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  1. An update on the litigation between the fired Cathedral teacher and the Archdiocese: The Archdiocese is defending against the lawsuit partly on the basis that the secular courts have no jurisdiction to interfere with ""ecclesiastical" matters. Interesting. https://www.theindianalawyer.com/articles/archdiocese-claiming-church-autonomy-in-defense-of-teacher-firing?utm_source=il-daily&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=2019-12-05
  2. You have a legitimate point of view. You might want to consider having your posts proofread before you post. The misspellings, bad grammar, lack of agreement, and punctuation errors distract readers from the message.
  3. The one that caught my eye was eliminating the free blocking zone when the offense is in the shotgun. I don’t favor this, since it would mean no blocking below the waist from the shotgun. The current rule interpretation - which allows low blocks under certain conditions - requires the contact immediately at the snap. I feel that’s a reasonable compromise that serves the interests of risk minimization, while still giving smaller offensive lineman the ability to compete against larger defensive linemen. And I have not observed much in the way of controversy with the way the current rule is implemented.
  4. The most ludicrous and persistent one that keeps popping up is that P/Ps control their enrollment numbers in order to insure athletic success by not migrating upward in classes.
  5. I know he won a state championship at Zionsville in 1987. That was my first state final.
  6. Rick Wimmer was among the best in-game high school football coaches I ever saw. I wonder if I’m the only official who worked games he coached in at all four schools: Zionsville, Merrillville, Greenwood, and Fishers.
  7. I try not to get frustrated. Got to keep in mind that we have new people on the GID from time to time, so when the same old trite arguments — which have been thoroughly debunked time and time again — show up, I just breathe deeply and read on.
  8. The Mercy Rule is not a National Federation Rule, but an IHSAA rule. Commissioner's decision that it will not apply in the upper levels of the tournament.
  9. The Mercy Rule is inapplicable once you get out of the Sectional.
  10. WeBo goes for it on 4th & 5 with the score 34-0, throws for it, and makes it. “Running up the score” posts to commence in 3-2-1 ...
  11. Interesting. Somehow 10 trained observers up in the press box with the benefit of TV monitors and replay also missed it.
  12. The only thing you said on here that makes a lick of sense is that your opinion is only worth 2 cents. And I think you probably have some change coming, at that.
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