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  1. The Law of Unintended Consequences in the case of replay. No one could foresee that utilizing whatever technology is available to get the call right could eventually contribute to a critical shortage of officials.
  2. I’m not criticizing New Pal for not playing up a class, regardless of their record in their current class. The success factor is the designated solution for teams that regularly play well above their classification. So, you play in your designated class and, if you overwhelm the competition consistently, the success factor takes care of that. Cathedral is where they are supposed to be, according to the IHSAA classification system, as modified by the success factor. They cannot, IMO, legitimately be criticized for that.
  3. Of course it is. The conclusion, then, is that the only way New Pal can challenge themselves is to play up a class in the tourney. Why won’t they?
  4. It’s worth noting - getting back to the actual topic of this thread - that Cathedral regularly punches above its weight class all season long. What’s New Pal’s conference record in the last 6 seasons. I think they.ve lost 2 games at most during that time. Who is.going after “easy” trophies?
  5. So, although it was unnecessary, I looked it up. In the context of high school education, “parochial” means a school that is tied to certain parishes. Cathedral is not. If you’ll PM me your address, I’ll send you a dictionary. pa·ro·chi·al /pəˈrōkēəl/ adjective relating to a church parish. "the parochial church council"
  6. The numbers don’t lie. Your anti-private - Cathedral is a private school, not parochial - bias is showing. The IHSAA’s “success factor” treats publics and privates alike. You should, too.
  7. I’m not suggesting that Cathedral should or should not elect to play up. Only that there are comparable situations. New Pal’s record over the past 6 years - a time span of several cycles of kids - strongly suggesting 5A is no longer competitive for them. The results are what matters, not how many kids they have out, or potential D-1s, or anything else. They could elect to play up. They haven’t. The only explanation is they like competing at that level. If Cathedral should be condemned for not electing to play up when they are clearly better than their class competition, New Pal should suffer the same fate.
  8. Wrong on both counts. Scecina or Ritter, can’t remember which, played up for several seasons before the “success factor.” Cathedral is routinely castigated for not electing to “play up.” Heck, that’s what you’re doing! I just think it ought to work both ways. New Pal’s conference won’t change, but their tournament schedule would, if they elect to play up, maybe they won’t go 20-4 in the tournament, like they have in the past 6 seasons. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If you criticize Cathedral for not electing to “play up,” the same criticism applies to New Pal. No opinion. Don’t care.
  9. New Pal has been very, very good for awhile. 74-4 over the last 6 seasons. You do know they could elect to play up a class for better competition? Why do you think they haven’t done that? Easier trophies?
  10. Our firm is having it’s annual weekend retreat in July, and this year we’re using Fair Oaks’ conference facilities. I think I’ll order the veal. 😅😂🤣
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