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  1. You think that’s the reason they won’t adopt it? It wasn’t Indiana’s tradition either when it was started.
  2. With Hammond being open enrollment, Morton was already getting most of the players. Arguably, with the closure of Gavit and Clark, and their brand new facility, Hammond High is more likely to be on the rise than Morton.
  3. It was at Roncalli. It was the night the kid from Boston College hit the 51 yd. field goal to cost the Irish the national championship that year.
  4. Quite uncommon. But that time of year, you go where they send you.
  5. Incorrect. An unsportsmanlike or nonplayer foul is always enforced as a dead ball foul, regardless of whether it occurs during or after the down. An unsportsmanlike or nonplayer foul is never paired with an opponent’s live ball foul to create a double foul, requiring offset and replay. This play was handled correctly by the crew.
  6. You mean, when compared to the well thought out unseeded random ping pong ball draw “plan?” 🤣😂😅😄
  7. For years, some of the more enlightened members of the GID Community — including the late Tim Adams — have advocated for a qualification format in place of the all in system we’ve had for 30+ years. As the lone holdout for an all in format, Indiana’s all in supporters consistently call for “evidence” that a qualification format is better, and smile smugly when qualification format proponents cannot produce any — simply because no other state has such a format. The fact that Indiana’s tournament is all in, and has been for 30+ years, but no one has seen fit to adopt the “Indiana example,”
  8. You’ll be hearing from my legal team in due course. Nothing personal. Just business.
  9. Watch out! I’ve obtained a copyright on the term. 😉
  10. Thanks for the heads up. The messages pile up this time of year. I’m on it.
  11. The unsportsmanlike conduct was because the joke was so bad.
  12. It wasn’t. The clear implication is that PPs “control enrollment” to manipulate their class positions, not to fit inside their physical space, so as to garner easier championships. Anyone who gives it a moment’s unbiased thought would realize how silly that is.
  13. For the life of me, despite your eloquence, I don’t see the problem. And I do keep my ear fairly close to the ground when it comes to high school football. The sky is not falling. Everything is good. You’re beating the drum. But from what I can see it’s a very tiny one. And rightly so.
  14. That’s all great. But there’s no reason to impose your values on that kid who originally went to Howe. You have no idea what his story is. Yet your anti-PP bent results in a post which clearly implies something nefarious — that doesn’t comport with your ideals — in the fact that the kid ended up at CC. I doubt you’d be saying the same thing if he’d ended up at Zionsville or any other public school.
  15. This is the refrain of the anti-PPers that just drives me crazy. So blinded by hate/envy that it becomes a substitute for reason.
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