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  1. It only needs to be on one guy ... to make that call. But the problem is, that’s not the only call that’s being made out there. That’s why it’s so difficult with a 5 man crew. Give us 7, and the odds of catching it go way up. Of course, we don’t have enough qualified officials in the state to cover varsity games with 7 ... or even 6.
  2. What on earth does most of this discussion have to do with the NFHS universally adopting the 40 sec. play clock? If we're going to discuss the rules changes from a philosophical standpoint, I'd much rather discuss the possibility of the IHSAA implementing some form of replay for the state finals.
  3. No, because it is not required field equipment under either the NF or the IHSAA rules. Still not getting your point. My observation was that virtually every school in Indiana has them, from the biggest to the smallest. So the financial "burden" is obviously not much of a burden at all.
  4. You can count on one hand the number of fields in Indiana that don’t have a visible play clock, so I can’t see that the expense argument holds any water. And a visible play clock is of great bebfit to the coaches and players ... and the officials, too.
  5. I think there’s a big difference between “homogenized” facilities, and the universal use of aids and devices that make the game better. I love the uniqueness of high school facilities, from a “university style” campus like Carmel or Merrillville, to a game site in the middle of a cornfield like some of the 1A schools, to a lakeside venue like Culver Academy. But every school having a visible play clock has nothing to do with that.
  6. Bobref

    2019 Rule Changes

    I fully expect Indiana to do the same.
  7. The use of RPOs is a relatively new phenomenon. As officials see more film and the use of RPOs becomes even more widespread, officials will get better at dealing with them. There’s a learning curve, like with anything new.
  8. The way it is now - pending modification by this new rule - is that a player in the position you describe is neither on the line nor in the backfield. “Of the players of A who are not on their line at the snap only one may penetrate the vertical plane through the waistline of his nearest teammate who is on his line. He must have his hands in position to receive the ball if it is snapped between the snapper’s legs but he is not required to receive the snap. Any other player(s) must be in legal position as a back.” In other words, the only player who can legally be in a position where he penetrates the waistline of the nearest lineman is the QB. A wingback is not on the LOS because he’s not penetrating the waistline of the snapper, which is the definition of being “on the line.” Nor is he in the backfield because in order to be a back, a player must have “no part of his body breaking the plane of an imaginary line drawn ­parallel to the line of scrimmage through the waist of the nearest teammate who is legally on the line.”
  9. I have no idea ... but I hope what they are addressing (although I doubt it) is the single most-violated rule in the book: the requirement that all players be either in the backfield or on the line of scrimmage. I would say 90% of the teams that use 1 or 2 wingbacks in their formations have players lining up who are neither on the line nor in the backfield. By rule, that’s a foul for illegal formation ... or, at least it was before this rule change. They’re ineligible by rule, so if they go downfield on a pass it’s a foul. If they touch a forward pass it’s a foul. Never seen it called.
  10. Bobref

    2019 Rule Changes

    The IHSAA only considers meeting attendance, test scores, etc., for officials applying to work the tournament. If you’re not applying, all you need is a license and someone willing to hire you.
  11. In reading comments made by officials from other states, I’m amazed how many states have literally no schools that utilize visible play clocks. We take that for granted in Indiana. Can’t remember the last time I was at a game with no field play clock ... once Bill Sharpe left Jimtown. 😎
  12. Bobref

    2019 Rule Changes

    Yes, as long as the runner is pulled backwards or sideways to the ground as a result.
  13. This happens from time to time, and always gets rectified on the appellate level. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21396