contract for the next 5 years. It’s a five-year extension worth $64 million ($35.5 million guaranteed). The extension makes Smith the third-highest paid inside linebacker in the league, after the Seattle Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner and New York Jets’ C.J. Mosley. Just a great kid all the way around, and I think he’s going to have a breakout season coming up. Perhaps some new uniforms or something coming up for Luers? https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/cowboys/2019/08/20/jaylon-smith-contract-dallas-cowboys-extension-dak-prescott-ezekiel-elliott/2064890001/
  6. Well, the goal of the scrimmages is to help round into mid-season form quickly. Coaches, too. 😅😂🤣
  7. Except when the coach asks for a measurement, and you’d really like to give it to him for public relations reasons. But then you have to explain to him that a measurement wouldn’t do any good, because you don’t have a shadow line on which to put the clip. That’s especially pleasant when it’s the visiting coach who thinks he has a first down, and you don’t think so.
  8. For scrimmages, in my experience the coaches are on the field, behind their respective units, more often than not.
  9. You can’t beat the Redding Study Guide for rules. As far as mechanics, the Referee Training Center has lots of great materials, the best of which, IMO, is Best Practices Of Officiating for High School Football DVD by Bill Lemmonier. Go to https://store.referee.com/football. Your NASO membership gets you a 20% discount.
  10. Is it time for the IHSAA to take over, and centralize, the game assigning process? Something I’m sure the IHSAA wants no part of.
  11. This was the consensus reached in the state observers meeting last Saturday, and ordered implemented by Asst. Commissioner Robert Faulkens, who presided over the meeting.
  12. Got a very interesting e-mail this morning. If you’re an IFOA member, and subscribe to their “officials needed” distribution list, when ADs or assignors contact the IFOA looking for officials, an e-mail blast goes out. On this morning’s list was the following: “9/13 Tipton @ Cass - will pay travel - 700pm EDT” (emphasis in original) This is the first such announcement I’ve ever seen that makes any mention whatsoever of compensation as an inducement to the officials. And the IFOA has offered this service for many years. As a consequence of the current shortage of officials, which is only going to get worse in the next several years, is this going to become more common? Is the day coming when schools will be soliciting officials, using game fees, travel pay, and amenities as inducements, and actually competing against one another for officials? Will we see a time when the best crews will be able to charge their price, rather than have the schools set game fees? Right now there is a dispute going on between local officials and the schools over game fees in Florida. The officials have refused to work without a pay raise. As a result, the state association has stripped those officials of their eligibility to work any games in the state. The pre-season scrimmages which would be happening now have been canceled. It’s an ugly situation. Is it a harbinger of things to come?
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