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  1. The variations on this theme are almost endless. Take your scenario and, instead of just recovering it at the K 7, the would-be kicker picks it up and runs to the K 20 where he throws a forward pass which is (a) complete to K6 who is downed inbounds at the K 41, or (b) incomplete. What's the result of the play and the clock status?
  2. Yes. You need 5 ##50-79. You can put them anywhere on the LOS you want.
  3. Technically, no. We can get complicated with what down it is and whether we're in scrimmage kick formation if you want. But on a basic scrimmage play the offense is required to have 5 players on the line numbered 50-79. #23 can legally play guard if you want, although he's ineligible by position. But as long as you have 5 numbered 50-79 somewhere on the line of scrimmage, you're legal.
  4. Honestly, the "bad" comments are a real stretch. In the case about the Brady disclosure, her dissent had nothing to do with being pro-prosecution, or anything like that. It had to do with the proper role of a federal court reviewing a state court conviction. Not surprisingly, her position was that state courts are entitled to some degree of deference when they determine whether something was fair or not in a state court prosecution of a state crime. Hardly an arch-conservative position. In the Illinois lockdown case, that was merely an appellate affirmance of a district court's rulin
  5. But ... what if the 2020 Center Grove team changed their name to the Center Grove Ditkas?
  6. One more time. If R is the first to touch the kick beyond the LOS, the next down is 1st down for whichever team has the ball when the play is over. Touching by R beyond the LOS breaks the continuity of downs. K does not have to reach the line to gain, regardless of where they recover the kick, if R touched it beyond the LOS first.
  7. But if it does ... we're all over it!
  8. I thought every game was precious. After all, that's supposedly why we have an all in tournament, so we won't "deny" anyone the chance to play one more game. Nobody ever got better from an open week. They have, however, gotten better even after a long road trip and a loss, by testing yourself against the kind of team Chatard always is.
  9. 😢☹️😫😩😭 I don’t know why they even have officials on the field anymore. You can see so much better on the live stream or TV broadcast.
  10. Touching of the kick by an R player behind the LOS is ignored, like it never happened. If R touches the kick beyond the LOS, and K recovers it, it’s a 1st and 10 for K at the spot of recovery. Anytime R is first to touch a scrimmage kick beyond the LOS, the team in possession at the end of the down is going to have 1st and 10.
  11. If Chatard wins, it’ll be the way they always do. Slow the game down running the ball. Play solid defense. Limit mistakes. Don’t turn it over. But in my mind, it’s Merrillville’s game to win or lose. If they don’t commit stupid penalties, and they don’t turn it over, they’ll win. If they do, Chatard will take advantage ... as they always do.
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